2015 Sihh Lange A.Lange & Söhne The New Sound Of Time

ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER is the first time, tenth and minute watch from Lange A. Lange & Söhne. Whenever the button touches the beeping device, the watch will display the current digital time in sequence, and the sound will be emitted in sequence. Every hour the dial time passes, a low tone sounds, while a double tone and a high tone represent every ten minutes and every minute, respectively. The engineers used the basic principle of the word-jumping device when developing the beep function of ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER. The time of the watch is not displayed by hands, but by means of an hour circle and two minute dials. The three worm gears connected to these mechanical display elements will extract the timekeeping numbers corresponding to the hours, ten minutes and minutes, respectively.

ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER is the first Lange watch with decimal minute repeater

 Lange homemade L043.5 movement

ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER activates the beeping device with a smart button system, replacing the traditional slide mode. In order to achieve the highest sound quality, the engineers made the movement and case with meticulous care. The tuning process relies on both hands and keen hearing to make the two gongs emit loud sounds and reverberations at the same time, and the sound quality is perfectly integrated.
Meticulous design
After countless procedures and comprehensive fine-tuning processes, the various devices driven by the movement composed of 771 parts can run smoothly and ensure that the device can always play the best effect. In order to avoid damage to the operation due to accidents or potential risks, designers have added very practical safety devices. Since setting the time during the beep sequence will cause mechanical components to conflict, the watch owner will not be able to pull out the crown after activating the beep device. After the beeping process begins, the winding gear train is separated from the power-providing ratchet. This preset prevents the winding gear train and crown from turning when the gong is struck, avoiding wasting a lot of power. The digital disk switching process is also delayed until the beep sequence ends. Among them, the ringing time at 12:59 is the longest, which takes about 20 seconds. Therefore, the timekeeping sound will always correspond to the time displayed on the dial.

 The Lange watch factory manufactures its own L043.5 movement; it is wound by hand and meets Lange’s strictest quality standards. It is carefully modified and assembled by hand. 5-way precision adjustment, 3/4 plywood made of untreated German silver, hand-engraved balance wheel plywood, constant power escapement

ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER watch with hand-stitched alligator strap and Lange platinum 950 folding buckle

In order to avoid the three-question sequence being interrupted in advance due to the power consumption of the mainspring (the watch will also stop running at this time), the beeping device will not start when the power reserve is less than twelve hours. In this case, a red mark appears on the power reserve indicator. Because the mainspring powers the beeping device through a ratchet, the number and length of the minute repeater will affect the basic power reserve of up to 36 hours
Presenting a distinguished tradition in contemporary design
ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER with clear jumping display is a design example and is particularly eye-catching. The built-in patented constant-power escapement provides equal energy throughout the power reserve and drives the switching device, which reliably controls the digital display every minute.

Lange’s ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER is the second model in the ZEITWERK series with an acoustic time display. Its extraordinary design cites Lange’s milestone on the road to innovative watch concepts

Among the top timepieces, ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER is a masterpiece of technology. This ingeniously designed watch combines mechanical skipping display and decimal minute repeater for the first time. At 7:52, there will be seven low, five double and two treble sounds, and the time signal sound exactly corresponds to the time displayed on the dial.

The calibre L043.5 in the ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER is carefully modified by hand. The balance wheel, eccentric weight and self-made cardless hairspring under the hand-carved balance wheel splint can vibrate 18,800 times per hour. This beeping chronograph watches the time bridge around the hour and minute digital windows on the same plane. Black polished steel hammers are neatly arranged on both sides of the small seconds dial. On the left is the clock, and on the right is the one-minute minute. And every ten minutes, the two hammers will ring the gong at the same time, making two sounds.