The history of the watch making industry has been hundreds of years, and today, the performance of watches has become more stable and the functions have become more complex. In the meantime, various processes have their ups and downs. Moon phases and Carloso are typical examples. After a long period of decline, they have been able to make a comeback. Today, the two processes have appeared on the same watch together. Blancpain Villeret The classic Carrousel Moon Phase watch, and after its first appearance in 2014, it won the ‘Haute Time Best Watch of the Year’ honor, which had to be amazing. Today, our watch home will take you to appreciate the ‘surprise’ of this watch. Its product model is 6622L-3631-55B.

First: the fusion of Caruso and the moon phase
    After more than 100 years of Carrousel’s functionality being sealed, Blancpain created the world’s first one-minute flying Carrousel in 2008, once again pushing this large complex function to the forefront of watchmaking. The moon phase display function is also a complicated function that was once buried. It was not until the 1980s that Blancpain was reborn after introducing the moon phase display function in response to the ‘Quartz Storm’.

Blancpain Russell Moon Phase Table 6622L-3631-55B
    At the Baselworld 2014, the debut of the Blancpain Classic Carrousel Moon Phase watch was stunning. The watch inherited the consistent gorgeous style of the Blancpain classic series, while integrating Blancpain watches. Two iconic legendary elements-Carrousel function and moon phase display function. The dial has a Carrousel window at 12 o’clock, which echoes the moon phase display window at 6 o’clock. The watch is also equipped with Blancpain’s new self-made movement 225L. This movement is stable and consists of 281 parts, of which as many as 61 parts are specially designed for the Carrousel frame carrier. Manufacturing complexity, it also has a power reserve function of up to five days.

Front and back

Caruso-down to earth nature
    When it comes to Caruso, we have to start with gravity. As we all know, an apple hit Newton and finally ‘smashed’ the gravitation. It is precisely because of the gravity, no matter how delicate and clever the design of the watch’s mechanical movement, the error always exists, and the adjustment is inevitable. . As a result, resistance to gravity and ensuring the accuracy of watch operation have become the heart of countless watchmakers. Various design methods have begun to be tried. Tourbillon and Carloso were originally ‘one tree and two trees’ in the era. ‘Flowers’, but the principle structure is very different. Carloso, a late-producer, was highly hoped by watchmaker Bahne Bonniksen, thinking that it would be cheaper and more acceptable to the world. However, his cost was comparable to or even higher than the tourbillon. The fate of being gradually eliminated by the market has been doomed since its birth.

Carrousel mechanical diagram

   A hundred years later, Blancpain gave traditional Caruso a new life, and launched the world’s first one-minute coaxial Caruso watch in an innovative way. In the same year, Blancpain’s Qiankun Caruso also “owns” the Palace Museum. With Blancpain’s continuous production of a number of watches featuring Carrousel functions, the new Carrousel has once again “snapped” the world’s attention, and this bold and novel Carrousel moonphase watch has been born. All of a sudden, ‘brightness’ blinded the eyes of the world.


   After understanding the origin and history of Caro Russell, we can easily understand the inherent value of Caro Russell: Caro Russell represents and symbolizes the indomitable spirit of research and exploration of countless watchmakers, which is also the nature of man. Where. Although the perpetual motion will never be made, the urge to make a perpetual motion will never disappear. Although Caruso cannot completely overcome the gravity, but the spirit represented by Caruso—excellence is the spiritual power of human beings.

Moon phase looking up at the starry sky
   The functions of the moon phase display have a long history, and the artistic conception of the moon phase is even more meaningful. ‘The moon is more of an emotional release and reflection to people. From the dignitaries to the ordinary people to the ordinary people, people’s preferences for the moon phases are always connected.

Moon phase

   The bright moon is even more unique to us Chinese. A precise and comprehensive watch decorated with a rising and falling bright moon is enough to represent the fluctuations of our entire inner world.

Blancpain Russell Moon Phase Table 6622L-3631-55B

In summary: Caruso means precision and the unremitting exploration and endless cultivation of human beings, while the moon phase entrusts the thoughts and belonging of the soul. If we want to borrow a classic, Premier Wen Jiabao’s ‘looking at the stars and down to earth’ is the most appropriate. Looking up at the starry sky, pondering the changes in the profit and loss of the moon phase, down-to-earth, overlooking Caruso’s ‘dedication’. A small watch, two small dials above and below, have endless deep meaning, the unique moon phase and the outstanding collision of Caruso’s skills, creating a peak era. If there is a table like this, what can a husband ask for?