When she first met, she was sitting on a court-style sofa, tidying her shawl, as elegant, gentle and intoxicating as the heroine in a gorgeous court film. On September 23, we were fortunate to interview Cai Aihua Schneider, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Athenian Watch in Switzerland. This intelligent, temperamental, and beautiful woman uses her most authentic words and emotions to truly interpret the brand value of the Athenian Watch to people. With classic craftsmanship.
Interview Character Introduction
4In April 2011, Cai Aihua Schneider, 47, was appointed chairman of the board of the top Swiss watch brand Athens Watch. She holds a master’s degree in manufacturing engineering from Queen’s University of Belfast, England.
About the brand
Inheritance of noble ancestry, creating ‘fantastic’ miles
Athens watch, the world’s top watch that has gone through 166 years, what is its charm and essence? What attracts generations of watch fans to indulge in it? In Cai Aihua’s opinion, the Athens watch has won the hearts of the world with its long-term history, endless innovation and indestructible quality. The success of the Athenian Watch is the result of the joint efforts of the entire team of Athenian Watches. All Athenian Watches have always adhered to their faith and the spirit of the Athenian Watch and carried it forward.
From the ‘Trilogy of Timepieces’ to ‘Imagination of the Moon’, the Athenian watch is performing a legend in the watch industry with strange imagination, becoming a hymn on the wrist. Cai Aihua believes that the ‘Fantasy’ series is bound to lead another aesthetic trend in the watch industry. ‘Fantasy’ has been developed for 7 years. It does not use the hour hand, minute hand, and second hand to distinguish time. It is an unprecedented change and has been applauded by people. The latest masterpiece of the ‘Fantastic’ series in 2012, ‘Fantastic Dark Lord’, has conquered more consumers with unique technology and innovation.

About the market
Settled in Spring City for two years, the country’s first sales
Within just two years of entering Changchun, Athens Watch has already opened in Changchun and has its own market position, which is slowly being well known and loved by consumers in Jilin Province. This year, the sales of Athens watches from January to June increased by 48% compared with the same period last year. The performance of Athens watches in Changchun has pleased Cai Aihua. Because the city of Changchun has created a sales myth for Athenian watches, it took only two years to obtain the best score in the country. The Athens watch opened its market in the shortest time and fastest, and became the most attractive ‘luxury’ and the most symbol of status in this city. Of course, in Cai Aihua’s mind, this result is not enough to stop them from moving forward, because she always believes that the Athens watch will definitely buy more people’s hearts with its ‘inner core + external’.
About watchmaking
表 Watchmaking is an art
蔡 In the eyes of Cai Aihua, a watch is a work of art that is worth cherishing and injecting with more sophisticated technology. If you compare a clock with a car, the clock is far less expensive than a car in terms of volume, but the production time is several times that of a car. In addition, because of the value of watchmaking technology and craftsmanship, watches and clocks are higher than car prices. Some watch collectors buy 1 million yuan or 2 million yuan for watch collection, which means that he knows and really loves watches; while some people who do n’t understand watches spend tens of millions of dollars, but just to show off, this This destroys the essence of the original art of clocks. In addition, many people still have a misunderstanding that clocks and watches are expensive and should be maintained once and for all. In fact, watches are the same as cars, and they need to be maintained and maintained for a certain period of time, not to mention that the watch is not 24 hours Intermittent operation is conceivable.

About life
Learn to enjoy contentment and happiness
罗 For Rove Schneider, the former president of Athenian Watch, Cai Aihua is not only the lover in his life, but also the working partner who is always with him. With 23 years of acquaintance and love with Schneider, it is also a portrait of Cai Aihua’s fate with clocks. According to reports, the idea of ​​the Athens questionnaire was designed by her. At that time, Ms. Cai Aihua and Mr. went to Venice for a holiday vacation. It was very interesting to see a building ringing a bell on the square of San Marco. I thought it was very interesting to tell Mr. to integrate this into the making of watches. At the beginning, the random thoughts became the first timepiece with action.
Today, Cai Aihua has shifted her work focus to family and children, but her love for watches has never diminished. In her opinion, every piece of clothing should have a watch that matches it. Use the watch to dress the gorgeousness of the dress, and use the dress to highlight the nobleness of the watch. At the end of the interview, Cai Aihua used the word ‘satisfaction’ to summarize her past, present and future. Yes, only the contented person can always be happy. She is satisfied with the love of her husband, the development and growth of the Athenian watch now, and she will continue to be satisfied in the future …