Month: January 2015

Longines Soumia Series Couples Recommend Watches

The most surprising and intimate Valentine’s Day gift, of course, there are elegant couples that exude an enticing glorious light like roses, and have endless honey-like taste like chocolate. Sentimental, holding hands, and ten-finger clasped hands, wearing the latest masterpiece of Longines on the wrist, the Soymia series stainless steel rose gold pair watch, the token of love, shines in pairs, and confession every time The tenderness of every moment, the accurate recording of love every minute and minute.
Longines recommends Longines Sommia series stainless steel rose gold pair watch for romantic Valentine’s Day 2012, show your love to TA boldly with you! Named after its birthplace and place of origin, this brand new Zhenpin traces the source of elegance of the brand, condensing a long tradition of watchmaking, perfect and pure. It is a gift that expresses true love, is given to the loved, and cherished.

The Longines Saint-Imier collection is inspired by the birthplace of the brand’s long tradition of pure watchmaking. Fluent lines and lugs independent of the case give these new products a classic and modern design. Wonderful balance. The models in the series are made of rose gold. The rose gold case, the stainless steel rose gold bracelet and the dial rose gold moments perfectly match the hands. The women’s style exudes freshness and purity, and the men’s style is full of gentlemanishness. The warm glowing metal quietly releases a fascinating energy, and as time passes, it always witnesses a true love that will never fade.


Low-key Luxury Blancpain Villeret Series Carrousel Watch Tasting

In 1892, the Carrousel technology, which originated from the same purpose as the tourbillon, was born. It was also a new technology to resist the gravity to the accuracy of the clock. When the tourbillon heat in the industry soared, but few breakthroughs were made, Blancpain, the top Swiss mechanical watch brand, took a new approach and gave Caruso a new life. While creating a one-minute coaxial caruso, he applied it for the first time Among the watches, Blancpain’s one-minute Carrousel technology caused a lot of sensation in the industry.

  Blancpain continues to innovate in Carrousel technology, introducing a number of great works on the wrist. Such as Qiankun Carrousel, Carrousel Minute Repeater, Carrousel Tourbillon, Carrousel Moon and other watches, today I will introduce a relatively simple one-minute flying Carrousel watch, the official model: 66228-3642-55B.
  Before introducing the watch, I would like to briefly talk about the birth history of Caruso for you to have a comprehensive and detailed understanding of Caruso technology. First of all, everyone knows that gravity has a great influence on the balance spring and escapement system in the movement, which will lead to the accurate movement of the watch, so the tourbillon was born in 1801. This device was used to offset The effect of gravity on the watch. However, due to the complexity and high cost of this technology, the tourbillon has not been widely used for a long time. It is estimated that less than two hundred tourbillon timepieces were manufactured in less than two hundred years from its invention to 1986, which also laid the groundwork for Caruso’s birth.
  By the end of the 19th century, Danish watchmaker Bahne Bonniksen hoped to bypass the tourbillon and find another way to invent an escapement with more advantages in price, simpler structure, and more accurate travel time. His invention realized the function of accurate timing, but because the production process was more complicated and the components were more diverse, the price rose instead of falling. Nevertheless, the innovative device, named Carrousel (Carousel), was patented in 1892 and sold in Coventry, England. Carloso was extremely popular in the following ten years. According to records, in the timepiece competition held at the Royal Observatory in 1904, 38 of the 50 watches participating were Caruso watches, which swept the competition list. Regrettably, the manufacturing and development of Carrousel watches are concentrated in the United Kingdom, but the subsequent British watchmaking industry has not made much progress, and Carrousel’s production has gradually disappeared.
  After many years, the famous Swiss watch brand Blancpain opened a new chapter in Caruso, which will re-establish the long-established watchmaking art. In 2008, Blancpain Russell debuted at the Basel Watch Fair, becoming the world’s first Carrousel watch, the first one-minute flying Carrousel watch in history, and the longest power reserve. Later, Blancpain successively launched the Qiankun Caruso, Caruso Minute Repeater, Caruso Tourbillon and Caruso Moon watches.

  Having said so much about the development history of Carloso, I believe that everyone has a new understanding of this technology, and then we will experience the true charm of Blancpain Russell watches together. This one-minute flying Carussell watch is a new product launched by Blancpain this year. The watch does not have too many modifications and functions. The low-key and simple design and the outstanding Carrousel device are the highlights of this watch. The essence of watchmaking.

  The watch case is made of 18K rose gold, a material commonly found in high-end brands. Blancpain watchmaking is still very sophisticated in the selection of materials, Villeret series mostly chooses K gold, platinum or platinum, the Fifty Fathoms series is usually made of steel, titanium, some watches will also use high-tech ceramics, if you continue to find out Although most brands will basically use the above materials, Blancpain’s control of details and craftsmanship is completely different, and every subtlety can feel the high-end watchmaking skills of the Blancpain brand.

  The double bezel of the Blancpain Villeret series is the classic design of this series. The round lines give people a very comfortable feeling. The 40 mm case diameter and the 11.8 mm case thickness fit the size of most men’s watches, and neither looks extravagant nor too stingy. The profile of this watch is more realistic from the side. The 18K rose gold crown is located at three o’clock. The edge gear design also adds to the watch’s unique temperament. At the same time, it also has a better feel and non-slip effect during the adjustment.

  In my opinion, high-end watches are not only synonymous with complex functions, but also eternal symbols of exquisite craftsmanship. This watch can be seen in the ingenious intention of the watchmaker in both design and production. The strap of the watch is made of alligator leather and lined with Alzavel calfskin. From the real shot, we can see that the leather texture is clear and natural bamboo texture. The two sides are decorated with pressure lines and the pins are dense and even. This kind of strap design with different leathers is actually rare. This is because the integration of different materials requires not only special technical support, but also the patience and skill of the watchmaker, so we can see from it The workmanship of the Blancpain watch is superb and distinctive.

  Often, the simpler styles contain more profound design inspirations, such as the classic elements of major luxury goods, and I do n’t need to say that everyone understands them. The dial design of the Blancpain watch continues the simple but not simple design style. At first glance, there is nothing special, but when you taste it carefully, you will find that the concept and layout of the dial are very sophisticated.

  It can be said that Blancpain gave Caruso a new life and reopened a new chapter in this technology after years of being forgotten. The half of the watch face is almost occupied by the carrousel device. The carrousel balance wheel is placed at the center of the frame. This is what we usually call the Blancpain coaxial carrousel. This design makes the device more robust and ensures that More accurate travel time. The time scale is a classic Roman numeral display of the Villeret series. All 12 numbers are 18K rose gold, which is unified with the case. Two hollowed-out willow-shaped hands slowly jump between the dials, as if you can feel the passage of time. Mark of.

  The ivory dial is made of enamel material, and the dial is decorated with a delicate radial cord pattern. Under the light, you can feel the light and dark staggering of the decoration. In addition to the movement, the dial can be said to be an important part of a watch, and the decoration between the dials is the element that best reflects the watch’s temperament and style. The designer’s design of this watch can be regarded as ingenious. We all know that the traditional sun pattern is more of a radial stripe or a sunburst, but this watch has chosen New Zealand. The cable pattern is used for decoration, and it is a superposition of two patterns, which is enough to prove Blancpain’s originality in design.

  Perhaps in order to create a rounded temperament for the watch, the lug’s cut surface and polishing reveal a warm feeling. The lugs are naturally curved, and the distance between the two lugs is 22 mm, which just perfectly matches the strap. In fact, the watch Every detail of the watch is carefully calculated by the watchmaker. A slight error may destroy the beauty of the watch.

  High-end watchmaking is not just about its complexity. It is more important to control the details. Blancpain has done very well in this regard. From a simple buckle, we can feel the exquisite watchmaking skills of the brand. The surface of the 18K rose gold folding buckle is finely polished by the watchmaker, exuding a strong metallic luster, and the faintly visible brushed metal design Adds extraordinary texture to the watch. The text that represents the message of the watch is striking, and the fine carving and engraving techniques are sufficient to prove the superb and ingenious intention of the watchmaker’s skills, which plays a vital role in the long-term development of a brand.

  An excellent watch not only pays attention to the design of the watch dial, but the design of the case is also important. Do not give the opportunity to see the sky because the case is always closely attached to the wrist. As everyone knows, the bottom case of many high-end watches adopts a back-through design. On the one hand, it is out of beauty, on the other hand, the brand wants to show everyone the inherent beauty of the movement. This watch also adopts such a design. Through the sapphire crystal back, you can see the skeletonized oscillating weight and the Caruso frame stage stand side by side. The entire picture of the movement decorated with Geneva ripples can be seen at a glance.

Movement front

The reverse side of the movement
  The movement is the heart of a watch. The quality of the movement determines the quality of the watch. This watch is equipped with a 228 self-winding mechanical movement produced by Blancpain. This movement has a diameter of 26.2 mm and a thickness of 5.89 mm. It has 35 gems and 209 parts. It can provide 120 hours for the watch. Extra long power reserve.

Summary: My most concise and precise summary of this watch is: low-key luxury. Although from the appearance alone, you can’t feel the essence of this watch at once, but after you taste it carefully, you will find that this is a watch with excellent Blancpain heritage, which continues the brand’s many years of watchmaking. Classic, but also integrated with innovative ideas. As a Swiss high-end watch brand, Blancpain, through the re-interpretation of Caruso technology, opened a new chapter in this history, so that we re-know Caruso, and also continue to launch this series of new watches, Demonstrate Blancpain’s superb craftsmanship and innovation, feel the special craftsmanship of Carloso, and feel the unique charm of Blancpain.
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Swatch Releases The New Spring/Summer 2018 Watch: Fall In Love With The Garden Party Style And Niche Classics

Back to basics, and thinking about the future trend, Swiss-made Swatch watches have launched a new spring-summer 2018 watch, which deeply explores the brand’s DNA culture. This spring and summer, Swatch takes you to a wonderful garden party, shuttles through the street vitality, immerses in the waves and beaches, and enjoys the fun outdoor time. This season, Swatch draws inspiration from past iconic design styles, combines the latest trend elements and re-interprets them to create the three major themes of ‘British style’, ‘The Swatch Vibe’ and ‘Love in the Mediterranean’ There are wonderful stories told in different languages.

   Imagine a wonderful picnic shared with the Queen of England, full of flower patterns, when the exotic frill decoration meets the British avant-garde fashion … Look up, it is 5 o’clock, it is time to enjoy a pure English afternoon Tea slightly! The ‘British style’ series integrates the essence of British culture into it, while also adding some well-known fashion patterns and British humor elements. Please be calm when wearing this series of watches!

   The “The Swatch Vibe” collection showcases the brand’s sporting passion and vibrant colors. The night of the city shines neon, and the Glow Vibe series watch with fluorescent strap is designed with outstanding 3D structure and glittering details in the dark, which make the wearer’s wrist more dazzling. This collection combines sporty style with dynamic daily styles, so that you are full of energy every day to meet challenges. In addition, The X Vibe series pays tribute to Swatch’s most iconic design styles, with bold colors, and the clear X pattern on its dial is also eye-catching.

   The design of the ‘Love in the Mediterranean’ series is inspired by the Mediterranean sky, and creates a summer vacation style with a lazy shape like a breeze. The main design elements of the series are wavy stripes. The blue ship-like nostalgic design is reminiscent of the dream of sailing and the classic fashionable navy blue. Whether it’s a beach villa or a beach towel, this collection undoubtedly creates a lazy and relaxing beach time in the Mediterranean.

   The vibrant Swatch 2018 spring and summer series encourages people to dare to break mediocrity and monotony, embrace the true heart and self, and live in the moment. From ‘British style’ to ‘Love in the Mediterranean’ series, this spring and summer new products also prove that every cool lifestyle can be Swatch-y.
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The Famous Hollywood Actor Dylan Mcdermott Wore A Carl F. Bucherer Watch At The Shooting Scene Of ‘freezer’

Dylan McDermott, a well-known Hollywood actor who has been nominated for the Golden Globe Awards and Emmy Awards, has superb acting skills spanning many areas including stage, television and film. McDermott’s recent works include the science fiction TV series American Horror Story, the film The Fall of Olympus, and the upcoming ‘Bhaving Badly’ and ‘Freezer’ that will be released this year. The versatile Dylan McDermott recently wore the Bucherer Plavi ChronoGrade chronograph stopwatch with the same characteristics and 6 practical functions at the shooting site of ‘Freezer’.

Carl F. Bucherer brand has become a representative of luxury with the ultimate watchmaking technology. The ChronoGrade chronograph under the brand has both strength and character; this watch meets the highest precision standards and is equipped with a certified chronograph movement. The Plavi ChronoGrade Chronograph Stopwatch with calfskin strap is one of the most complicated watches in the world. It integrates 6 practical functions: minute, second, flyback, dial-back chronograph; large calendar, annual calendar and power reserve display.