Montblanc is a brand that we are all familiar with. Whether it is in watches, pens or leather goods, Montblanc has a great deal of expertise. Montblanc has 1858, timewalker, and 4810 series watches. The 4810 series models have always been welcomed by watch friends. The Montblanc 4810 series debuted in 2006. The new series honors the brand’s exquisite and long-standing watchmaking tradition. It reinterprets the popular 4810 series with high-level complex watches, which is modern. Travelers provide trusted timepieces. Ten years after the Montblanc 4810 series was introduced, it will show you more excellent series creations. This time, the watch house and Montblanc will jointly hold the ‘2016 Montblanc 4810 Series New Appreciation Event’. Interested tablemates can come and visit Montblanc. The beauty of the 4810 series watch, professional staff will explain the watch during the event, and the table friends will have small gifts.
——Montblanc Qingdao store exhibition map——

——Part of the Montblanc 4810 series in 2016——

Montblanc Star 4810 Collection U0115071

Montblanc Star 4810 Collection U0114841

Montblanc Star 4810 Collection U0115123

   This Montblanc star 4810 series 114859 watch has been sought after by a large number of watch friends since its launch. There are many people who come to the store to buy it, and it shows how popular it is. This watch is a Montblanc home-made complex function watch. With both timekeeping and dual time zone functions, how can such a cost-effective watch not be welcomed? At present, this 114859 watch has been sold out, but for VIP customers this time can provide a unique opportunity to appreciate, sincere thanks to these watch friends for their constant support for Montblanc.

2016 Montblanc 4810 Series New Appreciation Event Details:
Time: November 19, 2016 at 2 pm
Venue: 1140/1142, Hisense Plaza, 117 Macau Road, Shinan District, Qingdao
Number of recruits: 15
ways of registration:
1. Enter the Watch House Forum Private Message Manager and leave your name and mobile number (Administrator ID: Watch Forum).
2. Scan the QR code below, pay attention to the official subscription number of the Watch House, and the private letter administrator.