In 1931, due to customer needs, Jaeger-LeCoultre designed a watch that could protect the front of the watch in polo sports. Through clever flip design, the wrist could The back of the watch is turned over. If you want to see the time, turn it over and the time appears again.

   After such innovation, the watchmaking team no longer has to worry about whether to use a more solid mirror material or to put another shell in the inconvenient way. Since then, the Reverso series has gradually gained popularity in the European market. At that time, decorative art was popular in Europe. Because of its sufficient space on the back for artistic creation, Reverso became a very interesting timepiece on the wrist. In 2017, Reverso added a new work, using a precious metal case, flipped between, two dials, two functions.

   The Reverso Tribute double time zone watch this time chooses rose gold case, the overall design follows Reverso’s streamlined style. The Duo dual time zone concept separates two times, one on the front of the watch and one on the back of the watch, so each time can be clear and concise, and the unique feature of Jaeger-LeCoultre is that two dials use one Movements.

   Reverso is a very ingenious series of square watches. It has a Reverso with two dials, which is more cost-effective. Buying one has the effect of two watches. When you attend different occasions, just flip it and become another one. Paragraph table. The clean lines of this watch show the design features of the Art Deco period of 1931, reflecting this important historical origin.

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