Month: September 2015

Rolex China Market Promotion Analysis

If you remember correctly, the last time Rolex sponsored a master class for Israeli violinist Zuckerman was two years ago. Popularizing spokespersons or people who have a good relationship with the brand to China is the most important form of publicity adopted by Rolex in recent years.
In the global scope, Rolex’s selection criteria are almost the same for classical musicians and tennis stars. The way Rolex promotes itself is often more willing to choose charitable and artistic approaches.
This is inconsistent with Rolex in the Chinese impression for a long time. Thanks to its earlier entry into the Chinese market, Rolex currently sells best in China, but the gap between image and sales is still not small. As a watch frequently appearing in gangster movies in Hong Kong, the high-quality Rolex suffered a lot of image loss. Although fame is widely disseminated through film and television works, it is often not considered to be a noble name watch.
The fact that it is hiding behind gold watches is that, among so many watch brands, ‘Jinlao’ is one of the few watches with a value-preserving function based on its centuries-old oyster design and precision functions. It used to have Taiwan counterparts Introduce reporters that some Rolex watches can be used directly as cash in Taiwan.
Rolex rarely tells the media its own brand story and production characteristics, including many watch industry professionals, in the fall of 2009, for the first time to appreciate the charm of this green to gold brand instead of gold.
Many watchmakers still remember the watch exhibition named “Eternal Crown” in Beijing. It was said that it cost nearly 50 million yuan to build it, and it was also the first time Rolex made a watch exhibition in a century. It can be regarded as one of the most high-profile marketing activities of Rolex in China, but still no CEO interviewed the media to tell the story of the brand, no star attended the greeting media, and only the staff explained the history of pure watches in the dark hall. Many people found for the first time that the brand that they had heard of since childhood was very different from other watches, and the brand itself was almost low-key and invisible. However, in the production, every detail of the process, Rolex has achieved complete control. In addition, in Switzerland, currently famous brands that can stand on their own lines without relying on large luxury groups, except for Patek Philippe, will have to see Rolex. They also hope that they will be followed by this image: Rolex’s name represents Swiss quality.
Its spokespersons rarely mention Rolex in interviews. According to the convention, most brands hope that the spokespersons can speak more about the brand. It is difficult to speculate whether this is an unwritten rule within them, or it is this freedom that has won the endorser’s loyalty to the brand. When we met Li Yundi on a private occasion two years ago, we could still clearly see the Rolex Black Daytona watch on his wrist; another Chinese pianist, Wang Yujia, put the same on the cover while practicing. Rolex.
In addition to relying on celebrity classical music performers to convey their own history and glorious image, Rolex is also interested in funding unsung artists and inventors.
For more than 30 years, Rolex’s awards for talents have locked applicants’ qualifications to those who are outside the mainstream of scientific research and have difficulty obtaining traditional project funding support. Giving them money so their research can continue without worries is the real significance of creating this award. Among the past winners, some were dedicated to public welfare, and some were very enthusiastic about environmentally friendly buildings. Those selected were able to receive a $ 100,000 prize and a Rolex watch.
To ensure the fairness of this award, Rolex itself does not participate, and each award will invite professionals in various fields to form an independent jury.
This is also a charity project run entirely by the Rolex Group. Even in the financial crisis, the entire Swiss watch industry is difficult to be outdated and has not stopped. Not long ago, Rolex also took some Chinese media to the Philippines to interview a Filipino girl who won the Talent Award. It seems that it is only willing to spend money in the field of philanthropy. It rarely defines itself with luxury. Perhaps it is the word that the Chinese often say ‘really’ that can better explain Rolex.


Zhenlishi Golden New Year Tasting Meeting

On December 7, Zenith held a watch tasting at the Sofitel Hotel in Zhengzhou. The picture shows Zenith’s ultra-thin moonphase ladies watch. Zenith’s ‘Warm Gold Zhenxuan’ watch combines the long and exquisite Swiss traditional watchmaking technology with the ingenious watch design to complete this year-end feast.
   At the tasting, Zenith Commander Winsor Windsor Chronograph Calendar watch was very popular with consumers. The Commander Winsor Windsor Calendar watch combines the world’s most accurate mass-produced movement, El Primero, with extraordinary annual calendar complication functions. It can not only display the day, date and month, but only needs to be adjusted once a year. The beginning of the collaboration between La Chaux-de-Fonds International Watch Museum and Zenith.


Jaeger Lecoultre Opens Its First Store In Mexico

Swiss watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre’s first store in Mexico opened in July. The store is located in Av. Presidente 440 Masaryk, Polanco A new option for buying luxury goods in Mexico City.

The design of every element of the interior decoration of the store reflects the Art Deco style. Every tiny detail from the luxurious display cabinet to the entrance of the storehouse presents the perfect atmosphere. All the brand’s famous series appear in the store, customers can also be here. Admire watches sold only in brand stores.
The combination of deep obsidian tones created by wood with leather, walnut, steel and plates from India, makes the store full of elegance and quiet atmosphere. A place as quiet and peaceful as the Vallée de Joux valley, where the inspiration of the “time craftsman” originated.

With the opening of the largest new store in Latin America, Jaeger-LeCoultre currently has 40 specialty stores worldwide. Along with the recently opened Hong Kong and Macau stores, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Mexican store is bound to become a frequent destination for high-end watchmakers and brand advocates.
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