[July 14, 2014, Lelock News] At the foot of the legendary Swiss landmark Matterhorn, Swiss famous watch brand Tissot unveiled to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the first summit of Matterhorn The specially designed countdown clock officially started the one-year countdown commemorative event. Representatives of Zermatt Town, Mr. Andreas Binder, Tissot Swiss Market Manager Ms. Laurence Wolfrath, Zermatt Town Mayor Christoph Bürgin, and Town Tourism Director Daniel Luggen attended the countdown kick-off ceremony. As a witness of great history, Tissot, which has been making breakthroughs and innovations for more than 160 years, has demonstrated to the world its profound historical heritage and innovative spirit of climbing the peak. The Matterhorn, at 4,478 meters above sea level, is the most beautiful peak in the Alps and a symbol of pride in Switzerland.

Unveiling of the 150th anniversary of Tissot Matterhorn’s first summit

   From left to right: Mr. Andreas Binder, Zermatt Town Representative, Ms. Laurence Wolfrath, Tissot Swiss Marketing Manager, Mr. Christoph Bürgin, Mayor of Zermatt, and Daniel Luggen, Director of Tourism

  On the day of the event, Mr. Andreas Binder, the representative of Zermatt, Ms. Laurence Wolfrath, Tissot’s Swiss market manager, Mr. Christoph Bürgin, the mayor of Zermatt, and Mr. Daniel Luggen, the town’s tourism director, attended the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot in honor of Matt. The 150th anniversary of Hong Feng’s first summit. As one of a series of commemorative activities for the 150th anniversary of the summit of Matterhorn, this unveiling has attracted much attention. A four-meter-high countdown clock specially designed by Tissot was placed in the center of the Swiss town of Zermatt, which was the home of the base camp on the Matterhorn peak for the first time on July 14, 1865.

   The Tissot countdown clock is pyramid-shaped, with a base width of 4.5 meters and a height of 3.81 meters, evoking memories of the history of Swiss mountaineering and the warriors who have challenged Matterhorn for the past 150 years. From July 14th, the Tissot countdown clock will greet visitors and climbers at Bahnhof Square, showing that there are a few days and minutes before this historical celebration.

Countdown clock to the 150th anniversary of the first summit of Tissot Matterhorn

   Adhering to the spirit of ‘innovation, originating from tradition’, Tissot has been committed to the development of high-tech products suitable for wearing under extreme climates and complex natural conditions. Therefore, Tissot and its specially designed countdown clock have no doubt become the ideal partner for the 150th anniversary of the first summit of Matterhorn.

   The cooperation with Zermatt not only emphasized the unique Swiss quality of Tissot, but also strengthened the alliance between Tissot and climbers, highlighting Tissot’s brand promise to provide consumers with the most accurate timepieces.