Month: August 2016

Rolex Deepsea Challenge Exhibition Opens In Shanghai

Deepsea Challenge exhibition held by Rolex in Shanghai has been grandly opened. This exhibition describes two record-breaking deep-sea expeditions by humans in the Pacific Ocean, as well as the outstanding performance of two Rolex watches.
Rolex Deepsea Challenge exhibition
 On March 26, 2012, filmmaker and explorer James Cameron successfully dived into the deepest point of the ocean in the Mariana Trench, Challenger Abyss, refreshing a single player Dive record. An experimental Rolex Deepsea Challenge watch was tied to the outside of the submarine and accompanied him to dive deep into the sea.
Humans dive into Mariana Trench for the first time
Rolex Deepsea Challenge watch
 The Rolex Deepsea Challenge dives to the bottom of the sea at 10,898 meters (35,756 feet) below sea level, overcoming the technical difficulties encountered in deep sea adventures, and thus starting a new chapter in deep sea adventures. Water-resistant to 12,000 meters (39,370 feet), this experimental watch is designed and manufactured for deep-sea adventures.
 Since the deep sea submarine Trieste reached this depth for the first time in 1960, Cameron’s expedition is the only time that humans have reached this depth again. More than fifty years ago, the Trieste, piloted by US Navy Lieutenant Don Walsh and Swiss oceanographer Jacques Piccard, dived to 10,916 meters (35,814 feet). The Rolex Experimental Deep Sea Special watch was also tied to the outside of the submarine to participate in this deep dive.
 So far, only these two Rolex watches in the world can dive to such a depth in the deep sea, which fully confirms that Rolex watches can maintain their extraordinary waterproof performance even in the harshest environment known to mankind. In addition to showing these two Rolex watches, this exhibition will also show the Deepsea Challenger and the ‘Trieste’ submarine model that Cameron is riding on.
This exhibition shows a model of the Trieste submarine
The exhibition also showed a model of the Deepsea Challenger submarine that Cameron was riding on
 Rolex has been a loyal partner of deep-sea explorers for decades. The relationship between Sea World and Rolex dates back to 1926. At that time, Rolex launched the world’s first waterproof watch-Rolex Oyster. From the first launch of the classic Rolex Perpetual Submariner in 1953 to the Rolex Deepsea watch with a water-resistant depth of 3,900 meters (12,800 feet) in 2008, Rolex watches have been Become a symbol of precision, reliability, innovation and water resistance.
The experimental watch is water resistant to 12,000 meters and is designed and manufactured for deep sea adventures
 Volkswagen can experience the unparalleled close connection between Rolex and the world’s most advanced deep-sea exploration activities in the Rolex Experience at No.27 Zhongshan East Road, Shanghai Bund.
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Leisure And Stylish Icon Love Alligator Leather Watch

It is precisely because everyone has their own unique preferences that there will be flowers in the world. Similarly, for watch lovers, when choosing their own accessories, of course, they will tend to their favorite style. Moreover, the delicate work and craftsmanship of each watch are saturated with the beauty of mystery and technology. Watch editors below recommend three simple style watches made from crocodile leather straps, to see if they fit the low-key style in your mind?
Chopard Classic 163154-1001 watch

Domestic public price: RMB 41100
Watch diameter: 33.6 mm
Case thickness: 5.7 mm
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: 18K white gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: combined with a black alligator leather strap, black and white is the first choice for wild models. A suitable watch is also a postcard on your wrist. When you do not know which watch is the best match for yourself, then this simple and elegant CLASSIC series can be considered to start!

Montblanc HERITAGE SPIRIT 113705

 Domestic public price: RMB 50000
Watch diameter: 39 mm
Case thickness: 9 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K rose gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Details of the watch: The SPIRIT series of watches is not just a case made of 18k rose gold, the delicate carved dial and the classic toffee-style faceted hands echo it, plus the crocodile leather watch Belt, highlighting its modern and smooth lines, giving a natural sense of sight. And Montblanc has always inherited the focus on practical functions. The date of this watch is automatically wound, the date window is displayed at 3 o’clock, and the slim second hand delicately sculpts the time, allowing you to choose once and trust forever.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Q1558420 watch

 Domestic public price: RMB 72500
Watch diameter: 39 mm
Case thickness: 10.6 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 50 meters
Details of the watch: The classic aesthetic elements of the Master Series watch are not lacking in modern fashion. On the silver radial brushed dial, there is a complete and easy-to-read calendar function. The display of the day, month, date and moon phase, combined with a matte black alligator leather strap, reveals an elegant and low-key extraordinary sense. Stylish and classic watch styles will definitely make you look good inside and out!

In summary: a simple watch, but without losing its exquisite workmanship. A small watch, dial, crown, case, bracelet and other details everywhere reflect the watchmaker’s dedication to excellence. Put on your favorite watch, it will always be classic and exciting.
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Chopard Assists Porsche Team In Launching New Journey Of Fia Wec 2015 Season

On April 12, the unveiling of the 2015 FIA World Endurance Championship started at the legendary Silverstone circuit. The famous Swiss watch brand Chopard became the Porsche team partner and official timekeeper for the second consecutive year. .
Porsche team driver Mark Webber wears Chopard

   In order to improve the Porsche 919 Hybrid for the new season as much as possible, the Porsche team’s test mileage has reached a staggering 30,000 kilometers. Eventually, in the LMP1 competition, Mark Webber unfortunately suffered a gearbox failure and was forced to retire. Romain Dumas climbed to second place with stable performance and won the runner-up. The two Porsche 911 RSRs in the GTE Pro Class group finished second and seventh respectively.
Chopard Superfast Chrono Porsche 919 Limited Edition for Porsche

Le Mans Spirit at Silverstone
   The new idea of ​​Silverstone in 2015 (actually nostalgic) is the use of the famous Le Mans-style departure-the car stops at the stands. When the start command is issued, the driver will rush to the car across the track and start at the fastest speed set off.
Michael Christensen and Richard Lietz take second place on the podium

   The history of the Silverstone track dates back to 1947. It is a fast, bumpy track that can truly test the driving skills, and it is also one of the favorite tracks of drivers. ‘Silverstone is original, old-fashioned, full of unique charm, and a timeless classic,’ said Mark Webber, Chopard’s latest brand ambassador.


Hermes 2015 New Watch Arceau Small Moon Phase Watch

Founded in Paris in 1837, Hermès has established a reputation for excellence in saddle making technology. At the beginning of the 20th century, it further developed this technology in the field of leather crafts, especially in the production of leather belts, clothes and handbags. Hermès watchmaking tradition can be traced back to the 1920s, when saddle making techniques were first applied to leather straps. In 1928, Hermès watches first appeared in the Hermes main store at 24 Faubourg Saint-Honore.
   In 1978, a watch factory was established in Bienne, Switzerland. After setting up a factory in Switzerland, the geographic center of the watch industry, Hermès has declared its high standards of taste and passion for precision and perfection. Hermes watches are based on solid craftsmanship, combining creative inventions and professional technology for more than 85 years.
Arceau Small Moon Phase Watch Stainless Steel Diamonds Ultra Vivid Alligator Leather Strap

   Since 2003, Hermès has commissioned the Vaucher watch factory to produce high-end mechanical watches, sharing its passion for hand-made and precision machinery, and in 2006 acquired a 25% stake in Vaucher. Vaucher inherits more than two centuries of expertise, and this name that is renowned in the watchmaking industry is indeed one of the rare comprehensive watchmakers with a full range of watchmaking expertise. This partner allows Hermès watches to adopt traditional small-scale methods to meet the craftsmanship and quality standards cherished by Hermès.
   Backed by Vaucher technology, after years of research and development, in 2012 Hermès launched two homemade movements H1837 and H1912 in one breath. Since then Hermès has taken a solid step in the field of professional watchmaking.
Arceau Small Moon Phase Watch Stainless Steel Diamond Linen Alligator Strap

   In the ‘Best Watch of the Year’ award organized by Swiss authoritative watch magazine Montres Passion in 2013, the Arceau small moon phase watch was selected as the ‘Women’s Watch of the Year’. Since 2015, it has been fully equipped with Hermès H1837 self-made movements.