Gucci Watches And Jewelry Join Hands With Li Bingbing To Launch New Environmental Protection Bamboo Leaf Series

January 17, 2013, Lijiang——Gucci watches and jewelry together with Chinese film star and environmental enthusiast Miss Li Bingbing, launched a special version of the Bamboo watch and jewelry series.

   The highlight of this series is the use of sustainable, renewable materials such as bamboo, palm tree nuts or plant ivory (an alternative to animal ivory). The Bamboo special model has been officially released in China. Gucci watches and jewelry are currently supporting a local reforestation project in China. These environmental protection actions reflect Gucci’s consistent commitment and responsibility for sustainable development.

   The cooperative local reforestation project is a large-scale program designed to help the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in northwestern China restore its ecology. This is one of the areas with the most severely damaged ecology in China. Windy weather and deforestation for land development have become increasingly serious, leading to large-scale soil erosion. The phenomenon of ‘desertification’ has intensified and fertile soils have become increasingly barren. With the support of Gucci watch jewelry, a desert area in Ningxia will plant a specially cultivated drought-resistant plant, wild gray clematis. The project hopes to bring broader benefits, such as promoting wider participation in society and promoting a positive environmental awareness.
   In 2009, Ms. Li Bingbing established the L.O.V.E charity charity organization to promote a ‘responsible attitude towards life’ and encourage everyone to treat our planet in a more caring way. Ms. Li Bingbing’s enthusiasm for environmental protection has been recognized worldwide and she became the first Chinese Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations Environment Programme. The Bamboo collection is the result of a collaboration between Ms. Li Bingbing and Gucci watch jewelry; the back of the case is engraved with the words ‘Gucci and Li Bingbing for Responsible Life’ (Gucci and Li Bingbing, working together to promote responsible life). The matching beaded bracelet is made of contrasting bamboo and creamy white beads from the nuts of palm trees. Two sterling silver pendants engraved with the Gucci and L.O.V.E logos are dotted on the sides. Talking about cooperation with Gucci watches and jewelry, Li Bingbing said: ‘This time, I and my charity brand LOVE cooperated with GUCCI to release this bamboo watch and jewelry and share the fashion concept of environmental protection with everyone. It is an honor I am also very excited. In the years of doing environmental protection, I have a deep understanding that environmental protection needs to go into people’s hearts, awe from nature, and appreciate and love nature hairdressing. Hope is getting more and more More and more fashion products can use more environmentally friendly materials, protect the beauty of nature, pass on the beauty of nature, and have a responsibility to live on this earth. This is the responsibility of fashion! I also hope that more and more people pursuing beauty will pursue ‘responsible’ fashion’.’

   For Gucci watches and jewellery, this cooperation brings together the two fields of fashion and environmental protection. Speaking of today’s pursuit of ‘being well on the inside,’ Michele Sofisti, CEO of Gucci Watch Jewellery, said: ‘The natural resources on the planet are used by the earth people and deserve the care of the earth people. The awareness of protecting the environment is constantly increasing. As we expand our influence, consumers are increasingly looking to buy products that are also environmentally responsible. We are also eager to take steps in this direction through the Bamboo series and give back to our planet through projects such as Ningxia’s artificial afforestation. ‘
   The Gucci watch and jewelry news and product launch was held at the Pullman Resort Hotel in Lijiang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in northwestern Yunnan Province. As the most “green” city in China, Lijiang is the perfect sanctuary to unveil the mystery of the new Gucci watch jewelry collection and showcase its first environmental protection project. Ms. Li Bingbing delivered a speech at the event, emphasizing her support and recognition of the project, and was led by Li Debao, director of the Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, researcher, Ph.D. member, member of the Linnae Institute and recipient of the British Honorary Officer (OBE). Presentation on the impact of climate change on biodiversity and the importance of reforestation in China.

               Li Bingbing and Gucci launch strategic cooperation to launch special jewelry
   In 2009, Li Bingbing established the personal charity brand LOVE to promote ‘responsible living’. In the past 3 years, LOVE has initiated or participated in many projects, including ‘Million Forests’, ‘Earth Hour’, ‘Climate Change Observation Mission’ and many more. project. Li Bingbing’s enthusiasm for environmental protection has been recognized all over the world, and he has become the first Chinese global goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).
   Li Bingbing said, ‘GUCCI and I don’t want cooperation to be limited to business endorsements, so we have been looking for mutual agreement on public welfare. My public welfare brand LOVE has been working for more than three years, and GUCCI’s efforts and achievements in environmental protection It is obvious to all that this time, the two parties jointly launched environmentally-friendly special jewelry and watches, which is a brand new start. ‘
The reporter saw on the spot that the back of the special case of Bamboo was engraved with the words ‘Gucci and Li Bingbing for Responsible Life’ (Gucci and Li Bingbing, working together to promote a responsible life). The matching beaded bracelet is made of contrasting bamboo and creamy white beads from the nuts of palm trees. Two sterling silver pendants engraved with the Gucci and L.O.V.E logos are dotted on the sides. ‘Through this watch and jewellery, I can share the fashion concept of environmental protection with everyone, and I am very excited and excited. In these years of environmental protection, I have a deep understanding that environmental protection needs to enter people’s hearts, Awe from the heart, appreciate and love natural hairdressing from the heart. I hope more and more fashion products can use more environmentally friendly materials, protect the beauty of nature, convey the beauty of nature, and have a responsible life on this earth. This is the responsibility of fashion! I also hope that more and more people pursuing beauty will pursue ‘responsible fashion’. ‘
   It is worth mentioning that a part of the sales profits of this watch and bracelet will be donated to public welfare environmental protection projects to help desertified areas in Ningxia to cultivate and plant gray clematis in large areas to prevent local desertification.

Classic Origins From Strength Tasting Lange Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon White Gold Watch

In advanced watchmaking, complex functions are not uncommon, but only a few elite watchmaking brands can rely on their outstanding strength to integrate many complex functions to create enduring masterpieces. Lange is one of them. one. Two years ago, Lange released the first 100 limited edition platinum 950 watches. Today, the brand is launching a second batch of 100 limited edition DatographPerpetualTourbillon white gold watches (model: 740.056).

Watch real shot show:


Watch details real shot display:



   The case is made of 18K white gold, with a diameter of 41.5 mm and a thickness of 14.6 mm. Compared with the first Datograph watch in 1999, the case diameter is larger, and the sub-dial can be expanded to accommodate the perpetual calendar display. The case is polished and satin-finished, with curved lugs for comfortable wearing, and the pitted crown is easy to adjust.

   The crown is used for winding and setting the time, two buttons are used to operate the chronograph, the quick correction button is used to advance all calendar displays at the same time, and the hidden corrector adjusts the day, month and moon phase display respectively.

   The warm 18K rose gold dial contrasts with the cool image of the 18K white gold case and the 18K yellow rhodium-plated hands and inlaid indexes. In the clear dial layout, the large calendar display and the two sub dials form an equilateral triangle, making the watch a classic icon.

   On the disk, the flyback timing function, perpetual calendar with moon phase display, tourbillon with stop-seconds device, and power reserve indication are well-organized, neat and clear. The tourbillon can be viewed from the side of the bottom cover, and the influence of gravity in the frame on the escapement can be eliminated.

   Equipped with the L952.2 manual winding movement manufactured by Lange Watch Factory. The movement is assembled from 729 parts. Each detail is manually modified and meticulous. Its complexity is enough to reflect Lange’s dedication to breakthrough mechanical watchmaking. Determination of boundaries.

   Comes with a dark brown hand-stitched crocodile leather strap and 18K white gold folding buckle. It is reported that this watch costs 285,000 euros, equivalent to about 2.2 million yuan.

For more information about the 2019 Geneva watch fair, please pay attention to the watch house live feature:

High-end Luxury And Grand Tasting Lange Saxonia Annual Calendar New Year Calendar Watch

At the Geneva Watch & Clock Fair 2013, all major brands have gathered their strengths. We previously introduced a new watch by A. Lange & Söhne. Today, we also bring you Here comes the hot new model of 2013. Since three years ago, the well-designed Saxonia Annual Calendar has set a new benchmark for calendar watches. In addition to the rose gold and platinum models, this performance launched a platinum style, which can be said to meet the needs and preferences of different people.

In fact, from the appearance, Saxonia Annual Calendar has a strong atmosphere of German watches at first glance. This feeling seems to be innate, and the meticulous care of the designers later makes it even more extraordinary. Outstanding.

The classic three-nine-nine small dial display appears orderly, and the practical moon phase, week, and month display also give it a lot of points in performance.

Appearance articles:

This watch is available in three precious metal case materials. The diameter of the watch is 38.5 mm and the thickness is 9.8 mm. As an annual calendar watch, this size can be said to be quite satisfactory. No matter what kind of material, Lange’s unique craftsmanship can be described in the polishing and sanding of the case.

Saxonia Annual Calendar’s silver-gray silver dial clearly displays the annual calendar information in an orderly manner. In addition, the classic large calendar display window is also beautiful.

Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can peek into the exquisitely designed movement. I believe that many people will admire the suffocating movement, which is also a very important reason for the popularity of translucent watches.

The watch is equipped with a hand-stitched black crocodile leather strap. At the same time, it adopts the pin buckle design of the same material as the case. The overall appearance is elegant and comfortable to wear.


The large calendar display window at twelve o’clock has long become Lange’s classic, and it has also become its iconic representative.

月份 The month display dial at three o’clock and the day display at nine o’clock are symmetrically arranged. The precise mechanical structure ensures that the watch accurately displays the month with 30 or 31 days throughout the year. And every year from February to March, the date must be pushed forward using the button. If the watch is stopped for a long time, the calendar and moon phase display can be updated immediately through different buttons, which is convenient and quick.

In addition to the combination of the annual calendar and the Lange large calendar display, the Saxonia Annual Calendar is also equipped with an extremely accurate moon phase display, which requires only one day of correction every 122 years. The classic SAX-0-MAT automatic movement is the soul of this watch. Its patented zero reset device can set the time easily and accurately. After the crown is pulled out, the movement stops, the second hand jumps back to the zero position, and the minute hand is also aligned with the corresponding minute scale. When the crown returns to its original position, the watch restarts to the nearest second.

Movement articles:

The 搭载 watch is equipped with a Lange L085.1 SAX-0-MAT automatic movement, all parts are individually modified and polished by hand. The 3/4 splint is made of untreated German silver with a 21K gold two-way winding automatic disc on top, providing a 46-hour power reserve. The platinum edge that gets rid of the outer edge not only increases the inertia, but also reflects the aesthetics. In addition, the automatic disk layout avoids the heart of the watch movement, the classic screw balance. The hand-engraved balance wheel splint reflects the personal artistic style of the sculptor, making each watch a unique treasure.

Summary: It is understood that the price of this watch will definitely be above twenty. Of course, the material still plays a decisive factor in the price. The performance continues the fine tradition of German watches. I believe that the majority of Lange watch fans We must have been unable to hold back our excitement. Of course, it is not an exaggeration to start with a basic PP for such a high price.

Adventure Ascend Tasting Oris Altitude Measurement Table

Oris, as one of the few well-known independent watch brands in Switzerland today, has been loved by the younger generation since the beginning of the 20th century. The brand’s design concept is suitable for daily wear, providing the public with the most luxurious luxury goods, rather than the connoisseurs of production. Today, the Watch House brings you a tasting of the altitude measurement watch launched by Oris in Basel in 2015. The official model of the watch is 01 733 7705 4134-Set 5 23 14FC.

Ascend a good companion

New watches launched at Baselworld 2015

   This Oris Grand Crown Pilot Altimeter is a new watch launched at the Baselworld 2015. It is a great interpretation of the brand’s innovative spirit. Its biggest feature is that it can be used to measure altitude and board it. Available for adventure travel.

Double crown design

This watch has 2 crowns

   This watch has two crowns, one at each of the 2 and 4 o’clock positions. The crown at 2 o’clock is the regular crown of the watch, which can adjust the time and winding. The crown of the watch at 4 o’clock is mainly used to operate the watch to measure the height. When the crown is tightened to the ‘0 position’, the altimeter does not work and the watch is also waterproof to 100 meters; ‘, The red ring is exposed and the altimeter device starts to operate. When the crown is pulled out to ‘2nd position’, the altimeter can take readings. After the setting is completed, the yellow indicator in the table will show the current altitude, and the red indicator will show the corresponding air pressure.

The watch is designed with an oversized 47 mm diameter

   The watch uses a 47mm large diameter design, and the case is made of a multi-piece stainless steel case with a fabric strap. This design is very consistent with the characteristics of pilot watches.

Adventure spirit

This is a professional aviation watch

   This is a professional aviation watch. Since the birth of the first Oris flight watch in 1938, Oris has been committed to producing accurate, reliable and cost-effective flight watches. The birth of this watch is a great way for explorers to shape a partner.

Exquisite plate

The height scale is on the outermost circle of the dial

   The height scale is located on the outermost circle of the dial, and the highest measurement height is 15000 feet / 4500 meters. The air pressure scale is embedded between the altitude scale and the normal time dial scale. Once the altimeter function is used, the crown needs to be fastened to the ‘0 position’ as soon as possible, and the case must be re-locked to ensure that the watch is 100 meters waterproof again.


 Inside the watch is the fully automatic 733 movement of Oris

    The watch is equipped with the Oris fully automatic 733 movement. This movement is a SW-modified movement. The movement diameter is 25.6 mm. There is a date display window at three o’clock, which has the function of quickly adjusting the date. There are precise timing and fine-tuning devices and stop-seconds devices. Unfortunately, the watch does not use a bottom-through design, so the precise operation of the watch cannot be observed.

Summary: This is a professional pilot watch, with the spirit of adventure and exploration, and the first choice for ascending sports. It is a high-performance professional tool for pilots, climbers, explorers and scientific researchers. The watch face is matched with a multi-piece stainless steel case, which has a wild beauty and is very suitable for the style of explorers.

Zhang Ziyi’s Trip To The Toronto International Film Festival

In September 2016, the 41st Toronto International Film Festival kicked off with great expectations. Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi shined on the red carpet as a judge of the competition section of the film festival, raising her hands to exude irresistible confidence charm. The new mother made her debut at the International Film Festival, showing her graceful and proud temperament, becoming a charming goddess of photographers from all over the world.

   After losing her gorgeous dress, Ziyi raised her hands with confidence, gentleness, and elegance. The HUBLOT Hublot Big Bang Pop Art Watch and HUBLOT Hublot Big Bang Caviar Diamond Watch were worn by the wrist. After becoming a mother, Zhang Ziyi became more gentle and moving, moving between family and career. Her stronger and restrained temperament also made her more confident and charming, and complemented the Hublot watch she wore.

   Hublot, the top Swiss watchmaking brand, has always been unique in the field of women’s watch design. It adheres to the belief of “becoming the first, becoming the only, and becoming different”. The brand has always been committed to breakthrough innovation, Don’t forget to pay tribute to traditional craftsmanship. Hublot pushes the ‘art of fusion’ to a new climax. In 2015, the first Big Bang embroidered watch was the best representative of the new era of women’s self-confidence and tenderness, as well as independence and style. Best Ladies Watch ‘award. From the self-confidence of the Big Bang cowboy sapphire watch to the fresh vitality of the Big Bang linen watch, or the independent self of the Big Bang ‘one-click’ pop art watch, the brand image of Hublot fashion pioneer And the outstanding women’s watch design is further emphasized and sublimated through a women’s watch.

HUBLOT Hublot Big Bang Pop Art Watch

   The Big Bang Pop Art Watch continues the iconic 41 mm diameter design of the Big Bang. The bezel of the dazzling purple watch is set with amethyst. The dial is equipped with colorful chronograph small dials, which evoke people’s memories of the painter’s palette. . At the same time, the colored alligator leather strap is lined with contrasting natural rubber to provide skin-like comfort and flexibility.
Hublot big bang caviar diamond watch

   Big Bang caviar-set diamond watch, the case is made of stainless steel, the bezel is set with 36 brilliant diamonds, naturally inheriting the classic: the 41mm diameter case perfectly interprets the elegant outline, and the layers of cutting, chamfering and polishing process make The watch blooms like a million dollar caviar with black square diamonds. The watch’s self-winding mechanical movement HUB1112 and the calendar pane at 3 o’clock have undoubtedly attracted the attention of watch collectors. The shiny black calfskin strap is stitched on black natural rubber, which makes the wrists infinitely exudes charm while making the skin feel extremely comfortable and durable. The 42-hour power reserve and 10 standard atmospheric pressure waterproof depth add a bright color to the ‘caviar’.

The Beauty Of The Night Of The Top Watch

In Greek mythology, day and night are governed by different gods, and day is born of the night god. In the real world, the shape of a watch at night may be exactly the same as that of day. We don’t need to pursue the philosophical significance of day and night yin-yang alternation, because it is enough to explore a luminous watch from the perspective of literary and artistic control and technical control.
Dark night aesthetics
Some watches look magnificent and fierce during the day, and become gentle and quiet at night. Some watches are calm and plain during the day, and suddenly they are as gorgeous as fireworks at night. Watching and playing watches cannot be confined to a moment, so are the same things. It doesn’t matter the surface and the truth, maybe it’s just one moment, the other. What we are going to say this time is a luminous watch in the eyes of literary arts and technology control.
In the daytime, you will be a bit fancy ‘California’. In the dark you will find its beauty: the dial design of half the Roman numerals and half the Arabic numerals, all the details of the surface of the case are omitted in the night, only the shiny hands With the scale, the shape of this watch breaks the monotony and looks interesting. And importantly, it is very easy to read in the dark when reading. If each scale is simple and consistent, it is difficult for you to tell what time it is. And about this famous ‘California Noodle’, it may be the entanglement between Panerai and Rolex fans. (The ‘California Noodle’ was originally a Panerai company specializing in the production of precision instruments. System, it uses Rolex movement and crown technology, and this 3464 ‘California’ Rolex Panerai watch has become the darling of the watch collection industry). As a result, Panerai was also ‘cutely’ arranged for the Italian Navy to ‘lay the gun’ once in the widely spread Italian section of World War II. However, it is undeniable that Panerai and Rolex are constantly exploring in luminous technology.
In terms of legibility at night, most watches use different shapes on the key scales to distinguish them. For example, Rolex’s 12 o’clock is usually an inverted triangle, and Panerai’s best known is typically Type 369 uses Arabic numerals on 3, 6, and 9 scales. Of course, this clear luminous display also has to mention Panerai’s famous sandwich sandwich structure dial, so that the luminous material maximizes its effectiveness. And Rolex does not admit defeat. The popular ‘Benz hand’ is to increase the luminous range in the shape of ‘Benz’ on the hour hand, so that you can distinguish the time in the simplest way.
The ‘colored lights’ of Bohr watches are distinguished not only by form but also by color. The blue gas light is set on the minute scale, the gas light at 12 o’clock is orange, the green gas light is on the chronograph hands, and the yellow gas light is on the hour, minute, and second hands. In a completely dark space, an adventure watch that looks quite brave during the day turns into a night sky with fireworks.
Panerai Composite Material Watch PAM386
Night light
Next, Technology Control will tell you that the legend of Luminous is actually closely related to the scientific and technological progress of chemical physics. Just as stargazing is not only small and fresh, it is actually a matter of astronomical science.
The earliest pocket watches were generally no luminous. The earliest luminous materials appeared, mostly using radium salt, painted on the hands and next to the nails. Panerai, Rolex, etc. all used this luminous. Seeing this famous radium, you know that there must be a story. Because the watch lens is opened, the human body can directly contact the radioactive elements, and the addition of radium salt can easily corrode the epicenter. Although the daily exposure dose is very small, it is basically not used at present.
Panerai in the dark
Rhenium is replaced by radon. Based on the theme of modern adventure timepieces, the Bohr watch uses the principle of tritium rays to excite light and form ‘self-luminous miniature gas lamps’ in the form of tritium trachea, producing a large variety of colorful luminous watches in the dark. According to a private gossip from a user, he didn’t notice anything special in the bright place, and even in the dark outdoors, he could even use it as a flashlight.
In addition, the third type of light emission is the most common and commonly used fluorescent light storage material. Energy is obtained by receiving light, which is slowly released in the dark, and the luminous intensity gradually decreases. Rolex has made new developments in this area in recent years. In 2008, Rolex applied the CHROMALIGHT fluorescent material for the first time on its diver’s professional watch, the Oyster Perpetual DEEPSEA, which is waterproof to 3900 meters. This kind of calm blue light has almost double the luminous time compared with the standard fluorescent materials. The luminous intensity remains stable throughout the dive and lasts more than 8 hours. Since then, Rolex has extended this technology to other popular series. In this year’s Basel, the main models such as the Oyster Perpetual Submariner and the Yacht-Master model have adopted this technology.
In this era, Jinyi does not pay attention to the night travel, and the time cycle does not stop because of the day and night alternation. Therefore, both in technology and aesthetic sense, the time is endless and the night is endless.

Angel Roger Dubuchi Star Festival Women’s Watch

On the occasion of the traditional Chinese Valentine’s Day, Roger Dubuis recommends the Excalibur King 42mm rose gold automatic winding watch and 36mm rose gold diamond watch. And the Excalibur 42mm precious dial automatic winding watch and Velvet automatic winding watch, best wishes to those in love on this sweet day.
 Excalibur King 42 mm rose gold self-winding watch
Excalibur 42mm rose gold self-winding watch has sharp edges and corners, and its strong and powerful characteristics show the unique and pure beauty and uncompromising spirit of modern urban men. The grooved bezel of the new series of watches is still a classic feature of this series. The 42mm diameter rose gold case complements the satin-finished geometric dial with sunburst and contrasts with the long Roman numerals.

Excalibur King 36mm Rose Gold Diamond Watch
Excalibur King 36 mm rose gold diamond watch
The Excalibur 36mm rose gold diamond watch echoes the 42mm self-winding watch, highlighting the feminine charm. The sparkling diamond and rose gold case, just like a woman immersed in love, has a graceful and noble temperament that naturally reveals itself. The Excalibur women’s watch bezel is set with 48 diamonds (approximately 0.99 carats) in 18K rose gold with a satin sunburst dial. On the dial, the Roman numeral hour indexes are infinitely extended, which is very distinctive.

Excalibur 42mm Precious Dial Automatic
Excalibur 42 mm precious dial automatic winding watch
Excalibur 42mm precious dial automatic winding watch re-exposes the basic aesthetic elements of the Excalibur classic series: bold lines, resolute and bold personality and simple and powerful design. The mother-of-pearl dial features a 42-mm-diameter rose gold case, complemented by a black alligator strap and a rose gold folding clasp. Limited edition of 188.

Velvet self-winding watch
Velvet self-winding watch
Velvet self-winding watch exudes a feminine gentleness and extremely charming charm. The watch features a mother-of-pearl dial, a beige satin strap and a rose gold folding clasp, which brings out the elegant elegance of the watch. The ring and lugs are set with 100 beautiful diamonds weighing approximately 1.77 carats.

Inspirational Legend Reappearing Oris 2nd Generation Carl Brashear Limited Edition Bronze Watch

This is the second time Oris has introduced a commemorative watch for CarlBrashear. Unlike the first generation of simple three-handed functions, the new CarlBrashear Bronze Limited Edition is a chronograph. The case is mainly made of Bronze is inspired by Carl Brashear’s era bronze deep diving helmet. At the same time, Oris also paid tribute to Carl’s challenge of racial discrimination through ‘non-ferrous metals’. Let’s appreciate this CarlBrashear commemorative watch together. (Model: 77177443185 limited to 2000)

Watch the real shot
   This is the second time Oris has introduced a commemorative wristwatch for CarlBrashear. Unlike the simple three-pin function of the first generation, the new CarlBrashear bronze limited edition is a chronograph. Its overall design style inherits Pridex’s classic 65-year replica diving watch.

Dial detail real shot
   The symmetrical dial layout and no calendar design give the watch a nostalgic chronograph style. On the right side of the dial is a 30-minute counter and on the left is a small seconds dial. The dial is bright sea blue, perfectly matched with bronze, and echoes CarlBrashear’s deep dive status.

Case, crown and chronograph button details
   The watch’s case, crown, bezel and chronograph buttons are made of bronze rarely seen in traditional watchmaking. This is the second time in Oris history since the first CarlBrashear limited edition in 2016. Introducing a bronze watch.

Strap and buckle details
   The watch is paired with a vintage brown leather strap, which fits the body of the watch, and the accompanying sense of the age makes that era at your fingertips.

Table bottom real shot
   The back of the case back is equally wonderful and cannot be ignored. The stainless steel case is engraved with the traditional deep diving helmet pattern and the inspirational quote of CarlBrashear. The watch is driven by the Oris771 automatic mechanical movement, has a 48-hour power reserve, and presents two parallel chronograph dials on the dial. This movement was adapted from Sellita’s SW510 and was the first time Oris used it.
For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

Magnificent Breguet Queen Of Naples Reine De Naples 8918 Wristwatch Real Shot

This year, Breguet launched the Queen of Naples series Reine de Naples 8918 watch to express feminine charm with a new attitude. This magnificent watch uses the striking Breguet Arabic numerals.

 The lively blue time-marks embellish the exquisite dial, as if dancing, matching the warm luster of selected Tahiti mother-of-pearl. At 6 o’clock, there is an eccentric dial of natural white mother-of-pearl, decorated with exquisite hand-engraved flower patterns, and the bright pear-shaped diamonds are dazzling and striking.

 This timepiece is paired with a delicate rose gold case, set with brilliant-cut diamonds around the bezel, and a striking pear-shaped diamond at the crown.

 The new Reine de Naples 8918 watch is equipped with a midnight blue satin leather strap. The elegant curve of the watch fits the wrist perfectly. It is equipped with an automatic movement inside, which subtly explains the inherent elegance and innovation of Breguet timepieces spirit.

Summary: Baselworld 2017 will present us a beautiful and unique visual feast, and we look forward to the report group in front of the Watch House to bring us more exciting content. For more details, please click the watch house Basel live event:

National-level Cp Compound Couple Watch Is Essential After Recovery

There is really a lot of news about the old love compound in the past. A few days ago, Lin Zhiling and Yan Chengxu reported that they were staying in the same hotel together. Although the parties responded ‘just started to contact’, it takes time to recombine. However, the audience expressed their hope that this Taiwanese idol drama has a perfect ending. In addition to this old love, Justin Bieber, Selena, and Beckham’s son Brooklyn have also reunited with ex-girlfriend Collo Moritz.
Lin Zhiling & Yan Chengxu

 Since 2003, Lin Zhiling and Yan Chengxu’s love affair have been rumored. Regardless of whether Lin Zhiling replied at 3 in the morning that Cheng Xu’s residence left the next day, or that Lin Zhiling accidentally leaked a photo with Yan Chengxu in a bathrobe due to a mobile phone repair, etc., the details of their interaction were intermittently revealed by the media. At that time, their careers were in their infancy, and they chose to cover up their relationship in the end. In the end, the two broke up in 2006. Whenever they are asked about their emotional issues after the breakup, the two parties will vaguely mention each other, and have since been repeatedly compounded or even ‘flash-married.’ Now they were photographed in the same hotel in Kuala Lumpur, so Lin Zhiling and Yan Chengxu, who have been entangled in 14 years of love, finally have hope of resurgence.

Lin Zhilin Yan Chengxu was photographed in the same hotel in Kuala Lumpur

 Under the violent bombardment of the media, Yan Chengxu Songkou admitted: ‘I am very happy to be connected and sincerely care for each other. I hope everyone will give some space.’ Lin Zhiling responded: ‘not yet, just get in touch (just just Contact) ‘The two sides are still cautious in their wording, but they have made new contacts. I believe that if the 14-year relationship has had a good result, they will certainly share the joy.

 So I plan ahead to recommend a couple watch to the heroines and heroines of these Taiwan idol dramas. If they are sweet together, that couple watch will let everyone guess the plot. Longines is endorsed by Lin Zhiling, so it would be reasonable and reasonable if the two of them started the traditional series of Longines watchmaking. This pair of simple and elegant pairs of watches, as they have always been low-key and forbearing feelings, pure and intriguing.

Couple watch recommendation: Longines traditional watchmaking series

 Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

 Justin Bieber and Selena have already been together for a long time. Recently, after returning to a relationship of lovers after experiencing a series of interactions with Bieber for a vegetarian breakfast, living in Bieber’s mansion, playing hockey with Bieber, and riding a bicycle together.

Selina plays ice hockey with Bieber and kisses

 Selina had been dating singer Bonsai before, but some media sources said, ‘Although Selena is dating someone else, Bieber has always been her soul mate, her heart, and all her attention. ‘Since Selena changed her kidneys due to lupus erythematosus last summer, Bieber has given her a lot of care, so now the two have finally split up and reunited after 9 years, so don’t toss anymore!

 Bieber is 23 years old and Selena is 25 years old. Of course, young couples do not need to look too mature. Cartier key series is a good choice. The leather strap is more suitable for fun and fun Bieber, no burden. The female watch with pink strap is as sweet and attractive as Selena, fashionable and attractive.
Recommended for couple watches: Cartier key series

Brooklyn Beckham & Chloe Moretz


 Beckham’s eldest son, Brooklyn, is also the ‘gossip heart’ that always affects the audience. The relationship between Brooklyn and ‘Super Killing Girl’ Kolo Moritz actually started in 2014. At that time, because the two were still young and didn’t want to be exposed, their first contact was very low-key, but unfortunately the relationship between the two was short. After 4 months they broke up.
 With Brooklyn moving to Los Angeles this year to go to college, ‘Let’s get a moon near the water,’ and Koro Moritz, who also lives in Los Angeles, has begun ‘dating’ with his ex-boyfriend. When shopping, eating together, and even when Colo Moritz filmed, Dabu would go to the studio to accompany. And Brooklyn’s mother, Victoria, also agreed with the two, and from time to time they liked the ins.

Big cloth goes to the scene of Colo Moritz filming

Betty Likes Future Daughter-in-law Ins

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