If you want to ask the next trend of jewelry watches, there are a few glimpses of snowflake-inlaid jewelry watches at the two major watch exhibitions this year. Even if they are used in brilliance, they are described by the United States as a bit Exaggerated. Why is this romantic watch so fascinating at first sight? In a sense, the ability to achieve snowflake inlays proves the strength of the brand’s jewelry inlays to a certain extent.
Alain Kirchhof’s original snowflake mosaic method
The snowflake mosaic method is considered to be the original creation of the mosaic master Alain Kirchhof, born from the master and Jaeger-LeCoultre brand and cooperation. The snowflake inlay method will cut the VVS1 diamonds ranging from 0.5 to 1.6mm first, and then spread them evenly on the case to present it in a smooth and natural arrangement. It is as natural as snow-covered, and the touch is very soft. And smooth. Before performing the unprecedented snowflake setting method, the setting master first selects the most suitable diamond from the best rough diamonds, and then cuts and polishes it to the required diameter. The thickness is about the same as the thickness of the case. It is not difficult to imagine its difficulties. Then, the master relied on the sophisticated skills to lay VVS1 diamonds on the case one by one. The complicated and strict jewelry setting method always tested the masters’ skills. When completed, the diamonds are as beautiful as snowflakes embracing the watch.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Neva Snow Mosaic Watch
One of the masterpieces of Alain Kirchhof’s masterpiece, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Neva watch uses snowflake mosaic technology to outline a river embellished with diamonds in the St. Petersburg Neva River. It is set with more than 640 full-cut, size from 0.5 to 1.6mm (over 2.5 carats total weight ) Diamonds, it is able to make a dazzling streamer that surrounds the case and buckle. The meticulous process of carefully finishing the fine diamonds that have been polished and covered with metal surfaces is actually time-consuming. Each design will present a unique masterpiece due to the different manual skills of each inlayer.
New beautiful snowflake inlaid watch
The Patek Philippe 7099R ladies’ watch, which was unveiled at Baselworld this year, and the enamel watch that Chanel and Ms. Anita collaborated on, all use the snowflake setting method, but unfortunately, Chanel’s rare set of 4 limited edition enamel wrist The watch can only meet fans in September, but this also leaves us more suspense.
Patek Philippe 7099R Women’s Watch
With elegantly curved barrel-shaped rosette case
Patek Philippe 7099R Women’s Watch
独一无二 This unique and extremely elegant watch is the latest model from the Gondolo ‘Haute Joaillerie’ haute jewellery collection. It is accompanied by an elegantly curved barrel-shaped rosette case, paved with non-directional inlaid diamonds, and the precious hand-carved dial also set with diamonds. Ref.7099 is equipped with an exquisite hand-wound rectangular movement.
Hermès snowflake inlaid jewelry watch
Hermes took out many masterpieces at this year’s Basel watch exhibition in one breath. Whether it is enamel or hollow, they are outstanding and show their superb watchmaking strength. One of them was a jewellery watch with snowflakes, which also shocked the four. The entire dial, barrel-shaped case, and signature ‘anchor chain’ lugs are pavé-set with diamonds, as beautiful as ice crystals.
Omega Ladymatic Watch
On the market, there are not many mechanical watches specially designed for women from the shell to the movement. Ladymatic is one of them, which coincides with the personal pursuit of contemporary women both inside and outside.
Omega 8521 self-winding movement, rose gold case, 34 mm diameter, ‘snow-set’ diamond bezel, polished screw-in crown set with ‘bright omega-cut’ diamonds, white mother-of-pearl dial with sun print, Luminous rose gold hands, diamond inlaid hour markers, date display window at 3 o’clock, rose gold strap, folding buckle, water-resistant to 100 meters.
Reference price: 313,100 yuan
1300 diamonds and 1755 sapphires
Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Squadra Art Ice
Dazzling diamonds and sapphires, the new Reverso Squadra Art Ice jewellery watch adopts Jaeger-LeCoultre’s innovative setting technique-snowflake setting method, which sparkles mysterious beauty. The flip case of this jewellery watch reflects the distinctive features of this famous series. At the same time, this watch is also unique in its own style: a masterpiece of art created with 1,300 diamonds and 1,755 sapphires, which reflects the modern design style through various graphics and light and shadow effects, giving the watch a luxurious and refined character.

Reference price: 3,000,000 yuan


The value of snowflake mosaic:

1: Manual value:

Today, with the popularity of batch mechanized production technology, pure manual work is especially valuable. Because of the randomness and uncertainty of snowflake inlays, not all craftsmen are competent, so the finished product is valuable.

2: Artistic value:

美 Diamonds of all sizes are set flat on metal. Under the sun’s rays, diamonds shine like snowflakes in the sun.

的 The disadvantages of snowflake mosaic:

1: The working cycle is too long:

Snowflake inlay requires meticulous layout and pure manual operation. It is a difficult jewelry inlaying process, so the production cycle is quite long. It can be said that snowflake mosaic itself belongs to the category of advanced customization.

2: Low diamond unit price:

Take Jaeger-LeCoultre’s snowflake mosaic table as an example. Diamonds ranging in size from 0.5 to 1.6 mm will be selected. Therefore, compared with dense mosaic, there are relatively more small-sized diamonds in the same area. However, craftsmanship alone is enough to earn back fares.

区别 The difference between snowflake mosaic and pavé

Common points:

1: Many round diamonds are used, and each diamond is independently set on the metal and arranged on a flat surface with each other.

2: None of them are concealed inlays. There is a metal separation between each diamond.


1: Single diamonds have different sizes. Pavement is an orderly setting of diamonds of the same diameter, and snowflake setting is a random setting of diamonds of different sizes. However, both can eventually form a flat surface.

2: Relatively regular pavé, which can be mass-produced through calculation. Snowflake mosaics, due to the irregular size of diamonds, mostly require the careful thinking, design and inlaying of individual jewellers in the process.