Month: May 2012

Ceramic Watches Record Time That Will Never Wear

In the years of quicksand, we always want to seize a certain eternity that will not be washed away. Watches that record time are also relentlessly seeking harder and never wear. Ceramic material is harder and harder than steel and metal. As long as you wear it, the watch has a strong outerwear that never wears.

Ceramic Watch Nova
Radar HyperChrome
In 1986, RADO used high-tech ceramics for the first time in the watchmaking industry with innovative technology, and launched a precision ceramic series watch named Integral, thus creating a new era of watchmaking revolution: ceramic watches. In 1989, the radar watch recreated the history of the watchmaking world, Ceramica overall ceramic series came out, and the world’s first full-body ceramic watch was born. As a result, high-tech ceramic watchmaking pioneered by radar was born. Radar is also known for ceramic technology, and since then, various ceramic series have been introduced.
Now, exactly half a century after the launch of the world’s first non-wearable watch, the Swiss radar watch family will usher in an epoch-making star-‘HyperChrome’ series.全新 RADO’s new HyperChrome series watches set a new benchmark in the field of high-tech ceramics, using precision injection molding technology to create an integrated high-tech ceramic case with a single structure case, which has become the main structure of the finished watch. What makes this single-structure case different is that it completely integrates the lugs and surrounding structure into a high-tech ceramic. The HyperChrome series watches have classic black or pure white styles, with a hardness of up to 1250 Vickers. The dials of this series of watches are wrapped in a variety of metallic brackets, echoing the dial details that complement each other, highlighting the time scale, chronograph ring and chronograph button design.
ChromeThe high-tech ceramic technology of the HyperChrome series embodies superb watchmaking technology: whether it is an innovative single-structure case, or elegant and smooth parts embedded on both sides of the case like brackets. The process of making the case once again reflects the exquisite craftsmanship of RADO Swiss radar watch. High-tech ceramics enhance the comfort of this watch. The non-wearing and lightweight design makes the HyperChrome series a perfect watch for any occasion.


Gucci Watch Launches 2019 New G-timeless Series Watch

Before the arrival of Baselworld 2019, GUCCI watches launched a new G-Timeless 38 mm automatic watch, decorated with soft tones, unisex Neutral. The new watch is available in 18K yellow gold and stainless steel.

   At the same time, the G-Timeless 40mm automatic watch will usher in new colors. The dial has been redesigned with small seconds and guilloche accents. The numbers on the plate also give way to iconic motifs from brands such as bees or felines.

   The new watches are equipped with a sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating and are water-resistant to 50 meters. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)