Tissot & ldquo; Moon Goddess & rdquo;

 The design inspiration of the Tissot Moon Goddess series is based on the moon, with the elegant temperament of women, creating a mystic charm like a goddess. From dazzling diamonds to exquisite mother-of-pearl dials, the Moon Goddess series is an excellent interpretation of the charming charm of the moon and also reflects the elegant mood of modern women.
In the new year, the Moon Goddess series has a new look. It combines the light of the sun, draws the essence of the sun and the moon, and the gold models are listed in the golden autumn. I believe this watch will make modern and fashionable ladies at first sight, become their best friends, and let the sun and the moon shine on their wrists.
The design details of this series of watches inherit the elements of the Moon Goddess. The dial adopts a graceful full moon shape, deducting the outline of the full moon, and the round and soft design makes people suddenly full of happiness. Some models also use a mother-of-pearl dial, which resembles the faint clouds floating in the night sky. Against the background of the moonlight, it shows colorful colors, like colorful moon patterns.
耳 The lug design of this series of watches is also unique. On the outside of the two pairs of lugs, a meniscus shape is sculpted, and some models are also inlaid with top Wesselton diamonds in this shape, with a little bit of stars. Meniscus lugs seem to be ordinary, but the production process is quite difficult, because the lug parts are very small, and it is not ordinary to insert multiple diamonds on such a small substrate. This design undoubtedly adds to the preciousness of the watch.
Not only lugs, Tissot designers have also incorporated meniscus elements on both sides of the strap to echo the theme of the moon. There are meniscus grooves on both sides of the strap, and some models are also embedded with top Wesselton diamonds, which enhances the strap’s decoration and makes the watch a fashion wristband. Such a moonlight smart wrist scene, how can people not put it down!
The sun and the moon are in full bloom
金 The gold style of the moon goddess, just like its name, is like a goddess surrounded by golden sunlight and silver moonlight! When the sun is about to rise and the moon is still high, a beautiful moment with the sun and the moon in the sky will appear. The gold version of the goddess of the moon is exactly what the designer wanted to capture the deep meaning of this beautiful but short moment.
腕表 The middle part of this watch strap has gold PVD coating, which makes the soft silver strap even more noble charm. The crown is designed in a jewel-like design and also in gold. It is particularly striking against the silver case, like a bright star, meticulously carved, and the details are reflected in the fine workmanship of the watch.
The eye-catching gold is different from the elegance of silver, which makes the gold goddess of the moon more enthusiastic and noble, showing the confident and optimistic attitude of modern women. The new moon goddess is on the market. With the unique sun and moon, it will add elegance to the fashionable women wearing magnificent watches, and bloom their self-confidence and elegance.