It’s Almost 9012. Why Can’t Mobile Phones Replace Watches?

Recently changed phone and bought Huawei Mate 20 Pro. It’s not because I’m patriotic. I’m not that noble yet. Although I do love our country, I don’t want to live with my money. When I chose Mate 20 Pro, I mainly felt that it was done well enough, which made me have a strong desire to buy. In addition, the old mobile phone was too weak, and it often took 10 minutes to send a circle of friends, which really made me lose my temper. So simply advanced the plan for next year’s replacement, and decisively started with Huawei. This phone has a lot of ‘black technology’, 400,000 fast charge, super macro, 7 nanometer chips, etc., each of which is the industry-leading level, it is really cool to use, I believe those who have used it will feel the same. Of course, it doesn’t matter if you use it to watch time. In fact, some people have stopped wearing watches since the advent of mobile phones. In their opinion, mobile phones can watch time and have many functions. Why buy a watch? Isn’t this a waste of money? Some people, because they do not wear watches, have the illusion that no one will wear watches now. It seems that the watch industry has no value at all, and it is possible to withdraw from the historical stage at any time. This is a bit worrying. Clocks and watches have been around for hundreds of years and have experienced many ‘storms and storms’, but they still live well, which itself proves its value and significance. We can think about it carefully. Industries that existed hundreds of years ago and have not yet been eliminated. How many can you find? Today I do n’t want to talk more about wearing a watch, it’s more convenient, more time-conscious, suitable for specific occasions, and so on, but I want to discuss with you, what is the difference between a watch and a mobile phone in today’s era Core competitiveness to meet people’s needs. When the mobile phone came out, BP and Big Brother were out. The reason for being eliminated is also very simple. BP and Big Brother are the prototypes of mobile phones, but obviously the mobile phone is much more powerful, so it can completely replace the bulky and expensive Big Brother and BP machines that cannot make calls at all. So why haven’t we eliminated watches after the birth of mobile phones? Because in the final analysis, they are not in the same area, and the product attributes are not the same. If only from a functional perspective, the watch is worthless. Now any smart phone has rich functions. In addition to watching time, you can also make calls, send WeChat, listen to music, play games, take pictures, and install various software. Watches have so few features that they usually only display hours, minutes, and seconds, plus a calendar at most. Those so-called super-complicated watches only have dozens of functions, and these functions are basically related to time, astronomy and calendar. If you compare the function of a mobile phone to a knowledgeable doctor, the function of a watch is at best a primary school student. In fact, many watches, especially Swiss watches, still sell well today, mainly due to brand, craftsmanship and luxury attributes. After all, it is because of market demand. As far as brands are concerned, Swiss watches have inherent advantages, after all, Switzerland is known as the ‘Kingdom of Watches’. The most well-known watch brands in the Chinese market are almost all from Switzerland. Clocks and watches have long been an important industry in Switzerland. Many Swiss brands have a history of one or two hundred years. Think about it, if a brand can live a hundred or two hundred years and focus on one area for such a long time, will this area still be bad? The reason sounds simple, but unfortunately, despite its long history, China’s ‘hundred-year-old shop’ is rare. I personally think that the main reason is that many companies are too pursuing profits, which projects make money and which ones, like big and comprehensive business models, and have not delved into a certain field. The result is insufficient core competitiveness and ultimately difficult long-term sustainable development. The overall strength of Swiss watchmaking is very strong, so Swiss manufacturing has become a gold sign in the watch industry. People subconsciously equate Swiss watches with good watches. Regardless of the quality of watches in other countries, Swiss watches are the first choice for many people. Consensus. Although Seiko is a Japanese brand, its watchmaking strength is very strong. This idea is actually a bit dangerous because some Swiss watches are really cheating, while other countries also have good watches. For example, Seiko’s watchmaking strength is very strong. , No less than many Swiss brands, but relatively low-key . In addition, the idea of ​​Swiss watch value preservation is ‘ingrained’ in some people’s minds. Although Swiss watches usually only depreciate after they are bought, very few will really have appreciation space in the future, and almost none of these watches have much to do with new watches. In terms of craftsmanship, Switzerland is good at using good materials and high technology. High-tech refers to various advanced equipment and tools, including CNC machine tools. These devices and tools make extremely precise, uniformly sized parts. This is the most commonly used method of watchmaking by many watch brands and even some of the top watch brands. Wrong, what about hand-made watches? What about a good craftsman spirit? In fact, it is no longer possible to see the real manual watchmaking. The so-called manual, just assembled by hand. Or a certain process or process is performed by hand, such as polishing and polishing by hand, balance wheel plywood is carved by hand, micro-painting enamel is performed by hand, and so on. If all the tabulation processes are 100 points together, then the proportion of these manual parts will not exceed 10 points at most. The true sense of handmade watchmaking and craftsmanship nowadays basically only exists in a very small number of independent watchmaker brands. Real hand-made watches now basically exist only in independent watchmaker brands, so there is no need to worry about whether the Swiss watches purchased are handmade. For consumers, quality is more important; as a brand, you must guarantee a certain amount of output so that you can make money and solve the problems of survival and development. If every watch is hand-made, perhaps the movement is more personalized and polished more beautiful, but the output can not keep up with the accuracy, and the accuracy may not be satisfactory. In the end, the brand can only wait to fail. So, for those mass-produced brands, mechanized production is not only reasonable, but also necessary. But what needs to be emphasized here is that even though everyone is mechanized, it may have different raw material quality, different movement qualities, different equipment and tools, different watchmakers’ skills and attitudes, and every little difference will add up. Completely different product. At present, let’s say that our country can produce a movement that is comparable to Rolex 3235, Omega 8900, and Seiko 9S. Even plagiarizing ETA movements has not been copied in place. So even from the perspective of craftsmanship, our country still has a long way to go. Of course, this is not entirely a problem of watch brands, but also requires the country’s vigorous support. The development of watches to this day has long been more than just a tool for watching time. It also has the attributes of luxury goods and can show its own identity and taste. Although mobile phones can also watch time and are powerful, most mobile phones can only be considered as consumer goods, not luxury. Even if it is a top-fitting new fruit machine, there are more than 10,000. Judging from the installed force index, it is not at the same level as the watch. You know, ordinary Longines also needs more than 10,000, and the top brands start basically 100,000. In addition, the replacement of mobile phones is too fast. This year, selling thousands of high-end mobile phones, prices may drop by one third next year. The update cycle of the watch is much longer, and the public price of the new watch is relatively stable. The top watch with the attributes of luxury goods Because the watch has the attributes of luxury goods, it has become a powerful weapon. Now some people buy watches, they do n’t care (maybe they do n’t understand) what watchmaking craftsmanship, history and culture, maybe even the watch series they wear are unfavorable. The shot is the top watch. Their goals are clear. They hope that the brand is big enough and the price is high enough to show off their wealth. Watches already have their own core competitiveness, which can never be replaced by other products, including mobile phones. No matter how the mobile phone develops in the future, it will not shake the status of the watch. Of course, you can choose to watch time with your mobile phone forever, but when you have a beautifully crafted watch, time will become elegant, and your world will be more exciting.


Director Jiang Wen Wears A Raymond Weil Watch To Attend The First Media Meeting Of The Film ‘one Step Away’

On September 1, 2014, Jiang Wen’s IMAX3D movie ‘One Step Away’ was held at the Four Seasons Hotel Beijing after a 100-day countdown to the media. As the Swiss high-end watch brand Raymond Wei (李瑞蒙威) image ambassador for the Greater China region and a leading figure in the Chinese film industry, director Jiang Wen’s new film ‘One Step Away’, which he directed and starred again after 4 years, is the most anticipated in 2014 One of the videos. Feeling that Director Jiang Wen’s enthusiasm and focus in film creation coincided with the brand spirit-‘Precision is my inspiration’, Raymond Weil specially launched the classic master special edition rose gold chronograph Watch, we invite you to look forward to the release of ‘One Step Away’ at the end of the year.

  As a highly artistic representative of the fine watchmaking industry, Raymond Weil has always regarded music as the core spirit since its inception: not only are all watches inspired by music, but also through participation in global music events or for young people The discovery of musicians supports close communication and interaction with the music industry. In addition to music, Raymond Weil and film art also have a long history. This can be traced back to 1983. The brand cooperated with the Oscar-winning film ‘Mozart’ to launch the watch series Amadeus of the same name, creating a Swiss watch industry with film. It has a history of profound significance. After entering the new millennium, Raymond Wey emphasized the brand value of music as the core, but did not give up to continue the close relationship with the film art-except in 2005, we invited Charlize Theron as the brand lady In addition to the global spokesperson for the watch series, in 2011, director Jiang Wen, a well-known film master, was successfully invited to act as the brand ambassador for the Greater China region, causing widespread concern.

The conference scene follows the era of Shanghai in the 1930s, and the layout is quite gorgeous.

  It is reported that all the starring roles of ‘One Step Away’ will be present today, so the press conference has not yet begun, and various entertainment reporters in Beijing have already set up long guns and short cannons, waiting for them.

   In fact, since the debut of his first film, Sunny Days, Director Jiang Wen has attracted attention for his distinctive personal style. Whether it’s the magical realist-style ‘The Sun Rises Still’ or ‘Let the Bullets Fly’ full of black humor, Director Jiang Wen has his passion for film art, a source of inspiration and a unique video vocabulary on the screen. Outlined the intriguing aspects of life, and made one classic after another. In the years of working with Raymond Weil, Director Jiang Wen’s meticulous rigorous attitude in the creation of the new film ‘One Step Away’ not only impressed the brand, but also the brand spirit promoted and promoted by Raymond Weil since 2011. ‘Precision is my inspiration’ shows amazing consistency.

  At the start of the conference, the host Huang Jianxiang walked onto the stage wearing a cute headrest that we often use when we travel. This is because now every passenger who landed on Runway 1 of Capital Airport will see the grass on the side of the runway in the air. ‘One Step Away’ December 18.

As one of the eight major producers of the film, Mr. Yang Shoucheng, chairman of Emperor Group, said that the film is more exciting than ‘Transformers 4.’

  The six main actors of the movie were supposed to be present, but one of the main actors, Wang Zhiwen, was unable to attend the Tianjin plane due to the Beijing weather. It is a bit regrettable that we have seen that the article is in good condition today.

The two actresses in the film Shu Qi and Zhou Yun came to us.

Our favorite uncle Ge followed closely behind.

The final appearance was naturally the director and starring of this film, Mr. Jiang Wen, who is also the ambassador of Raymond Weil.

   According to Raymond Weil, it is precisely the control of precision in the production that makes it possible to present a gorgeous movement on the wrist: the designer turns inspiration into lines, outlines a harmonious outline for the watch, and looks forward to watchmaking The designer turned these ideas into reality; while the watchmaker relied on precision to meticulously stitch each part, marveling at the designer’s unlimited creativity. In the eyes of Director Jiang Wen, only by insisting on the insistence on accuracy in shooting, can the complete inspirational spark that has flashed in his mind on the big screen and the definition of ‘Jiang Wen produced’ lies: ‘Usually on the big screen The production of a film needs to be accurate to 1/24 second per frame, every expression of the actor, every detail of the scene, every frame of the face, and every dialogue in the later stage are all the same. ‘

  We noticed that it was the Raymond Weil Classic Master Chronograph that Jiang Dao wore today. Feeling Director Jiang Wen’s dedication and rigor in the process of artistic creation, Raymond Weil, who also loves film art, is particularly inspired by his new work “One Step Away” and specially launched the classic master limited edition rose gold chronograph. To pay tribute to Director Jiang Wen as a film master.

  The Classic Master Chronograph was first introduced in 2011. This limited edition is a new chapter in chronograph with a more modern digital design. On the silver dial, the concise Arabic numeral hour markers surround the exquisite solar radial pattern in the center. The two auxiliary dials are placed horizontally at 3 and 9 o’clock. The hands are plated with rose gold to reflect the traditional style of the classic master series, with the same color numerals and 41mm diameter dial. The elegant brown crocodile-embossed leather strap and rose gold-plated pin buckle reflect the extraordinary and tough style of this timepiece. It is worth mentioning that before this limited edition officially came out, Raymond Weil specially sent the first watch of this series to the shooting site of ‘One Step Away’, so that Director Jiang Wen was the first to wear it. The timepieces produced can accompany Director Jiang Wen to witness the completion of this much-anticipated new film. The unique and sophisticated production not only gives this chronograph a prominent place in the classic master series, but also the charm of director Jiang Wen and his film works.

Uncle Ge’s expression is always so cute.

  The article said in an interview with the media that his work is now on track and everyone will be confused. I hope everyone can continue to support him!

  At the end of the press conference, the film’s starring actors and the eight major producers of the film stepped onto the stage together and look forward to the premiere of ‘One Step Away’ on December 18.

Uncle Ge intimately reminded everyone not to be crowded when taking pictures, try not to block the media in the back.

   Just as Zhou Yun lifted her left hand to organize her hair, I noticed that she was wearing the Raymond Weil Classic Master Series Automatic Moon Phase Watch.

  This watch’s bezel is set with 68 diamonds, and the hidden adjustment buttons at 4 and 8 o’clock are extremely fine. At the same time, the blue strap also fully reflects the feminine femininity.

  Producer Mr. Ma Ke once commented on the upcoming new film: ‘One Step Away’ has the most fantastic dance design, the most gorgeous costumes, the most beautiful exteriors, the most moving performance and the best film technology. . ‘And these persistences hidden behind the film only seek to present the most perfect texture in the theater, and also demonstrates Jiang Wen’s style as a director who pursues precision and challenges extremes. Finally, we also wish the movie box office a big sale!


Inheriting The History Of The Brand Vacheron Constantin 33155/000r-9588 Watch

Vacheron Constantin is one of the most famous watch brands in the world. The brand was founded in 1755 and has a history of more than 200 years. Vacheron Constantin’s historical masterpiece series is to represent its history. Reinterpret the historical classics of more than 200 years. Today we come to appreciate this 33155 / 000R-9588 watch.
 Vacheron Constantin’s historical masterpiece series 1955 watch is based on the 4961 model launched in 1955 as a design model. It combines modern technology and design to reflect the classic. Compared to its prototype, in addition to the round case of the 1955 watch, the lugs have been redesigned to be wider and flatter, and have a certain degree of curvature. The connection between the lugs and the case is also used. The sloping transition design is very distinctive.
The watch’s case, bezel, crown and buckle, as well as the hands and scales are made of 18k gold. The overall luxury is very attractive, while the ultra-thin case thickness (only 4.1 mm) makes it It gently falls on the wrist like a piece of paper. The dial is matched with the color of 18k gold to create a luxurious and pure atmosphere, just like the original 4961, which is irresistible. The bar-shaped hands and long hour-point scale are like the lines of time and the baton of time. Like the design of the 4961 dial, it is simple and meaningful.

 The greatest feature of the Vacheron Constantin 1955 watch is that it is thin and ultra-thin, because it is equipped with the world’s thinnest movement, the 1003 movement, which was introduced in 1955 and was also used in the 4961 model. Therefore, the 1955 watch is in fact a sincerity to its prototype. The thickness of the 1003 movement is only 1.64 millimeters, which is slightly thicker than a one-yuan coin. Although it was introduced in 1955, no brand has surpassed it so far. The main board and plywood of the movement are made of 18k gold. Such a move is rarely seen even by other top brands. It only appears on very important models. The movement is decorated with delicate Geneva stripe patterns, which can be seen at a glance through the back. In addition, its pawl is relatively quaint. At present, it is not common for this pawl to use such a long spring control type, which is more expensive. , Will also increase the diameter of the movement. The first 1003 calibre that appeared in 1955 was early. At that time, artisans were pursuing the extreme of watchmaking craftsmanship, but even without the quality guarantee such as the Geneva Seal today, they are also known worldwide. Today’s 1003/3 movement is based on the original, adding more detailed manual grinding to make it more refined, while passing the Geneva mark test standard to ensure the high quality of the movement. The movement 1003 can be said to contain great wisdom in the small world. 117 parts are housed in a ‘container’ that is 21.1 mm wide and 1.64 mm thick. You can imagine the technical level of the watchmaker at the time.

 Vacheron Constantin has never lacked classic watches. In addition to the historical masterpiece series, it also has very outstanding works such as Malta and masters of art. The historical masterpieces represent the history of the brand. The watches in the series all have a history of brand development. The epitome of times is worthy of a taste. The 33155 / 000R-9588 watch is based on the 4961 model, and also uses the 1003 manual winding movement that was released in 1955. It reinterprets the style of that era through modern craftsmanship and artistic methods, and tells the history of the masterpieces. . In addition to its simple and luxurious dial, the brand logo Malta Cross at 12 o’clock is also featured. It is made of k gold and is mirror-polished. Under a magnifying glass, you can clearly see what this little ‘gold bar’ looks like. meticulous. Except for the thin and round appearance, the thinness of the movement is how many watchmakers have not been able to cross the gap. Even if Piaget specializes in developing ultra-thin movement brands, it has not launched a thinner manual winding. Movement, although its self-winding movement is commendable.
Buying a watch requires fate. If you are lucky enough to meet this watch, please appreciate it carefully, so that you can fully understand its taste, and it is also worth your taste.
Watch details: vacheron / 7848 /


2014 Jaeger-lecoultre Director Honor James Franco Reunited With Jaeger-lecoultre In Venice

In September 2016, during the Venice Film Festival, James Franco once again came to the beautiful Water City with his latest masterpiece ‘In Dubious Battle’. ‘Outstanding Battle’, co-starring Austin Stowell, Ashley Greene and Selena Gomez, tells the story of the last century in the United States A story of 900 immigrant workers united against local farmers in California because of wage issues.

Director James Franco and Jaeger-LeCoultre Global Communications Director Laurent Vinay at the Jaeger-LeCoultre Gallery

Jaeger-LeCoultre Director Honor Gallery

    Jaeger-LeCoultre Global Communications Director Laurent Vinay and James Franco meet at the Jaeger-LeCoultre Gallery and welcome him to the Venice Film Festival again. Since 2005, Jaeger-LeCoultre has worked closely with the Venice International Film Festival to continue to sponsor the Director’s Honor Award. As Alberto, president of the Venice Film Festival. According to Alberto Barbera, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Director’s Honor Award is a recognition and tribute to filmmakers who ‘brought great innovation to contemporary film art.’

Actor Austin Stowell, director James Franco, and actor Ashley Greene at the Accumulator Gallery

    This year’s Jaeger-LeCoultre Director of Honor Award, Jaeger-LeCoultre will be awarded to Iranian director Amir Naderi, whose latest work ‘Monte’ will be screened in the non-competition section of the Venice Film Festival.

Levi Schreiber and Naomi Watts at the Accumulator Gallery

    Last weekend, Jaeger-LeCoultre welcomed the famous actors Naomi Watts and Liev Shreiber in the Jaeger-LeCoultre gallery of the Excelsior Hotel in Venice. They brought in the starring latest film ‘The Bleeder’, a movie based on a live-action story. The owner of the story, Chuck Wepner, is also the prototype of the billion-dollar box office film series ‘Rocky.’ 15 times against the greatest boxer Ali in history.


Stephen Yasselis Wins The 14th Glashütte Original Music Festival Award

The famous British cellist Steven Isserlis was awarded the 14th ‘Glasutti Original Music Festival Award’. On Tuesday evening, Ysalis performed with the London Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra at the Kulturpalast Cultural Center, and the concert was packed. Glashütte Original CEO Thomas Meier also presented the soloist with the highest honor in front of 1,800 listeners. Yselis has always supported the cultivation of talented young musicians, so he won this honor. The trophy presented at the conference is meaningful. It is hand-made by two watchmaking apprentices, which also includes 25,000 euros. Bonus.

   On the evening of May 23rd, at the newly renovated Dresden Cultural Center’s final sale concert, the well-known British cellist Iselis won the ‘Glasutti Original Music Festival Award’. Glashütte Original CEO Thomas Meyer presented the trophy to the outstanding musician in person, along with festival director Jan Vogler, the London Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra and 1,800 audience. The Glashütte Original Music Festival Award, sponsored by Glashütte Original Watchmaking, and the Dresden Music Festival enter its 14th year, providing a prize of 25,000 euros each year to the winners.

Steven Isserlis won the 14th ‘Glasutti Original Music Festival Award’, pictured here is the trophy.
   ‘I am very happy to receive the 2017 Glashütte Original Music Festival Award. I am extremely honored and happy to receive this award and receive a trophy from the very important cellist Vogler. Music education has always been I am very concerned about the subject, and I am fortunate to be able to work with many great teachers, including Jane Cowan, a childhood enlightenment teacher, Sándor Végh, a violin master from Hungary, and working together in recent years The other two master figures from György Kurtág and Ferenc Rados from Hungary. My responsibility is to pass on the inspiration and value I have gained from these masters to the younger generations. Home. Another important point of my career is to bring music to children. No matter what kind of child’s background, life can bring about completely different changes because of music. Music not only provides personal achievements, but also can bring groups to difficult situations. Great help. We are seeing the concrete results of many young musicians around the world, such as the Venezuelan Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra Blacks in South Africa to help young people Buskaid Ensemble as well as many other similar institutions.

Steven Isserlis (Copyright Satoshi Aoyagi)
   Friends who make friends with music will maintain a lifetime of friendship. Group play teaches us the importance of mutual respect and learns to listen to others. Sharing a goal about music as a child is also a strong bond. Regardless of whether they are adults or children, turning to music for solace in lonely or sad times, music will not disappoint them. There is a saying that children who love to sing are usually happy children, and I think that’s right. As long as we can bring more wonderful music to the lives of children around the world, their lives will be better. Said Iselis.
   Ysalis brought a wonderful performance tonight’s concert, and performed the Russian ‘Revolutionary Festival’ track with the London Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra and conductor Vladimir Jurowski. The audience also heard Mikhail Glinka’s overture ‘Recollection of a Summer Night in Madrid’, Sergei Prokofiev’s ‘Cello Concerto E Minor, Op. 58’ and Symphony No. 15 in A Major, Op. 141 by Dmitri Shostakovich.

The 14th ‘Glasutti Original Music Festival Award’ trophy by Steven Isserlis is an ‘Alfred Helwig’ created by two Glashütte originals Student making at watch school.
Acting young musicians
   Ysalis has a world-renowned reputation, not only for his outstanding performance as a soloist, but also for his selfless and creative dedication in the field of music education. Therefore, the ‘Glasutti Original Music Festival Awards’ also recognizes and awards special awards. give him. The international artists who have won awards over the years are not only because of their outstanding talents, but also because of their dedication to supporting emerging artists. Not only does Yaselis create music for children and regularly perform concerts for children, he is also an enthusiastic and well-known instructor in master classes around the world.
   Therefore, he was particularly pleased when he learned that the ‘his’ trophy was made by two students of the ‘Alfred Helwig’ watchmaking school originally created by Glashütte. Glashütte Original CEO Thomas Meyer said, ‘As a traditional watchmaker, we have learned from our past experience how important it is to pass on precious knowledge to carefully selected young talents. A person has to own It is with agility, superb craftsmanship and authentic, original attitude that we can work with young people. We are honored to present the award with the Dresden Music Festival every year to the same day-to-day as our watchmakers. Attitude musician. ‘

Students at Alfred Helwig watchmaking school make trophies
   In addition to Iselis, winners include Sir Simon Rattle and the Berlin Philharmonic, pianist Hélène Grimaud, and violinist Hilary Han ( Hilary Hahn), Portuguese French folk singer Mariza (Mariza) and conductor Andris Nelsons (Andris Nelsons) and other famous musicians. Glashütte Original has collaborated with the well-known Dresden Music Festival since 2004. This year’s theme is ‘Light’. The 40th Dresden Music Festival runs from now until the end of June 18th, with different musicians performing at various venues. This year’s festival will be particularly exciting and memorable due to the special performance of the London Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra in collaboration with cellist Solomon Iselis.


Glasuti Tour Debut In Beijing

Glassutti, a top watch brand exquisitely handcrafted and made in Germany, held a watch tasting event in Beijing Set Shopping Center from February 15th to 27th, 2009. 18 precious watches, including master series, big calendar series, and parliamentary series, were exhibited. A special limited edition of 1878 in platinum, limited to 130 pieces worldwide, is also on display.

    The 1878 special limited edition watch was specially designed by the master watchmaker of Glashütte for the reconstruction of the original watchmaking school building of the Glashütte Museum of German Watch History on May 22, 2008. Inspired by student works from the 1920s, it perfectly combines the history of the past with the spirit of modern watchmaking. It cleverly bridges the past and future of Glashütte’s watchmaking art. Since 1845, Glashütte has inherited the distinguished and unique brand characteristics of traditional watchmaking and the strength of continuous creation and reliable quality. It has launched countless unique masterpieces of mechanical watches and has established Glashütte Germany’s top manual watch craftsmanship.
    The display event at the Sambo luxury watch set under the Xinyu Hengdeli Group attracted many watch lovers to visit and brought endless vitality to this cold season.


Treasures Held A Small Exhibition In London

Breguet’s boutique in London has just been refurbished and expanded, taking this opportunity to hold a small exhibition here. The famous watch manufacturer Breguet sincerely invited customers to visit the new products, and this exhibition will continue until March 2014.

   Among the works on display is an astonishing jewellery watch that attracts every guest present. The design of the watch is bold, like a blooming flower, with a large diamond set in it, sparkling, crazy, and easily arouses the enthusiasm of the ladies. This precious timepiece, decorated with square-cut diamonds, is worn on the wrist, shining elegantly with the swing of the wrist.
   As men, they have always been fascinated by the classic complex tourbillon watches. Through the tourbillon device, the accuracy of the watch is further improved.

   Each Breguet watch is carefully crafted by craftsmen, dedicated to customers, and full of sincerity. The exhibition will also include a master sculptor from Switzerland, who will show the hand-carved skills dating back 200 years to create a unique engraving dial. For more brand news, stay tuned for Watch House. (House of watches / text Ruan Ruan)


Tissot Liyuan Series Female Performance Interpretation Of A Different Kind Of Wrist Style

Is there a unique attack on Wu Neng’s soft-spoken Wu Tingyu to make you linger? The Tissot Liyuan women’s watch is transformed into a dream pen, whether it is the neutral charm shown by the large dial or the graceful figure outlined by the petal-shaped hands, or the elegant atmosphere exuded by the gold bracelet, these come from The unique temperament of Tissot Liyuan series women’s watches writes the unique and splendid time of the wearer. Taking dreams as horses, ingenuity in every detail, interpretation of fashion declarations that refuse to be mediocre; Qingli Jiayuan, dancing gently in a simple and delicate double beat, showing a different style of wrist.

Pure Beauty Philosophy Geometric Life
The large round dial, with a symmetrical two-tone strap, and the ‘T’ decoration at the case connection, outlines the T-degree space, which is unique to the Tissot Liyuan series of women’s watches. It is not an exaggeration to describe the Li Yuan series with ‘concave and convex’. On the white lacquer dial, the Arabic numerals at six o’clock and twelve o’clock slightly protrude, shining with golden light; carved by short thin lines The minute scale is slightly concave on the surface of the dial, drawing two long arcs, like the thousands of emotions that the wind blows across the water surface. Round and round lines, free of concavo-convex, Tissot’s pure philosophy in watch design, tells the geometric life of Youyou loop.

Opening the wrist
The gold section of the Tissot Liyuan women’s watch is interwoven with two colors. The golden PVD coating dots the entire watch, such as a touch of gold sliding from the princess’s palette, falling on the bezel, hands, and watch. The crown, 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock scales, and the middle zone of the metal strap, moderate luxury elements add infinite elegance to Li Yuan, only to see agile, but not exaggerated. The detail processing without falling into the mortar gives the Li Yuan series a glamorous charm at first sight. The two Arabic numerals that bloom like smiles against the surrounding two long curved scales are interesting. The petal-shaped hands further highlight the feminine charm. The water-like hands move elegantly on the dial, and accompany the wearer through every midnight until early morning, day after day, week after week, as gorgeous as the rituals and as glorious as Rhodes. .

The Tissot Liyuan women’s watch with high-quality materials and a reliable Swiss-made movement is the purest embodiment of Swiss watchmaking. In addition to the gold model, there are seven other beautiful designs to choose from, with a variety of styles.

Tissot ‘Time, you control’
天 For Tissot, ‘time, you control’ is more than just a slogan. It conveys the DNA of the Tissot brand. Tissot has always been committed to the perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology and fashion design in watchmaking, hoping to bring more value and touch to customers. Since 1853, Tissot has been innovating based on tradition, and today it has grown into the number one Swiss traditional watchmaking brand in the world. Over the past 159 years, Tissot has grown from a watch factory headquartered in the small town of Lillac in the Jura Mountains, Switzerland, into a global brand with sales outlets in more than 160 countries. Tissot’s leading position benefits from its unparalleled ability to innovate. It spares no effort in the pursuit of the use of special materials, the development of advanced functions and the design of details. Tissot has launched more and more high-quality watches, but the price-performance ratio is more attractive than any other Swiss watch brand, which also reflects its commitment to ‘entry luxury’. Tissot is a member of the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watch manufacturer and distributor. It also serves as the World Motorcycle Championship MotoGP, Superbike, FIBA, Australian Football League AFL, Chinese Basketball Professional League CBA, and the World Officially designated timing for cycling, fencing and hockey championships. In terms of market promotion and product design, Tissot has consistently written its brand philosophy: ‘Innovation originates from tradition’.


Glittering Diamond Jewelry Watch For Your Romantic And Luxurious New Experience

Nowadays more and more watches are designed with diamonds. Everyone loves beautiful diamonds. I don’t know who set the watch with diamonds. This design is definitely a symbol of top luxury. There is definitely a qualitative leap in the price after setting diamonds. Today I will recommend a few jewelry watches with diamonds.
Diamond jewellery watches use the sparkle of diamonds to give people a feeling of luxurious luxury. Women have never lacked their love for diamonds. In any age, a long-lasting vow of diamonds will never change. The light of diamonds attracts anyone who loves diamonds. Take a look at the four diamond jewelry watches Shocked!
Piaget Limelight Garden Party G0A36166

独特 This unique Limelight Garden Party watch is set with marquise-shaped emeralds, reminiscent of the lush foliage in a verdant garden in the bright sun. The gemstones on the case and the silk strap complement each other, while the diamonds are radiant and shining, like a dazzling garland appearing between the branches and leaves. This watch requires 60 hours of research and development time and 60 hours of setting time.

绿 Limelight Garden Party G0A36166, Piaget’s extraordinary treasure series inspired by green leaves, makes people yearn for nature. 10 translucent high-quality emeralds, just like the tender green leaves on the watch swaying in the wind. The line-shaped design gives the gems vitality and keeps them alive forever. It is equipped with Piaget 56P quartz movement, black silk strap, 18K white gold case set with 10 marquise emeralds (about 5 carats) and 35 round diamonds (about 2.1 carats). Extravagant craftsmanship, gorgeous and extraordinary.
Athens Women’s Watch Series 136-91AC / 06-02

Modern women have new and interesting ideas all the time. The latest ‘Imagination’ series launched by Athens is full of luxury diamonds, integrating art and aesthetics. The 18K rose gold case set with diamonds allows ladies who pay attention to the external beauty to make various matching decorations, which greatly meets the desire of modern women to pursue both internal and external, showing the beauty of modern women’s strong independence, rigid and soft outside.

天然 The natural shape of round gemstones surrounds the crown edge, which shows the noble and elegant design of the watch. The exquisite and streamlined design of the face plate has a choice of expensive diamond styles and simple diamond-free styles. The watch can be paired with a diamond-studded bracelet to set it apart.
Breguet High Jewellery Watch Series GJE15BB20.8924RB1

Feather with the most festive atmosphere, whether it is sewn on the bride’s wedding dress or embellished on personalized jewelry, it is full of magnificence and passion. But have you ever thought about setting light feathers on women’s watches? Yes, the Breguet Plume series has created this fantastic miracle! 18K white gold watches are inlaid with square rubies, and the red glow is auspicious. With joy in color.

The feather-like light jewels passed silently from the body, innocent and shy, which fixed the most charming moment of a woman. Feathers composed of sparkling diamonds and colorful gemstones contrast with each other, hugging the skin, making women playful and sexy! This jewellery watch is made of 18k white gold with diamonds, and the mirror material is sapphire crystal glass, which is elegant and noble.
宝 High Jewellery Watch Series GJE15BB20.8924RB1
Frank Muller 4 SAISONS 42 DM 4 SAI BAG CD watch

This Frank Muller watch is full of magnificent imagination. The dial is inspired by the roulette, which breaks the hands and often makes the reading time interesting. Dazzling colored gemstones surround the dial, forming a bright ring like a rainbow, immediately delighting the mood. The watch uses the FM 800 automatic mechanical movement, with a power reserve of 42 hours. The large 42mm dial makes the watch even more stylish. The sparkling beauty of the diamonds on the dial and case is surprisingly beautiful, but it does not affect the harmony and elegance of the Cintre Curvex lines, or the restraint and calmness of the round case.

Double Mystery is the first watch to have neither an hour hand nor a minute hand. The dial consists of two discs that rotate in different ways. On the one hand, it shows the pure beauty unique to this series of watches, on the other hand, it can still read the time accurately. Hidden behind this complication watch is the great genius device under the dial.


2014 Preview Of New Sihh Products Vacheron Constantin Malta Tourbillon Watch

Combining different art forms, Vacheron Constantin has achieved this, combining precision, preciousness and beauty, becoming a bridge between different arts and cultures, bringing together magical watchmaking techniques and mysterious gem setting. Achieving extraordinary treasures-Vacheron Constantin Malta Tourbillon High Jewellery Watch.

   This is a special and precious piece of art, entirely handmade, set with 418 diamonds (approximately 19.6 carats total). At present, there are only a few craftsmen who master this diamond setting method. The supporting track of the gemstone is completely hidden, and no trace can be seen at all. In this case, the gemstones bloom the most dazzling light. Vacheron Constantin applied this technology. Although the curved curve of the watch makes this task more difficult, it does not stump the skilled craftsmen, from design to gems, from watches to jewellery. Each has performed extraordinary abilities.

   The watch’s bezel, lugs, and dial are set with diamonds, which sparkle. It takes more than 100 hours for all diamonds to be set. The Vacheron Constantin Malta Tourbillon High Jewellery Watch also complies with the latest standard of the Geneva Seal. The Geneva Seal is only issued to clocks made in the Geneva area. The final test standard is in full compliance with the movement of the ’12 Rules of the Geneva Seal’. ‘Eagle and key’ badge logo.

   The watch is equipped with Calibre 2795 manual winding movement, composed of 169 parts, has a power reserve of about 2 days, and has a perfect internal structure. The tourbillon frame is inspired by the brand’s iconic Maltese cross, showing the perfect level of watchmaking. Each chamfer is finished by hand polishing. The tourbillon not only represents Vacheron Constantin’s technical level but also the brand’s quality requirements.
Vacheron Constantin Malta Tourbillon Fine Jewelry Watch Technical Parameters
Reference model: 30630 / 000G-9899
Movement: 2795 Manual winding Geneva Seal Certification
Case dimensions: 27.37 x 29.30 mm (12 ” ‘1/4 × 12’ ” 3/4)
Case thickness: 6.10 mm
Power reserve: 45 hours
Frequency: 2.5 Hz (18,000 times / hour)
Strap: Mississippi alligator strap with black alligator leather
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