For 33 years, Swatch has worked closely with many well-known contemporary artists to create unparalleled wrist art. This year, Swatch’s artist’s special watch adds new works. Swatch worked with British abstract artist Ian Davenport to create an art watch called ‘WIDE ACRES OF TIME’. Davenport is famous for his vibrant abstract paintings. His works explore the nature of painting by dumping and using the natural state of paint.

   In the 2017 Venice International Art Biennale, Davenport created a special art installation ‘Giardini Colourfall’ for Swatch. The new Swatch Artist Special Edition watches provide this artist or the smallest canvas in the world-this watch is limited to 1,966 pieces, each with a unique number.

   The countless colored lines in ‘WIDE ACRES OF TIME’ form colored swirls in the center of the watch. This new artist’s special watch has a specially designed package printed with a moving poem by the artist’s brother Philip Davenport. Carlo Giordanetti, Swatch Global Creative Director, commented: ‘Wide Acres of Time’ watches will surely conquer watch collectors and friends who love Swatch. This watch once again brings art into people’s real life, conveys the purpose of ‘Swatch loves art’, and continuously inspires and promotes the unique creative interaction between Swatch and art. ‘