Month: November 2014

Tag Heuer Opened Online E-commerce

All TAG Heuer timing products can now be ordered through and, its authorized online retailers. The company claims that this initiative will make it the first merchant to securely buy all luxury watch products online.
‘Our e-commerce plan provides TAG Heuer customers with great convenience for online shopping. The security and quality services we provide are comparable to their favorite retailers.’ LVMH Watch and Jewelry North America President And CEO Ulrich Wohn said at a press conference in early October.
After clicking the retailer’s webpage, customers can search and purchase all TAG Heuer watches and clocks through the series name, style, characteristics, and time of release. Customers can even browse favorite products from brand ambassadors such as golf star Tiger Woods and tennis champion Maria Sharapova. now offers online ordering of all TAG Heuer watches.
Retailers involved in the launch of the e-commerce said that this behavior will help TAG Heuer expand its business to new channels.
‘By selling timing products on the website, TAG Heuer has enabled customers and sellers to surpass the barriers of the store wall,’ said Andrew Block, vice president of Tourneau, at the launch. ‘At the same time, we can present the perfect combination of trusted retailers and trusted brands to watch lovers.’
Edward Bush, a shareholder of Barmakian Jewelers, said customers will be pleased to learn that they can now purchase ‘TAG Heuer’s authentic timekeeping products’ safely and conveniently through
Source: National Jeweler Network
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The 100th Anniversary Of Cartier Tank – History And Features Of A Hundred Years Of Legends

Cartier TANK watch was born in 1917, and opened a series of legends with bold and innovative rectangular case. The case and the strap are integrated into one, and the compact lines achieve precise modeling. Its free spirit and elegant temperament make it not only a popular design, but also the darling of celebrities of every generation.

   ‘If all tanks were made by Cartier, we should have enjoyed a worry-free life and world peace!’ In 1994, French fashion master Jean-Charles de Castelbajac wrote a hand-painted Tank watch in Figaro Madame magazine. , Expressing its high respect for this classic watch. According to the World War I Renault tank as a blueprint, the vertical lugs on both sides represent the tracks, and the case represents the main body of the tank cockpit. It has been running smoothly in the watch industry for hundreds of years. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Tank collection in 2017, let us review for you the timeless classic classics.

In 1994, French fashion master Jean-Charles de Castelbajac hand-painted the Tank watch in Figaro Madame magazine and wrote, ‘If all tanks are made by Cartier, we should have enjoyed a worry-free life and world peace!’
   When researching Cartier’s “Tank” Tank watch, a commentary from senior watch expert and writer Franco Cologni on Cartier brand founder Louis-François Cartier: “Aesthetics and modernity, Louis Cartier is committed to the fusion These two words, without these two words, we cannot understand the beginning of Cartier watches. ‘
   In 1917, even in the war-torn France, I believe that when Mr. Louis Cartier created the first Tank watch, he still hugged these two words calmly in his heart, only to create this century-long, still deep in the world. Love the classic watch. If the Santos watch opens the chapter of the watch history and the birth of the Cartier brand, then the advent of the Tank watch is surely to lay a solid foundation for Cartier to grow and thrive.

Mr. Louis-François Cartier, founder of Cartier brand
In a troubled world
   In the second half of 1916, at the time when World War I battles were tense, Mr. Louis Cartier followed from the French media the nearby Battle of the Somme, and was shocked by the heroic deeds of British and French soldiers on the front line every day. In September, I learned that the front line began to use a new type of heavy armored vehicle with repeated wins. The public was very excited. Mr. Louis Cartier also saw the name of the ‘Le Tank’ on the cover of the local L’Illustration magazine. The huge land ‘Dreadnought’, he found that the tracks that surround the sides of the car body are the most powerful weapon for the tank to break through the ditch, so he germinated the idea of ​​creating a Tank watch.

Design of Tank Cintrée in 1935
   With his keen intuition and his pursuit of aesthetics and technology, Louis finally produced the TANK watch in 1917 and established its unquestionable lofty position in the history of watchmaking. The powerful design of the watch originated from completely changing the rounded curve that was popular at the time to create a unique design. Legend has it that after the victory of the First World War in December 1918, several of the first Tank watches were presented to General John Pershing and his officers who led the US Expeditionary Forces and went to the European front.

General John Pershing
   Mr. Louis Cartier uses the square dial to form the main body of TANK, adds important lines like tracks on both sides, and extends the length of the track to form the lugs. The seemingly simple structure is an important milestone in the history of watch development. The Santos, Tortue and Tonneau bottle watches produced by Cartier before the war all follow the linear lug structure pioneered by Santos. Since the birth of the Tank watch, the big problem of how to securely connect the lugs to the case has finally been solved. Today, both in terms of structure and aesthetics, the lugs and case are difficult to separate.
A solid foundation for many family elites
   In fact, the most important reason why the Tank watch’s position in the history of the watch and the global market has not fallen for a century is precisely because it is a masterpiece that combines all the classic elements in one. Radial Roman numerals, blued-steel hands, track-type minute ring, track-like vertical lugs, and convex sapphire on the crown. Every detail is classic. Extending the development of the original Tank watch in 1917, Cartier has continued to develop a wide range of watches with different styles and suitable for men and women. The most familiar of them are Tank Louis Cartier in 1922, Tank Américane in 1989, Tank Française in 1996, Tank Solo in 2004, Tank Anglaise in 2012, and Tank MC in 2013.
   Art Deco has a strong style of Tank Louis Cartier (also known as Tank LC). The original name was ‘Tank bords arrondis’, which named it different from other family members: the end of the lug And the edges are more rounded and softer; the curved case of Tank Américane is borrowed from Tank Cintrée. The rectangular case makes the arc larger and more slender, and uses a more modern flat octagonal crown. The brand’s first curved waterproof watch. The birth of Tank Française with a metal strap is like a fusion of a bracelet and a watch. If you look closely, you can see that the lines of the vertical lugs are actually slightly concave, and the three-dimensional line effect is outlined by an arc.
   Tank Solo can be said to be an entry model extended from Tank L.C .. The stainless steel watch faithfully inherits all the aesthetic elements of Tank watches, and it is flatter on the mirror, vertical lugs and bezel. The Tank Anglaise, commonly known as the ‘British Tank’, further embodies the characteristics of the new generation of Tank watches: the case and the body are integrated, and the protective frame of the crown can be more clearly seen on the front of the model, and its larger model It is the first watch with a self-made 1904 MC self-winding movement. The Tank MC, which also uses its own movement, adds a small seconds dial to the dial, and there are also hollow-out models with very strong visual effects.

Tank Solo series released in 2017
Everyone’s favorite TANK watch
   From Gary Cooper to Madonna, from Saint Laurent to Catherine Danif, TANK watches are seen as self-evident fashion symbols. Since the creation of the work, women and men full of free spirit have been deeply fascinated. They either indulge in the simple design and harmonious lines of the watch; or, compared to their symbolic status, they love the unique shape. They have foresight and feel the unique charm of the watch, so they naturally establish a special emotion with them. Various anecdotes and records that have been circulating till now fully reflect the charm of TANK watches.

During the filming of the film Un Flic, Alain Delon found himself wearing the same watch as the director TANK Arrondie series with Jean-Pierre Melville Watch. © Sunset Boulevard / Collection Raymond Boyer

Jacqueline Kennedy wears TANK watch

French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent wears his TANK watch. © Condé Nast Archives

Catherine Deneuve, a famous French actress, wore a tank watch, 1984. © Jean-Jacques Lapeyronnie / Gamma

ANDY WARHOL-In 1975, the famous American painter, Pop Art legend, and New York celebrity Andy Warhol had a unique talent. He never wore a TANK watch when wearing it. He once admitted in an interview: ‘I don’t wear a TANK watch to check the time …’ © The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.

Princess Diana wears her TANK watch. © Sipa Images


Who Is The Head Of Netizens Most Concerned About? 2014 Watch Brand Ceo Web Search Ranking

DLG Intelligence belongs to the Digital Luxury Group (Swiss Luxury Research and Consulting Agency), focusing on business intelligence research in the field of luxury goods. It is particularly good at presenting the network awareness of different brands in the industry with huge data and publishing comprehensive and detailed industry reports . In the latest research report released by the company called ‘Top LuxuryCEOs’ (top luxury brand heads), DLG analyzed 8.5 million search information on the world’s largest search engine, including the CEO, chairman , Directors and department heads, involving more than 500 luxury brands (or groups).
   At the top of this research report is serial entrepreneur, Elon Musk, CEO of Teslamotors. The proportion of watch industry leaders is relatively small. However, observe the single watch brand leaders on the list (that is, excluding the CEOs and senior managers of major luxury goods groups) and compare them with the brands they control. May provide us with some interesting information.
Top nine watchmaking brand owners search online
First place: Jean-Claude Biver
   Mr. Jean-Claude Biver is the head of the watch department of LVMH Group and the chairman of Hublot’s board of directors. He was recently appointed as the CEO of TAG Heuer. In addition to the behind-the-scenes owners of luxury giants such as LVMH, Kering and Richemont, Mr. Biver is dedicated The first person in the watch industry, it can be said that he led this list is not surprising.
Second Place: Fawaz Gruosi
   I have to say that the appearance of de Grisogono CEO Fawaz Gruosi in the second place on the list is a bit shocking (more surprisingly, even in the overall classification of DLG, he is only behind Mr. Biver) It can only be said that Mr. Fawaz Gruosi is a celebrity, and he can deal with the person in a decent manner on any occasion, which is of great benefit to his search ranking.
Third place: Nick Hayek
   As the CEO of the world’s largest watchmaking group (Swatch), Nick Hayek has a deserved third place in the list.
Fourth Place: Nayla Hayek
   Nayla Hayek has served as CEO of the brand since the acquisition of Harry Winston by Swatch. She is the first woman on the list, but not the only one.
Fifth place: Caroline Scheufele
   Caroline Scheufele is the co-president of independent watch brand Chopard and the second woman on the list. Perhaps, like Mr. Fawaz Gruosi, frequent appearances by celebrity activities have added a lot to her.
6th Place: Juan-Carlos Torres
   Vacheron Constantin CEO Juan-Carlos Torres ranked sixth on the list. This ranking is even more surprising considering that Montblanc Jérôme Lambert, Cartier Stanislas de Quercize and Hermès Axel Dumas are all behind.
Seventh place: Ricardo Guadalupe
   Hublot has always enjoyed a good reputation in the media, so Mr. Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of the brand, has a prominent ranking in online search, ahead of CEOs of brands such as Bentley, Fendi, and Lotus.
Eighth Place: Thierry Stern
   Thierry Stern’s ranking is overshadowed by the status of the brand industry he is leading. Yes, he is the CEO of Patek Philippe.
Ninth Place: Jean-Frédéric Dufour
   It might be more logical if the rankings were reversed. Today, Rolex is leading the online search for watches and clocks, but the CEO of the brand, Jean-Frédéric Dufour, is at the bottom of the top nine search results list.