Vacheron Constantin, Vacheron Constantin, Switzerland’s top watch manufacturer with over 250 years of history, officially unveiled its specialty store in Shanghai International Finance Center. The store is located in a landmark building in Pudong’s core business district. It is Vacheron Constantin’s first donation in Pudong, marking a new milestone for the brand’s development in the Chinese market.

The new IFC Centre store is located on the first floor of the Shanghai International Finance Center, covering an area of ​​150 square meters. Elegant and luxurious style and meticulous and considerate service, add a warm and quiet watch appreciation space for watch lovers and collectors. The design of the new store continues the brand’s consistent exquisite and elegant style, and integrates modern elements into traditional design in a creative way, showing the architectural beauty of Vacheron Constantin’s desire for excellence and aesthetics. Comfortable soft color contrast, noble and meticulous material facilities, all details reflect the brand’s distinguished nature, creating an elegant and warm environment, allowing customers to taste the culture, history and outstanding watchmaking tradition of Vacheron Constantin.

Vacheron Constantin Asia Pacific CEO Julien Tornare said: ‘We are pleased to announce to watch lovers that a new member of the Vacheron Constantin family has been born. This boutique is located in the strategically located Shanghai Pudong International Finance Center and is a brand development Another important milestone. Based on Vacheron Constantin’s watchmaking philosophy of “pursuing excellence, supporting innovation, sharing passion” for more than 250 years, it is consistent with the Vacheron Constantin House opened in 2008. This new store will also provide customers with comfort and elegance Environment, allowing them to experience the essence of the brand’s long-established watchmaking technology and extraordinary craftsmanship. ‘

Vacheron Constantin, Vacheron Constantin, is a pioneer in watchmaking renowned for its superior technology, craftsmanship and perfection. It is not only committed to the excellence of watchmaking, but also to the importance of historical heritage and the brand’s consistent spirit of excellence. The new store offers a complete watch collection from the Geneva headquarters, each of which inherits the brand’s tradition of fine watchmaking, showing Vacheron Constantin’s long history and unique craftsmanship.