Month: July 2011

War On The Wrist: Confrontation Between Fashion And Tradition

For traditional watch brands, especially mid-to-high-end watch brands, it means more and more pressure, and the more ancient and high-end brands that have achieved brilliant results in the past, the more they face swinging The dilemma between fashion trends and adherence to tradition. Although some people can balance the two well, most of them still continue to explore the road.
Rolex’s innovative SKY-DWELLER calendar is not recognized by watch fans
     Let’s start with Rolex, which has been criticized in the industry this year. In recent years, I have seen that the so-called complex machinery design has become simpler and easier to manufacture, and its long-term operation reliability is not a big problem. However, it has been stuck with its traditional positioning that is simple, reliable and easy to operate. Let this lucrative market for nothing. This year, it was difficult to launch a SKY-DWELLER calendar, but its classic oyster dial was covered with ‘pits’ and attracted a lot of scolding. Careful study, the watch can adjust the annual calendar and the ordinary calendar of the two places by simply rotating the bezel and the crown, and the complex structure that the calendar only needs to be adjusted once a year means a lot of innovation, but traditional The ‘workers’ are still vocal about it. In fact, in addition to technical innovations, this year Rolex’s new products with colorful gemstone decoration, such as DAYTONA with rainbow-color changing bezel, and the new products of the ‘little brother’ Tudor, which has become more and more precise between the tradition and the trendy combination. , Not only makes the company the most eye-catching company in Basel, but also makes it more difficult for other more highly positioned brands to keep up with its sudden acceleration.
Chanel Camellia Tourbillon Watch
     Speaking of the fast pace, I have to mention the ‘fashion’ new people who have increased their investment in recent years and have rapidly expanded in the field of watches and clocks-those brands that have experience in the production and sales of fashion, jewelry, or other trendy products. Watches and clocks series, rely on unique personality to capture the mind. For example, Chanel has put camellia and diamonds on tourbillon watches this year, Dior continues to display ‘diamond lace’ and even feathers on the dial. Hermes’ gold sculptures and enamels have easily made both fashion and technology. In the new era in which watches and clocks have gradually lost their practical value, and they are moving closer to decorations with some practical value, these newcomers in the industry tend to more easily and accurately attract the most able to consume and also make the future more Favored by an influential new generation of buyers. Although the classic-style watches launched under traditional ideas are still very sellable, whether future consumers will like them will be marked with a question mark. Seeing that those “fashionable” new people have begun to think of themselves as watchmaking experts, they have always been self-conscious. Feeling good in the Swiss high-end watch brands can not help but rush. This year’s Patek Philippe, which pushes women’s watches under the slogan ‘Ladies First’, represents a new effort by traditional brands, trying to make up for its own relatively weak point of ignoring the female market. However, Patek Philippe’s influence determines that once it moves, it will inevitably cause market repercussions, and other brands that follow the trend of pushing women’s watches to some extent may not be able to achieve particularly obvious gains.
     For the Swiss watchmaking industry, this year is definitely a relatively flat and adjustment-oriented year. As the personnel adjustments of several large groups have been completed, the development trend of the external economic environment has gradually become clear, and there may be no small changes in the entire industry next year. It can be predicted that whoever can transform faster, follow or even lead the trend of fashion, who will lead the good life in the increasingly severe situation now.


Casio Sheen Summer Fresh Presentation

The cicadas lingering with the jingle of the wind chimes, the summer sun falls on the face through the dense green branches, the freshness of summer feels like a white kiss, revealing the pure and extreme feeling Touch the heartstrings, lingering. Put on a white dress and jewelry, sing softly, maybe everyone has a faint Snow White dream in their hearts, regardless of age.
    The SHEEN series is a fresh summer watch-the new series SHE-4024G / 4024 watch. The touch of extreme pure white is exquisite and natural, revealing the smart movement of crystal, touching the tenderness and beauty of the heart. It is worth mentioning that this watch strap is made of new resin material, which is scratch-resistant, fade-proof, shock-resistant and wear-resistant. With high medical safety materials, it is especially suitable for sensitive skin. It is difficult to fade and age even after spraying perfume or UV light. It brings a new sense of coolness in vision and touch, like a refreshing and non-sticky ice cream taste on a hot summer day. The ultra-thin dial is even lighter and thinner. The scale is made of Swarovski rhinestones. The shape is crystal clear, simple and generous, and there is a sense of freshness everywhere. At 8 o’clock, the star shape representing the hour scale and the Swarovski rhinestones inlaid with the odd scales complement each other. It shines brightly and is agile and smooth, filling the entire dial with infinite vision and reverie, shining a fairy-tale light.
Golden bezel

Silver bezel
RMB 1390


Golden Colorful Time Shines Tag Heuer Invites You To Share The Bright Christmas

The snow is flying, the smiles and affectionate blessings warm up this winter day; the rich Christmas tree, the beautiful Christmas flowers, and the jumping notes, do you still need some surprises to make you look right? Yiliang? In Christmas 2012, TAG Heuer, the Swiss watch pioneer, set off a rose gold fashion dazzle, dressed many fireworks and silver flower dresses for many classics, expressing passion and vitality in anticipation and joy, and wishing you the most brilliant wishes.
Tag Heuer LINK LADY Women’s Watch
     TAG Heuer’s ingenious ingenuity will bloom in this Christmas beauty, LINK LADY will show the best praises of Acura new age women. This is not an ordinary watch. When wearing, the ‘wrist’ has nothing, but accurately grasps the rhythm of time. It is feminine and charming, more like a dazzling jewellery, witnessing the carving of the fearless years of the true female, showing its light this winter. Following the iconic S-shaped bracelet design of the Link series and a century of exquisite craftsmanship, LINK LADY is extremely dazzling, allowing time to shine in the wrist of a woman. The LINK LADY watch made of rose gold is irresistible. The charm of the unique S-shaped bracelet is not only a new and unique design, but also an ergonomic masterpiece, protecting the slender wrist of the woman; the well-polished case is full and full, reflecting the 11 diamonds on the concentric dial pattern The time scale shines with outstanding fashion taste, and it becomes the focus of the ball in the hands. TAG Heuer also presents a dreamy Christmas gift box for the first time, bringing the joy of white Christmas to every corner. The white watch box is decorated with red velvet, which surrounds the LINK LADY watch and enjoys a gentle and romantic feeling like snowflakes. Tag Heuer Carrera 1887 rose gold chronograph
     TAG Heuer also carefully prepares gifts for men. The Carrera series launched in commemoration of the legendary race of the Mexican Carrera Pan American Road Race is undoubtedly the most classic work of TAG Heuer, inheriting the blood of the marriage between the brand and motorsport, integrating pioneering avant-garde technology, TAG Heuer TAG Heuer once again pioneers and innovates, and those who are brave enough to present the Carrera 1887 rose gold chronograph. Like all Carrera chronographs, it marks a challenge and innovation, allowing you to master the distinguished taste while mastering the seconds. .
     At the same time, if you go to the TAG Heuer flagship store to participate in the ‘Christmas Wish’ event from December 1st to December 24th, you only need to write your wish on the wish card, and you will have the opportunity to let TAG Heuer TAG Heuer Help you realize your dreams.
     ‘Gold’ is colorful and time shines. TAG Heuer invites you to create a bright Christmas together. In this festival of sharing happiness and giving selflessly, celebrate happy hours with family and friends!