September 20, 2017, Schaffhausen-To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the diversification of marine timepiece series, Schaffhausen IWC launched the first Ceratanium (ceramic titanium) ) Special edition watch. This unique material combines the characteristics of both titanium and ceramic materials: it is as light and sturdy as titanium, as hard as ceramic and resistant to friction. Not only that, the watch made with this new material stands out with its skin-friendly and unique texture matte black shape, while integrating the digital perpetual calendar display and timing function.

   Early in the early days of scuba diving, IWC launched the Ocean Timepiece, the first in 1967. This marine timepiece is water-resistant to 200 meters and equipped with a rotating inner ring for setting the diving time. IWC has thus laid the foundation for the performance of diver’s watches, providing an underwater and land adventure. A reliable companion. At the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Ocean Timepiece, IWC created the first watch with a Ceratanium case. ‘Thanks to the use of titanium and ceramic materials, we achieved a pioneering position in watchmaking in the 1980s. Today, Ceratanium has once again verified our expertise in the application of materials.’ Schaffhausen IWC Executive President Christoph Grainger-Herr said.

   The special edition of IWC Marine Timepiece Perpetual Calendar Digital Date Month Watch ’50th Anniversary of Marine Timepiece’ (model: IW379403) is limited to 50 pieces. The most significant feature is the new Ceratanium case. IWC’s material experts worked hard for more than five years to finally create this unique material based on titanium alloy. Ceratanium is light in weight, not as easy to break as titanium, and at the same time has ceramic hard and frictional properties. Another major advantage is its skin-friendly and high corrosion resistance. Through a special manufacturing process, this metallic material has a black ceramic surface and a black dial, which is uniquely attractive. Not only that, some parts of the 89802-made homemade movement, such as the self-winding oscillating weight, have also been blackened. The watch is equipped with a digital perpetual calendar display function, which displays large Arabic numeral dates and months in the style of a digital watch, and can automatically recognize different lengths of months and peace and leap years. The chronograph with flyback function displays the time in combination on the chronograph dial at 12 o’clock.

   Like all marine timepiece models, this 10 bar water-resistant timepiece is equipped with an inner and outer rotating bezel for setting the diving time. The IWC SafeDive system ensures that the rotating inner ring can only be set when the rotating outer ring is turned counterclockwise. Therefore, even if the rotating outer ring is inadvertently adjusted, the diver can be safely returned within the zeroing time (that is, the time required for the diver to safely rise to the surface without decompression). It is also worth mentioning that the quick-change system of the bracelet can easily replace the black rubber strap of this watch.