A watch flips the calendar at midnight, making many watch collectors intoxicated. In order to satisfy people’s curiosity and nostalgia for the passage of time and the related sun, moon, and stars, the watch craftsmen condensed the movements of the moon and stars on the watch while recording the changes of time, minutes and seconds.
Perpetual calendar watches appear to people in the most eternal manner. Although no one can figure out how far it will always be, it will still look in the direction of time.
Wonderful 48 month gear
365 365 days a year, divided into 12 months, 7 of these 12 months are 31 days, 4 months are 30 days, and 1 month is 28 or 29 days. If such a complex algorithm relies on gears of various sizes to operate, calculate, and tuck into a small watch case, one can imagine the difficulty of its engineering. This is why the number of perpetual calendar watches is so scarce, but the price is always high.
The perpetual calendar movement can be divided into two parts. One part is responsible for the general timekeeping work of hours, minutes and seconds, and the other part is like a set of astronomical self-propelled mode. It operates with a miniature satellite gear system, and the entire system rotates for one week It takes four years. This core component is called the ’48 month gear’. The ’48 month gear’, as the name suggests, is engraved with detailed data for 48 months, and the calendar component is to read the data of the 48 month gear graduated slot to correct the calendar display.
The structure of the 48-month gear is very interesting. There are scale grooves with different depths on the side of the gear. Some grooves are deep, and some have only scales without data slots. Each data scale records the calendar display rules. The calendar is based on the rotation of the data slot of the 48-month gear by the joystick to accurately and automatically display the current month and day. Due to the designer’s ingenuity, modern perpetual calendar watches have more complete data records and functions for the 48-month gears, making it necessary to adjust the perpetual calendar only once after 400 years. This is a great improvement in structure, but the basic principle It is also set according to the basic 48-month gear.
IWC Perpetual Calendar 2010 Limited Edition
The Portuguese Perpetual Calendar 2010 Limited Edition has a 51613 calibre produced by IWC. Its Bilerton winding device is enough to make the watch have a power reserve of seven days, combined with various precision displays of superb annual calendar: date, week, four digits Year, moon phase profit and loss, etc. The price is 268,000 yuan.
Piaget Automatic Perpetual Calendar Watch
In 2008, Piaget newly developed and designed the latest complex craft movement, which is mounted on the Emperador Coussin Perpetual Calendar watch, which strongly shows Piaget’s superb craftsmanship in the field of creating ultra-thin movements. With the function of time, month leap year, day of the week, and date of the two places. The price is 679,400 yuan.
Master Jaeger-LeCoultre Perpetual Calendar 8 Days Power Reserve Master Watch
Jaeger-LeCoultre pioneered the world’s first eight-day perpetual calendar with a power reserve and an exclusive fully skeletonized movement. Its uniqueness lies in its complex and diverse function display, which includes time, minute display, perpetual calendar (date, week, month and year), moon phase, day and night indicator, and power reserve display. The price is 1010,000 yuan.
Kunlun Romvlvs Perpetual Calendar Watch
This perpetual calendar watch does not require any adjustment until 2100. This ultra-complex perpetual calendar displays the date using a set of gear rotations and cams to take into account the difference between 30 and 31 days, and handles variable-length February according to the leap year cycle. The CO-183 movement is slim and elegant, and it is one of the thinnest movements in the world to provide this complex function. The price is 668,000 HKD.