The white snowflakes danced in the bustling city. In this plain-wrapped silver outfit, Cartier quietly arrived with the best selection, and offered a sincere gift for the winter. Classic timeless watches, glittering jewellery, and colorful accessories are all full of sincerity. Cartier uses this to compose a melodious and beautiful Christmas carol, remembering a relaxing and warm time.
Wrist inch, classic and timeless
The spirit of Never Stop has created the ultimate elegance of Cartier Tank watches for more than a century, and its low-key and novel taste has always attracted the attention of gentlemen and ladies. Time flows quietly across the square of the wrist, and emotions bloom in the timeless scales. Cartier Tank series watches remember the good times of life in a quiet and elegant manner.
全新 This year’s new Cartier Tank MC series watch reinterprets Tank’s famous rectangular shape with grandeur. The classic minute track and the Roman numerals and time scales inherit the classics. The calendar and the small seconds hand enrich the functions of the watch and make the time pass by. Cartier’s first workshop-made movement, equipped with the 1904 MC self-winding mechanical movement, not only satisfies mature men’s pursuit of excellence, but also brings unprecedented confidence and courage to urban life that must be counted every second.
Compared to the simple and masculine shape, the design of the hollow dial with palladium case and crocodile leather strap declares the uniqueness of contemporary yas. The hollowed out dial is like a half-closed window, which makes people explore the mystery of time passing, giving the wearer the freedom and time of walking.

Since its inception, Tank Anglaise watch has captured the hearts of countless ladies and ladies with its integrated and simple shape. In the new design launched this year, the bright light lotus red ignites the fiery passion of winter, the gorgeous diamonds inlaid on the iconic vertical lugs, and it also shines the pretty shape of young women, bringing a touch of vitality to the winter.
The feminine feminine charm is vividly shown in another Tank Américaine watch. The strap of the snake-shaped chain design reveals the mysterious charm with sexy curves, and the satin-like curvature of the wrist shows the perfect ergonomics, while maintaining the noble elegance. The pavé-set diamonds make elegant watches the most beautiful jewelry, and the focus of Christmas Eve emerges.

Hua Cai jewelry, magnificent
The glittering jewels splendid the modern city, and the brilliance of gemstones engraved the feelings of friendship. Cartier carefully selects magnificent jewelry, transforms the true emotions of the world through extraordinary creativity and superb craftsmanship, and conveys affection and affection for sweet lovers and friends.
The emerald eyes are deep and wild, and the elegant posture is charming and passionate. As a legendary symbol of personality, the Cartier Cheetah series is undoubtedly the best choice for women to reward themselves. Whether in a city street full of buildings or a carnival party in clothing and clothing, this diamond-encrusted elf can show grace and grace, showing the extraordinary charm of the wearer’s pursuit of independence, yearning for freedom, and persistence in self.

三 The three rings symbolizing family, friendship and love are intertwined. Cartier Trinity tri-color gold series outlines a complete sweet picture for us. Whether it is for family, friends, or lovers, giving such a gift at Christmas is like the warmth of winter. While continuing the rich emotions, the embellishment of beautiful diamonds makes the true expression of Trinity’s three-color gold jewelry more beautiful. The calmness and tranquility of white gold, the dazzling heat of yellow gold, and the strong affection of rose gold, Cartier Trinity tri-color gold series wrote their unchanging vows with sincerity on a cold winter night.

The joyous song of Christmas, the colorful fireworks blooming, and the rising champagne bubbles are all exciting. Why not continue this joy? The new Cartier Paris new wave jewellery series, with a gorgeous decoration style, illuminates the deep winter night sky with golden light. This cocktail ring is set on the top of golden young beads, set with diamonds and pink sapphires. The bright colors and dancing stars seem to work in the same way, contrasting with the bright Christmas lights.
Christmas is also a rare opportunity to create romantic surprises. Why not use a touch of stars to mark the future? Cartier Destinée engagement diamond ring turns all dreams into reality and achieves a beautiful love period. The dangles of the dangled flowers display the exquisite paving process, and the brilliant diamonds of different sizes, which are finely cut and illuminate, ignite the fire like a reflective mirror. The four-claw inlaid structure makes the diamond even more dazzling, and the exposed bottom surface reflects the light captured in it.

Wonderful accessories
Details determine success or failure, even simplicity must be outstanding. Whether it’s a gentleman or a lady, a perfect Christmas Eve is indispensable for the finishing touch.
Fragrance is like an unspeakable magic spell, and Christmas Eve is always filled with a pleasant aroma. The exquisite and elegant Cartier kisses the fragrance of ladies. Its condensed fragrance has a long history and brings an extraordinary and exquisite fragrance experience to women who pursue quality. In Italian, Marcello means a mature, gentle, caring man who will stay with you for a lifetime. The new Cartier Marcello mini shoulder bag retains the classic hollow fan-shaped corners and metal stud buckles, and releases a fresh and natural college temperament with simpler lines, adding a bright color to the fashionable winter of Christmas for women.

Exquisite accessories not only add color to the Christmas season, but also an indispensable item for a leisurely holiday. Cartier’s gold-finished square lighter, with its exquisite and nostalgic shape, has won the beloved of tasters, and has become the best weapon to show style and taste in raising hands. Cartier’s 2013 limited edition sunglasses, embodies the wisdom and inspiration of top designers. Its pilot sunglasses style pays tribute to Cartier’s classic legend. It exudes a contemporary atmosphere with a magnificent decoration style. The combination of metal and leather materials highlights the quality while creating outstanding outfits.