Month: January 2016

Certina Ds Podium Lady Women’s Watch Introduction

Pass on the classics and change your confidence

   Putting on a new DS Podium watch exudes elegance and casual taste that is irresistible. The fully polished stainless steel case, the bright and open white dial is covered with sapphire crystal glass, and the round bezel surrounds it, all presenting a pleasant modern style. The combination of lugs and straps is neat and sleek. Depending on the style, there are black and white straps. The hour and minute hands and the dots on the slanted outer edges surrounding the dial are made of luminous material. There are two different digital time-mark styles: models with Arabic numerals have three Arabic numerals 9, 9, and 3, and the hands and indexes are plated with black nickel; while models with Roman numerals have black hands and black Roman numerals. A crown with white or black HyCeram® studs adds a special touch to this gorgeous chronograph. The surface of each chronograph dial is decorated with a snail pattern, and it also has a cumulative / segmented chronograph function, and a date window at 6 o’clock. The watch is equipped with a DS double safety device, which ensures its accuracy, reliability under all conditions and water resistance of 10 bar (100 meters). Arabic numerals with a white leather strap, Roman numerals with a black leather strap, both straps feature a sturdy butterfly clasp. There are other styles to choose from, including a stainless steel bracelet, a three-hand quartz movement with a large date display, and a self-winding model.


Parmigiani Toric Tecnica Carpe

Sculptor and painter EDOUARD MARCEL SANDOZ is the founder of the SANDOZ FAMILY FOUNDATION, which was founded in 1964. Deep connection with Parmigiani watchmaking factory.

   Edward Marcel Santos, a unique sculptor, whose talent and inspiration are not limited to the sculpting of human forms, animals are also one of his favorite subjects. Santos loves science and nature. His range of materials is extremely wide. Wood and stones can be his sculpting carriers. He also uses clay molds to make the most exquisite shiny bronze-coated works. His works are full of tension and multi-facetedness. Even in miniature works, each piece is a unique interpretation of the three-dimensional sense of sculpture and the realism of objects. No artist is unique in his technique. The materials in his hands are treated tenderly, as if given life, and the subject matter of his creation is also all-encompassing. In those exquisite works of Santos, the power of nature is vividly revealed.

   Parmigiani wanted to pay his sincere respect to this outstanding artist. Parmigiani draws on the brand’s own source of inspiration to design and manufacture a masterpiece of craftsmanship and skill. This extraordinary piece contains four complex mechanical clockwork: minute repeater, chronograph, tourbillon and perpetual calendar. Exploration of the spirit of innovation, dedication to quality, and respect for tradition-these are the values ​​shared by Parmigiani and Edward Marcel Santos.

   With the theme of ‘LES CARPES DE SANDOZ’s Koi’, Parmigiani once again esteemed the same with the TORIC TECNICA CARPE watch.

  Master watchmaking craftsmanship demonstrates rich traditional handicraft skills, creating stunning watch decoration effects, injecting extraordinary vitality into the watch. The lucky collector who owns this watch is fortunate. On the watch, many traditional handicrafts are condensed. The beautiful blue lake surface is fascinating at first sight. The vivid patterns embody the talents of many craftsmen, and the beauty of details touches the heart of the watch owner.

   The engraver was the first craftsman in the entire process. The material is processed, cut and modeled first to breathe life into the work and sculpt a texture that reflects the enamel luster from all directions. It was in the hands of the sculptor that the lines, radians, details, leaf veins, and scales gradually became clear, and the finally carved koi and money grass appeared alive, as if trembling slightly in the water. Next comes the work of the enamelist. The enamelist is responsible for color application, and the presentation of various shades, including transparent shades, is exquisite, like a living creature. This deep, three-dimensional, and harmonious color effect benefits from the ‘grand feu’ enamel.

   This kind of decoration process applied to the dial is extremely difficult, but it has excellent tolerance. The lake on the dial of ‘LES CARPES DE SANDOZ’ is not painted, but the effect of the dial being painted and fired several times. The dial painted with enamel materials such as oxide is put into a furnace and fired at a high temperature of 800 to 900 ° C for many times, so that the patterns and colors are clearly displayed. Each firing will produce a different layer, the resulting depth effect makes the dial gradually viable and three-dimensional. Only the ‘Big Fire’ enamel can produce such an exquisite and elegant decoration with a long history.

   The gold carp is hand-carved and inlaid. It pays tribute to Edward Marcel Santos. Shiny scales and nearly transparent fins make koi savory. Underwater, koi swims gracefully among the money grasses. The money grasses are expressed in a surreal way. The delicate leaf veins cleverly capture the light and reflect the dazzling light.

   Inheriting the tradition of ‘high-level clocks’, the specially designed and manufactured hinged double case back is engraved and enameled to decorate the elegant money grass pattern with geometric lines. Three drops of green enamel build the image of money grass, and each vein creates a deep three-dimensional sense under the mapping of light; and the blue lake is composed of two drops of enamel, and the two are compared, making the surface of money grass The vivid convex effect also complements the color of the dial. This technique is the ultimate interpretation of the most exquisite craftsmanship. The hand-crafted white gold base glitters and adds to the decoration of the case back. For the most harmonious decorative effect, the lugs and buckle are also engraved with the money grass pattern. The difference is that enamel is not applied in these two places, and the white gold engraving injects masculinity into this watch with its natural luster.
   Under the caseback of the money leaf and koi pattern, a mechanical movement carrying four complex devices is hidden, revealing the essence of Parmigiani’s watchmaking skills: three questions, tourbillon, perpetual calendar and chronograph . This extraordinary movement is also modified at the “high-end watch” level: all the bridges are hand-chamfered. In order to carry out the exquisite style to the end, the Banqiao is also engraved with the money grass pattern, which contrasts with the charming and charming green money grass on the dial.
Function description

Movement: 13 ” ‘French movement, with a diameter of 29.90 mm and a thickness of 9.35 mm. It is composed of not less than 586 parts and 47 gems. Driven by a barrel, the power reserve is 40 hours. Escapement vibration frequency: 3 Hz (21,600 vibrations per hour). Hour and minute indication. In terms of timing function, a 30-minute counter is set, which is concentric with the day indicator, and the large central hand indicates the timing with ¹⁄³ second accuracy.
Perpetual calendar: The day of the week, date, and month dial are located at 3 o’clock, 12 o’clock, and 9 o’clock, respectively. The month dial at 9 o’clock also integrates the function of indicating the average year and the leap year (the numbers 1, 2, and 3 indicate ordinary years, and the number 4 indicates leap years) .
Minute repeater function: two cathedral bell sound springs for hour, quarter and minute. Different from the traditional way of triggering the minute repeater by the side lever, the starting device of the minute repeater is hidden directly below the bezel—a knurled decorative ring, just turn the bezel a quarter of a turn clockwise, ie The minute repeater function of the watch can be elegantly activated.

Movement number: PF352
Winding: manual minute repeater, tourbillon, timer and perpetual calendar. Hours, quarters and minutes are signaled by two cathedral bell sound springs.
Power reserve: 40 hours
Frequency: 3 Hz-21,600 vibrations / hour
Dimensions: 13 ” ‘-29.90 mm diameter
Thickness: 9.35 mm
Number of parts: 586
Number of jewels: 47
Number of barrels: 1
Decoration: The main plywood is chamfered with Itabashi, Itabashi is carved by hand
Hours, minutes
1/3 Second Chronograph-Large Second Hand, 30 Minute Chronometer
Rotating bezel triggers minute repeater function
Perpetual calendar
Shape: ‘Four-segment’ round case
Size: 46.70
Thickness: 16.82 mm
Material: 18K white gold
Finish: Polished
Water resistance: 10 meters
Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire
Crown: 7 mm diameter
Case back: double case back with engraving and enamel decoration
Case back cover engraving: individually numbered and ‘MODELE UNIQUE’
Dial adorned with gold carved carp in ramolayé technique
Material: 18K white gold
Color: green
Time scale: 摹
Finishing: hand-engraved with translucent enamel
Material: Crocodile skin
color: blue
Brand: Hermes
Type: Pin type


Opening The Golden Age Interview With Ms. Zhou Yuling, Vice President Of Bucherer Greater China

In 1888, Bucherer was founded in Lucerne, Switzerland, and has a history of more than 100 years. The Bucherer watch is exquisite, precise and fascinating. Persevering with tradition and innovation, Bucherer launched a number of new watches and the CFB A2000 movement at Basel Watch & Jewellery Expo this year to expand its watch family. At the same time, Bucherer not only changed the brand logo to a striking all-gold color, and was committed to creating ‘unique gold.’ In response to this year’s changes and future development of Bauchilai, Watch House specially invited Ms. Zhou Yuling, Vice President of Bauchilai Greater China to conduct an interview.

Ms. Zhou Yuling, Vice President of Bucherer Greater China

   Watch House: Please briefly introduce this year’s new products of Bucherer.
   Zhou Yuling: This year’s new products brought to watch fans by Bao Qilai can be said to be overwhelming. First of all, the brand replaced the brand with a new golden image. The ‘golden signboard’ made Bucherer unique in the Basel stadium. Secondly, the new self-made CFB A2000 self-winding movements released by Bucherer, each CFB A2000 movement is equipped with COSC Swiss official observatory certification, and Geneva stripe decoration is added to the movement plywood and balance wheel plywood. The overall shape of the core is more classic. This is a movement that looks at the future of Bucherer. In addition to enhancing the function of the timepiece, it can also be extended with different functional modules.
   The first movement of the CFB A2000 series, the CFB A2050, has been used for the first time in the new Maliron Peripheral watch, with functions such as hours, minutes, small seconds, and 3 o’clock. Once launched, it was well received by the media.
   Another Maliron Flyback watch is also the sincerity of Bucherer Basel this year. Retro and timeless appearance, the special CFB 1970 self-winding movement, equipped with a gear assembly that controls the flyback timing function, enables the movement to execute multiple timing programs in rapid succession.
   There are more models you can pay attention to the official Wechat of Bucherer (@ 瑞 宝宝 齐 莱 电影) Oh, there are more models for your reference!
   Watch House: What is China’s position in the global market of Bucherer?
   Zhou Yuling: For us, the Greater China market, which accounts for 40% of global sales, is a very important battlefield for Bucherer. Of course, looking at the world, the remaining 60% of the sales share is mostly from our compatriots overseas. Consumption, so the consumption potential of the Chinese market is very important to us, and it will also be an important strategy for Bucherer in the future.

Ms. Zhou Yuling, Vice President of Bucherer Greater China

   Watch House: The competitive pressure in the watch industry in the past two years has been very strong. You have been in the luxury goods industry for many years. So what do you think of this form today?
   Zhou Yuling: I have been working in the watch industry for more than 18 years. The environment has changed a lot in the past two years. We can see that the watch designs of major brands have become more pragmatic in recent years. Bucherer always adheres to the The brand concept, when choosing to adjust in the market, went against the trend and signed Li Bingbing as the spokesperson for the global image, injecting another booster for Bucherer’s sales in the global market. We can see that both the brand awareness and sales of Bucherer have continued to increase, so it is very important to stick to it. Bucherer has the most complete product line to meet the various needs of consumers for watches.
   Watch House: What are the considerations for this year when Bucherer changed the brand logo to full gold?
   Zhou Yuling: We named it ‘Distinct Gold’ (unusual gold) also symbolized the entry of Bucherer into the golden age. Bucherer was founded in Lucerne, Switzerland, a picturesque town with Baroque architecture everywhere. The change of the golden image is a combination of minimalist Baroque style, which is a sublimation and tribute to the birthplace of the brand. Subsequently, the image of our store will show a Baroque style with gold as the main color, further emphasizing the luxurious and noble brand image of Bucherer. The Chinese often say ‘golden signboard’, we will experience and precipitate across the century, tempered into the golden age of Bucherer.
   Watch House: After Li Bingbing, will Bucherer perform a men’s watch with a male global spokesperson in the future?
   Zhou Yuling: This is a secret! Can you tell me, who is the ideal spokesperson that you think is the most suitable for Bucherer? Let’s wait and see what the next plans are.
   In this year, Bucherer can say that it has made a number of major measures for its development. Not only is it launching new models and movements at the influential Basel Watch & Jewellery Fair, but it also includes significant developments for itself. Changes in impact, including changes in brand logos and signing of new spokespersons. No matter which measure, it must be the driving force to promote the development of the brand. With historical precipitation and new era innovation, it is the ‘different gold’ that belongs to Bucherer. Zhubao Qilai’s development is getting more and more advanced and flourishing.