Month: October 2010

Kunlun Only Watch Special Golden Bridge Watch

Corum continues to pledge its support for Duchenne muscular dystrophy research and has created a unique watch for the ONLY WATCH charity auction: Golden Bridge Automatic, Titalyt-treated titanium case with Corum rectangular white gold self-winding movement.

Corum launches Only Watch special Golden Bridge watch

Corum CEO Antonio Calce said, ‘Children’s dream is to empower themselves to change the world; let us help them realize their dreams and build a better world. I am glad that our brand can connect with this cause Together, for those children whose time is a luxury, our help can make their dreams come true. For this year’s ONLY WATCH charity auction, I chose to launch a unique watch on the market, the Golden Bridge Automatic watch What makes people proud is that this transparent watch makes the passage of time full of magic. ‘


Big Luxury Watches Show The Ultimate Craftsmanship

No one can stop the pace of time, take good control of your time is serious business. Even if we have mobile phones and tablets that can tell us the time, they cannot replace the status of watches.
It is said that the first ‘watch’ was designed for a pilot. He felt that the pocket watch was inconvenient to read the time during the flight, so with this, he could see the time by raising his arm lightly or simply turning his wrist. table. Nowadays, watches are not only a tool for indicating time, but also versatile and fashionable. Zhu Chang finishing
Colorful presentation of ‘Yue’ between your wrists
Hublot Classic Fusion new women’s watch
The new Hublot 2012 Classic Fusion women’s watch series combines natural materials such as lapis lazuli, rose rock, aventurine, and so on. Its wild choice of materials is the inspiration for the dial design. Material mix and match, color impact, bold and unique selection of materials complemented by Hublot’s exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship transform into a wrist elf that is exclusive to you, jumping for joy. Its personality style is more able to conquer the ‘core’ room of modern independent women, bringing the power of joy.
The clever blue ‘core’, the lapis lazuli looks like sky, or the complex gold chips are scattered, bright and brilliant, if the stars are beautiful; the emerald green, the emerald dial is delicate and delicate, transparent and bright, full and bright, full of vitality; No more staring at the starry sky just because of the bright starry sky; the pink makeup and jade cut, the rose stone dial is smooth and delicate like jade, like a flower, like a flower; Qi and materials are as beautiful as they are beautiful.
Classic fusion series case diameter 42mm, bezel set with 42 diamonds in 18K king gold, total weight 1.35ct. The dial and hands are made of lapis lazuli, natural emerald, aventurine, ruby, and rosestone, and are set with 8 diamonds. The lugs are made of black synthetic resin. The case back is brushed with 18K king gold satin, inlaid with sapphire lenses and anti-reflective treatment. The escapement system was independently developed and manufactured by Hublot. Longines chronograph stopwatch
Record the footsteps of lightning
In order to celebrate the 180th anniversary of the brand, Longines has continuously released a variety of new styles this year. Longines, a famous Swiss watch brand founded in 1832 in the town of Soymia, has achieved a long and glorious watchmaking tradition with continuous elegant products.
Longines chronograph chronograph stopwatch and Longines distance chronograph stopwatch are excellent examples of the brand’s precise timing in sports. One of the important features of the classic and elegant design of Longines chronograph chronograph is the tachymeter scale on the dial, inspired by a classic chronograph stopwatch produced by Longines in 1933. The tachymeter scale was invented in 1852 to measure the distance of sound. Press the chronograph stopwatch when you see lightning and stop the stopwatch when you hear thunder. The chronograph stopwatch hands can show the kilometer distance of this thunder phenomenon. Longines distance measuring chronograph features: with a technical tool introduced in 1811 to measure the distance of a straight line per hour, and the first modern method of measuring the speed of movement: rangefinder. The stopwatch is started at the beginning of a task and stopped at the end of the task to measure the distance per hour. The pointer shows the average distance produced per hour. To measure the speed of an object, the chronograph is started at zero distance and stopped after 1 kilometer of movement. The hands will show the average speed in the unit of measurement.
The Longines distance measuring chronograph is unique: it perfectly combines the technical characteristics of the rangefinder and the value concept of the brand, namely tradition, performance and elegance. The 41 mm diameter stainless steel dial is fitted with the movement L688, a column-wheel chronograph mechanical movement developed exclusively for Longines. This watch has a date window at 4:30, a small seconds dial at 9:30, a 30-minute cumulative dial at 3, and a 12-hour cumulative dial at 6:00. In addition to its extraordinary technical characteristics, this watch also wins with its outstanding design. The idea of ​​the white lacquer dial comes from a chronograph stopwatch produced by Longines in 1934. The black Arabic numerals on the dial, the blue ranging scale ‘1000 meters’ and the red ranging scale ‘100 meters’ are distinct and clear. The blue stainless steel Breguet hour and minute hands and the pear-shaped seconds hand with blue steel balance line add to this watch’s elegant details. With an elegant black alligator leather strap, this watch achieves the perfect combination of traditional and modern design.
Roger Dubuis La Monegasque Moon Phase Perpetual Calendar
缺 Full moon missing between wrists
Its noble elegance is always inadvertently revealed, just like the bright moon hanging in the night sky, beautiful and desirable. Roger Dubuis presents the La Monegasque moon phase perpetual calendar. This watch shows a bold and unique creative design, rich in characteristics, strong features and a modest abundance to establish its charm. This is one The dazzling collision of fine watchmaking technology with modern aesthetics, in harmony, swings the rhythm unique to Roger Dubuis.
All watches of Geneva watchmaker Roger Dubuis fully comply with the latest stringent standards set by the Geneva Seal. The ‘Mark of Geneva’ is an official certification issued by the Canton of Geneva. Only a few watchmakers have been awarded this honor. It is the official guarantee of the watch’s normal operation and precise function. This certification also proves that the watch movement is entirely handmade, assembled and adjusted in Geneva and meets the strictest standards of watchmaking. Roger Dubuis is the only watch factory that produces all movements in accordance with the Geneva mark certification standards.
的 The heartbeat of the La Monegasque moon phase perpetual watch brings out perhaps one of the finest complications in the world: the perpetual calendar. This watch is driven mechanically by the time record, and with the RD821J movement with 358 components, it creates a great achievement of miniature time. Day of the week, month, date, leap year, and moon phases: Heaven and Earth are in control! This watch is easy to operate, and its many display functions are clear and easy to read: the dial perfectly reflects the balance and harmony of technology and beauty. The 44 mm rose gold case is water-resistant to 50 meters, giving the watch a natural natural elegance.
Glashütte Tourbillon
Traveler’s Assistant
格拉 Glassutti, located in Saxon, Germany, is world-renowned, and introduced the Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillon, the most unique and sophisticated watch ever made by the brand. It took six years from the initial conception, design, and assembly. It accurately displays the world and its 37 time zone information in 8.72 cubic centimeters of space, making it the watch of choice for travel enthusiasts.
独特 This unique and exquisite and delicate watch is a miracle. Travelers wearing this watch can know the time of day and night in their hometown and the time of the second time zone in any two of the 37 time zones in the world. Go clockwise or return counterclockwise to the west. Using the watch’s perpetual calendar function, you can record travellers’ clockwise or counterclockwise changes and the time difference between forward and backward during travel; therefore, all the time and date changes of the wearer when arriving at the destination are Can get displayed.
Global Tourbillon is the world’s first mechanical watch that integrates a variety of complex functions. It adopts a unique flying tourbillon, and the watch breaks through design difficulties such as backward adjustment of the perpetual calendar, automatic date and time zone synchronization, and so on. Glashütte has applied for four patents to protect its design and production.
腕表 This watch is limited to 25 pieces worldwide. In addition, Glashütte will provide future owners of this watch with advanced services such as re-customized time zone rings, inlaid monograms or inscriptions.
Radar HyperChrome
Eternal challenges and breakthroughs
回归 After returning to tennis in 2012, RADO has been actively involved in tennis, becoming the official timer for many important tennis events this year. On October 8, 2012, RADO watch held a grand new product launch conference in Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, announcing the release of its new HyperChrome series. RADO watch global brand spokesperson Andy Murray also came to Shanghai to celebrate this exciting launch feast with all the guests.
ThiaMadothias Breschan, president of RADO Swiss Rado brand, presented Murray with two Hao Xing series watches at the event site-white RADO watch Hao Xing series automatic watch and black RADO watch Hao Xing series automatic chronograph watch. Each engraved custom-made automatic mechanical chronograph watch combines high-tech ceramics and stainless steel materials to encourage Murray’s recent two breakthroughs in the Olympic Games and the US Open.
Subsequently, on the charming HyperChrome Hao Xing series fashion show, the watch models fully demonstrated the perfect combination of Hao Xing series in different occasions and styles in different styles such as sports, leisure and business.
Each of the high-tech ceramics of the Hao Xing series embodies superb watchmaking technology: whether it is an innovative single-structure case, or elegant and smooth parts embedded on the sides of the case like braces. The process of making the case once again reflects the exquisite craftsmanship of the RADO watch. High-tech ceramics enhance the comfort of this watch. The non-wearing and lightweight design makes the Haoxing series the perfect watch for any occasion. RADO watches are also available in stainless steel and CeramosTM titanium carbide cermets.