Month: August 2014

The First Private Exhibition Of The Shanghai International Play Watch Festival Opened In Shanghai —- Bringing Together Traditional And Modern Watches To Show The New Attitude Of Chinese Millennial New Generation Play Watches –

On December 08, 2018, the Shanghai International Watch Watch Festival, which was organized by domestic private collectors, was grandly opened on the 5th floor of the Shanghai History Museum. This is the first large-scale public watch exhibition organized by domestic watch enthusiasts and collectors. The content of the exhibition is mainly private collections. At the same time, it has won Lange A. Lange & Söhne, GREUBELFORSEY, URWERK, HYT, H .Moser, CHRISTOPHECLARET, DE‬BETHUNE, ULYSSENARDIN and other brands have strongly supported the joint exhibition and presented nearly a hundred watches. At the same time, Phillips auction house provided watch auction lectures, and the country’s top handmade custom suit THEFICUS , Customized shoes Graziat, Granger Whiskey, Dongchang Motors Infinity, Manner Coffee, and Cigars, etc. provide rich lifestyle presentations, and REVOLUTION Magazine is responsible for domestic media promotion, combined with a full range of rich elements to show It shows the enthusiasm of Chinese new generation watch enthusiasts for watch collection and the view of pursuing exquisite quality of life.

Four co-sponsors of Shanghai International Watch Festival (from left to right):
Mr. Chen Zhongxian, Mr. Sa Kaiwen, Mr. Cen Xueyan and Mr. Zhang Yuan

This exhibition breaks away from the previous models of various watch exhibitions, presents the new thinking of millennials about watch collection through the on-site innovative way of exhibition, and enhances the interaction between visitors and the exhibition. The traditional concept of the brand blends with modern trends, culture, social media, and other elements, reflecting how watch culture has been transformed into modern times in the minds of watch lovers after more than two centuries of transformation. Presentation of life.

布置 The exhibition layout first led the visitors to the magnificent world of Lange’s traditional precision watchmaking with the promenade created by the main partner of the Shanghai International Watchmaking Festival and the German precision watch brand Lange A. Lange & Söhne. On the elegant space wall, the main visual focus is Lange’s classic Lange 1 timepiece, a precise and detailed Lange watch movement, and a hand-carved balance wheel plywood with the brand’s signature craftsmanship. Pursuing the rationality of precision fine watchmaking and the sensibility for delicate aesthetic requirements, the two are perfectly integrated. In addition, Lange takes traditional watchmaking as its foundation and keeps pace with the times. It is the core value of the pursuit of never-ending ceaselessness in the field of watchmaking, and it is an excellent embodiment of the brand spirit ‘NeverStandStill never stops’. Lange’s timepieces have always been loved by collectors for their outstanding movement performance, elegant aesthetic design and exquisite movement polishing decoration. In this exhibition, the brand also provides representative works of all five series of its, Classic masterpieces such as the popular Lange1 watch, Zetwerk watch, DatographUp / Down chronograph, RichardLange sesame chain, etc. will be exhibited, providing visitors with an excellent opportunity to glimpse the advanced watchmaking technology in Germany.

The main partners Lange’s live exhibition space and Ms. Zhao Hailun, the watch director of Lange China, introduced Lange’s watchmaking technology

In other areas, the exhibition space shows the connection between the watch and the wearer of the new generation in a lively, energetic and avant-garde way. The watch is no longer a serious and unattainable ‘artwork’ for the new generation of watch players, but how to integrate it into personal life and taste, and wear one of the logo accessories of its own style. So in this space, you can see a watch dial composed of 12 custom shoes; Marvel Infinity Gloves, which has become an important entertainment and cultural representative, have also become a way to display watches; and there are thousands of watches on hand collaged photos The Shanghai landmark mosaic video works and other display methods. In addition, social media has become an indispensable part of the life of the new generation, and the site has also used this element as one of the focus of the scene. The #tag brings out the hot topics of watches on social media today, and at the same time, The method of humorous play reflects the inextricable ‘love and hatred’ between watch lovers and watches.

At the same time, this exhibition also invites many international heavyweight watchmakers, brand founders and representatives, auction house guests and other guests to participate in the event, and communicate with watch lovers on the scene to share their stories and experiences behind them. At the same time, several exchange seminars were held to allow guests to explore the topic of watches in an interactive way. This is the first time that a large lineup of watchmaking masters and elites have gathered together in China. Among them, Mr. Thomas Perazzi, director of the watch department of the Phillips auction house in Asia, held a lecture on the theme of watch auctions, providing professional advice to guests on how to find their favorite timepieces in the auction market.

Mr. Thomas Perazzi, Director of Watch & Clock Department, Asia, Phillips Auction

Special host Mr. Ariel Adams, founder of Ablogtowatch (left)
Group photo with Mr. Cen Xueyan (right), co-sponsor of Shanghai International Watch Festival

The most watched, bold and avant-garde Avengers Infinity Gloves watch on site

In addition to watches, related special displays such as hand-made custom suits, hand-dyed custom-made shoes, coffee, whiskey tasting, etc. were arranged at the same time, and related interactive links were arranged to allow participating guests to experience the details and culture behind the exquisite life of men . In addition, LadyM, a well-known dessert brand from New York, provided delicious pastries, and Weiyang Huafang decorated the scene with French natural-style floral art, adding a soft and fresh atmosphere to the exhibition site.

The purpose of the Shanghai International Watch Festival is to take watch appreciation and information exchange as the starting point, and hope to share the culture, craftsmanship and enthusiasm behind the watch with Chinese watch lovers, and extend it to the pursuit of exquisite quality of life and culture. Through this activity, I look forward to bringing more like-minded friends in the country to share each other’s hobbies and enthusiasm for watches and life.

活动 The success of this event, we would like to especially thank the following watch brands for their support and participation:

Lange A. Lange & Söhne, Phillips Auction House, Greubel Forsey, Christophe Claret, De Bethune, H. Moser, HYT, Jorg Hysek, Manufacture Royale, Thomas Prescher, Vincent Calabrese, Vianney Halter, Ulsese Nardin, Urwerk. ‬‬‬‬‬‬


The Stars Shine On The Red Carpet In Cannes Chopard Jewelry Is Dazzling

Local time in Cannes, France on May 11, 2016, Julianne Moore, VICTORIA BECKHAM, CAROLINE SCHEUFELE, Zhao Tao (ZHAO TAO), Kirsten Dunst, ARAYA HARGATE, BIANCA BALTI, FRÉDÉRIQUE BEL Chopard wears Chopard at the opening ceremony of the 69th Cannes International Film Festival and the premiere of Woody Allen’s ‘Coffee Commune’.

   American actress Julianne Moore wears Chopard Green Carpet earrings, ‘Fair Gold’ in 18k white gold with two 10-carat and 11-carat pear-shaped emeralds, and a Green Carpet series marquise diamond ring, ‘Fair ‘Gold’ 18k white gold set with 10.3 carat pillow emerald and marquise diamonds. All emeralds come from Gemfields, Zambia, all diamonds come from RJC

   Fashion designer Victoria Beckham wears two 18k white gold diamond bracelets from Chopard haute jewellery collection and an 18k white gold inlaid 8.88 carat pillow diamond ring

   Choaprd co-president Caroline Scheufele and Victoria Beckham attend the opening red carpet

   Chinese actress Zhao Tao, wearing an 18k rose gold inlaid with 131.5 carat ruby ​​and 31.34 carat diamond necklace and a pair of 18k rose gold inlaid with 24.97 carat ruby ​​and 2.84 carat diamond earrings and an 18k rose gold inlaid 20.09 Carat Ruby Bracelet

   American actress Kirsten Dunst, a jury member of the 69th Cannes International Film Festival, wears a pair of 18k white gold with 20.24 carat diamond earrings, one platinum with 9.12 carat diamond bracelet, and another 18k White Gold Bracelet with 18.27 Carats. All from Chopard Fine Jewellery Collection

   Thai actress Araya Hargate wears a Chopard Red Carpet 18k white gold set with 76.5 carat conk beads and 90.76 carat diamond necklaces, and a high jewelry series pair of 18k white gold set with bright-cut diamond earrings and one High Jewelry Ring in 18k White Gold with 5.21 Carats

   Italian supermodel Bianca Balti wears a pair of 18k white gold inlaid sapphire and diamond earrings, an 18k white gold inlaid sapphire and diamond bracelet from the Chopard Fine Jewelry Collection

   French actress Frédérique Bel wears a pair of 18k white gold inlaid diamond and ruby ​​earrings, a ruby ​​and diamond bracelet from the Chopard Fine Jewelry Collection