Month: January 2012

There Is A Picture And The Truth Depp Loves ‘female Watch’ In ‘experienced Hacker’?

51-year-old Hollywood male god Johnny Depp has set off a Depp fever in China with ‘Experienced Hacker’. It is well known that almost 97% of Europeans and Americans wear watches habit? Which watch is so popular with Depp? There are pictures and the truth!

Recently, ‘Pirate Captain’ Johnny Depp came to Beijing for the first time with his sci-fi blockbuster ‘Experienced Hacker’ and started his ‘Chinese Dream Trip’. The original three-hour working time was due to Depp’s Kindness was delayed a lot. At the event, let him show Chinese and show Chinese, let him show off his tattoos, and undress, and thoughtfully implemented the ‘women who give a hug’ principle. Female CEOs, female hosts, female translators, and female journalists hugged all the way … … The women who have been cuddled have been in the circle of friends: ‘I have been hugged by Depp! You black me!’

Do n’t think that Depp is just deeply infatuated in China, and fans in the United States are just as crazy obsessed with him. You can see it in the latest ellen show. When the audience heard that the guest in this issue was Depp The audience was boiling, and even the doctor in charge of fainting the fans heard that Depp was about to come to the studio and passed out.

 ellen show

As a sportsman and personality representative Depu’s dress has been emulated by many men, the uncontrollable prodigal breath does not know how many women will be fascinated. However, the women who like Depp are blessed. Congratulations, you and Depp hit the watch. The love watch of the male god is not a million-level luxury watch, but a Cartier blue balloon that is loved by thousands of women in China. Yes, you’re right, it’s a blue balloon, but it’s a blue balloon for men-it’s generally mistaken for a female model in the Chinese market.

Cartier Blue Balloon Series

中国 In China, everyone who starts to buy entry-level watches knows Cartier Blue Balloons, what is it about? The blue balloon is one of the collections of Cartier watches. It has many materials and the relative price is very wide. The price is increasing every year. The blue balloon is currently the cheapest RMB30200.00 and the most expensive RMB1970000.00.

Cartier blue balloon series watch, inspired by human’s first flying machine-Montegofil blue hot air balloon. In Versailles, France, in 1783, a blue hot air balloon embroidered with a gold pattern rose slowly under the exclamation of King Louis XVI and everyone, and flew for eight minutes. This was the famous ‘Montegoir Hot Air Balloon’ invented by the Montgolfier brothers who were engaged in the paper industry in Lyon, France.

The name symbolizes timeless innovation and contains deep French culture, and these are the essence of Cartier’s latest watch, the blue balloon. Roman numerals, checkered dial, sword-shaped hands, 18K gold strap … At first glance, the blue balloon with many Cartier logos seems more traditional, but if you take a closer look, there is a lot of breakthroughs—a large convex circle that breaks the tradition Sapphire, forming a distinctive crown, is reminiscent of the blue balloon that made history; and the precious metal bow on the outer edge is like the metal dome protecting the mysterious sapphire satellite. Under the wonderful optical effect, the numbers in the arched sapphire crystal are magnified, and the time also shows the interest of deformation; the unique shape of the crown makes the Roman numerals on the round surface deviate from the regular track, so that the ’round’ It is ’round’, and seems to break free from the restraint of gravity, free and agile; the streamlined three-dimensional case, the front and back are rounded arcs, when worn as if floating between the wrists … between classical and futuristic From the perspective of the design style, from afar, this newly born pearl of the Cartier watch family is like a rising star that illuminates the world of time.


Limited Watches Make Watches More Expensive

The watches of the top brands can be said to be treasures of the world, reflecting the determination of mankind to pursue perfection in the microcosm. Manufacturers who can produce them always want to do the best. Once upon a time, a number of ‘sky pride’-limited edition watches emerged from the counters of specialty stores.

 Limited editions generally have a more expensive lineage than conventional styles; they generally contain higher investment value; you need courage and fast response to hunt them, or their attention will immediately evaporate from the world if you don’t pay attention, making you regret it. . Why do big names launch limited edition watches? This is a very interesting question. I briefly summarized and answered this question from four aspects: 1. Promote market development. Limitation means more rarity, suggesting that potential watch buyers of this brand have a certain collection value, thereby improving sales. Market segmentation to meet the needs of different groups of people. 2. Cultivate brand culture. The culture of each brand needs to be reflected in museum and auction transaction records. If you look at the brands that have already established themselves in these two fields, you can see how powerful the limited edition watch is in the meantime. Museums and auctions have almost become the stage for limited edition watches. 3. Increase playfulness and investment. This is for buyers. When you buy a watch that compares with other people’s watches, the more personality you have, the more valuable this watch is. The limited edition just meets this need. 4. Complex or special processes take time and effort. It’s true that top brands rarely launch limited editions on simple function or simple craft watch series. This is not to say that it is not so easy to make money, but that complex and high-end models take time and effort in the production process, and it is difficult to get up. The limited production in the production adds a sense of value, just like the icing on the cake.

 Knowing the special significance of limited editions, I will summarize some of the more famous limited edition watches in history, such as limited edition watches launched for a famous person, such as the ‘Mao Zedong’ launched by Jaeger-LeCoultre in 2004. There are only eight enamel painting limit tables produced worldwide, and all of them are sold. In addition, there are limited edition watches launched for a major event, such as Girard-Perregaux (Girard Perregaux) in the more than ten years of Ferrari’s OEM cooperation, has repeatedly launched the annual championship for the Ferrari F1 team limited edition watch.

 Another example is a limited edition watch launched for a certain anniversary, like Movado (Movado) launched on the 125th anniversary of the establishment of only 125 rose gold high-end limited edition watch models. In addition to the three mainstream limited-edition watch types mentioned above, the limited form is even more diverse.

 Individually numbered limited edition watches are the most common form of limitation, that is, the total production has been set when a certain watch is launched. Each one produced is a fraction of the total sequence. There are several problems with collecting such limited edition watches. On the one hand, unlucky numbers are usually not required, such as: 13, 14 and so on, and good numbers, such as 08, 18, 168, 888 do not mean that the future used price will rise accordingly. The rule of the game for collecting independent numbered limited-edition watch irons is that the smaller number is better, and it is the best to collect the No. 1 watch. Second-hand value must also be the best. However, the brands are now savvy. The No. 1 watch is often used as a treasure of the factory and is not sold. In addition to the most common independent numbered limits, there are forms such as limits that control annual production or limits that control total output. That is, each watch does not have an independent number, but the output of this style must not be large. One or two or dozens of them may be made in a year, or no matter how long it is made, this watch will be discontinued when it is in full swing. There are countless examples of this kind of limit tables, they effectively avoid the problem of ‘taboo numbers’, and the market popularity is comparable to numbered limit tables.

 For example: Patek Philippe’s 50.39 million calendars, although not individually numbered, can be produced in a total of 1,000 in the ten years of production. The auction price is even several times the price of the first batch of watches when they were launched, becoming clocks The best investment in the market. There is also a segmented chronograph launched by Rolex in the 1940s. There is no independent number, but only 12 were produced, which has become a top-level collection of today.

 I wrote an article called ‘The Destruction of Myths’ in the first two months. I believe many people have read it. I think the essence of that article is to tell you that not all limited editions have a collection meaning. Below I will tell you what is a meaningful limit table. Over the years, brands have seen the many benefits of limited edition watches and are planning their own limited watch projects. When today’s limited edition watches are even overwhelming, what is a meaningful limited watch? What kind of limited watch is worth buying? First, the total number of limits is linked to the brand’s total production. For premium product brands like Omega, a limited edition watch is very rare within 1,000; if a brand with an annual constant of less than 3,000 launches a limited edition watch of 1,000, it becomes meaningless . It is very necessary to understand the annual output of some important brands as a watch player. For data, please refer to some authoritative watch yearbooks in Europe. Secondly, the meaning of the limited edition combination must stand up to scrutiny. If the limited edition is only for the occasion, things will soon be forgotten by people. Such a watch is not worth buying. Third, the limited edition is best combined with rare craftsmanship and complex functions. Such a watch will be tried and tested and the value growth space will be amazing. Knowing the above-mentioned common knowledge about limited watches, even if you only choose a limited edition Swatch, you will definitely be able to feel the great fun brought by limited edition watches. (Text \\ Figure Watch House Mao Zhuang)


Introverted Also Has A Range Of Three Men’s Watches Recommended

Although the watch is only worn, but the different design styles make the watch with a different style temperament. There is a type of watch that is not exposed to the edge, but it is low-key and stylish; although it does not show its personality, it is also restrained and has a range of children. Today’s Watch House recommends three low-key, restrained men’s watches.
Movado Red 0636485

Model: 0606485
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 42 mm
Watch price: ¥ 16900
Watch details:
Model: T924.410.76.031.00
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18k gold
Strap Material: Belt
Case diameter: 40 mm
Watch price: ¥ 17400
Watch details:
Model: M010.408.46.033.29
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel / 18k rose gold
Strap material: leather
Case diameter: 39 mm
Watch price: ¥ 15800
Watch details: mido / 29492 /
Watch review: This Mido round case is made of stainless steel, the bezel is plated with rose gold, and it is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement that can provide a 40-hour power reserve. The watch’s silver-gray dial features rose gold hands with Roman numerals on the outer edge, and the date is displayed at three o’clock. The watch is paired with a black leather strap and is water resistant to 50 meters. The case is simple and retro, low-key and restrained, elegant and charming.
In summary: these three watches are simple in style, elegant and low-key, restrained but not revealing. The three watches are very suitable for elegant men’s wear, not only can bring great convenience to one’s life, but also can decorate the wrist, set off temperament, and show the connotation. The simple design of the watch allows the wearer to lift the wrist and read the time, and the elegant style makes the wearer more manly.