Month: August 2017

Athens Watch ‘sardin Offensive’ Tsar Egg Carving Limited Memorial Painting Set

Nautical timepieces from ancient times to today The endless exploration on land has made people more and more profoundly aware of this world, and the curiosity and exploration of the ocean also have this effect. The development of famous routes, the discovery of a new continent, the prosperity of maritime shipping, and the rise of ship craftsmanship … We gradually become familiar with this blue world. With the continuous deepening, understanding and development of people, the ocean is no longer a barrier that blocks the connection of each continent, but has increasingly become a link between them. During this period of exploration, a large number of navigators and classic sailing events also emerged, which also provided excellent creative materials for many watch brands.

 Speaking of famous Russian historical figures, ‘Peter the Great’ is probably the first name that appeared in people’s minds. This emperor at the same time as Emperor Kangxi of China made an indelible contribution on Russia’s road to becoming a world power. His eagerness to learn and the thirst for advanced technology in the West prompted Russia’s national strength to grow rapidly during his reign. Peter the Great was also visionary and understood the importance of having a strong navy for an empire, so he formed the Baltic fleet. This fleet helped Russia open a new channel of trade to the Baltic Sea, breaking Russia’s embarrassment as a landlocked country and giving it a window to the world. In 2010, Ulysse Nardin launched a limited-edition commemorative painted set of the Tsar Egg Carvings of the Saddam Offensive. On the dial, the enamel painting process was used to show the ‘Sadan Offensive’ cruiser ordered by Emperor Peter in 1703 The first cruiser of the Baltic Fleet). The exquisite reeling technique of the enamel painter showed the picture of the ship breaking through the waves.


Creative Breitling Watch Challenger Air Racing Watch

The Breitling Challenger series presents a new model for adventure seekers. It uses a Breitlight® case that represents cutting-edge technology and a black, technologically styling, showing the Challenger series is young and dynamic. , Aggressive spirit. This watch is code-named Skyracer, and has the same name as the aircraft that represented the Breitling brand in the exciting Red Bull aerobatic race.

   High-performance, high-efficiency, and long-lasting, the Challenger series has always maintained its excellent tradition of being a military watch in the past, reflecting all the characteristics of true professionals’ wristwatches. Today, Breitling has taken the collection to a whole new level by launching the latest generation of watches that perfectly combine reliable technology and original design, while also possessing an extremely high cost performance. It is for these reasons that the Breitling Challenger aerial racing watch stands out among many rookies.

   Lightweight and sturdy Champion Watch: This watch has a diameter of 45 mm and its case is made of Breitlight®, which is light and sturdy. This unique high-tech material is 3.3 times lighter than titanium and 5.8 times lighter than stainless steel, and has many advantages: super resistance to scratches, tensile deformation and corrosion; anti-magnetic, anti-allergic; tactile ratio The warm, metallic mottled visual effect highlights its novelty and originality.

   The ultimate champion of precision: This watch is equipped with the SuperQuartz ™ temperature-compensated super quartz movement certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), which is ten times more accurate than a standard quartz movement. Clear and easy-to-read championship watch: Against the black background and red tone, the white luminous hands and logo are as clear and clear as the dashboard, and the double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal is used in any environment. Read accurately. Champion watch with excellent shock resistance: This watch is equipped with a screw-in rubber die-cut crown with reinforced protection, and a protruding bezel gasket perfectly protects the mirror.

   The Challenger Air Racing is water-resistant to 100 meters (330 feet), equipped with a bezel indicator, a rotating bezel for easy reading, and an additional 24-hour (military) graduated dial. Exclusive black rubber strap for all adventurers. The 12 o’clock section of the strap has 1: 25,000 and 1: 50,000 graduations, and the 6 o’clock section has centimeters and inches. The exquisite detachable fastening system makes it easy for the wearer to quickly and easily remove the strap and use it as a measuring tool, and then it can be easily reassembled.

   The Challenger Air Racing Watch was born for extraordinary achievements, speed, and challenges, and showcases the characteristics of the Breitling Racing Team high-performance aircraft MXS-R ‘Skyracer’, which was won by the aerobatic star Mika in the Red Bull World Aerobatic Championship Brageot driving.
   A new generation watch destined to lead the trend.