Moving forward is change, it means leaving the original flat and exploring new unknowns. Supporters of this concept are those who are present and have a bright future. They are talented, ambitious, confident and energetic. They will always be one step ahead of others in the process of continuous progress. It is also based on this concept that, following the launch of the new ‘StarWalker’ series of writing instruments by the famous classic brand Montblanc, it will present in the winter of 2003, ‘Timewalker’ which combines traditional craftsmanship and modern spirit. TimeWalker) series watches.
Low-key luxury, full of vitality without exaggeration, this is both the spirit of the times contained in ‘Timewalker’ and the outstanding design style of this series of watches: polished stainless steel material is used to polish the simple and smooth lines of the architectural structure. For its dynamic and masculine temperament, the large 42mm diameter case is accompanied by a slightly serious black or silver dial. On the dial, there are 5 large Arabic numerals and a delicate second hand. The design is quite simple, abandoning the pretentious Disguise. The strap has a sporty stainless steel bracelet or an elegant black calfskin strap. The simple and elegant design, coupled with Montblanc’s outstanding watchmaking technology, demonstrates Montblanc’s dedication to excellence.

The ‘Timewalker’ series is designed for a successful new generation. They are talented, confident and energetic, well-educated, enthusiastic, sincere and willing to take responsibility. However, the new generation does not mean a departure from tradition. As Montblanc’s brand philosophy “slows down and enjoys life”, it is respected that while they continue to move forward, they always maintain a calm and frank attitude. Elegance, cherish the good experiences in life, such as friendship, such as thought, such as emotion.
In commemoration of the launch of the new Starwalker series and Timewalker series and the display of Montblanc’s brand philosophy, from the fall of 2003, a Montblanc global tour photography with the theme of “Walk, Don’t Run” was taken The exhibition is about to be held. 25 top international photographers capture the charming personality moments of 50 international superstars with keen lenses and unique perspectives. Top models Kate & middot; Mousse, famous movie star Ben & middot; Affleck, the best F1 driver Mike & middot; Schumacher, the protagonists of photography are all leaders in their fields, reflecting the spirit of the times. Every moment of shooting is humorous, bizarre, serious, or determined, all of them are infectious.
At the same time, Montblanc will also support the International Conde-Nast Foundation ‘Child Priority’ project to help gifted young people through this exhibition. In addition to Montblanc’s donation of US $ 100,000, it will also raise more funding for the project during the global tour. Caring for the future and moving forward elegantly, this is the connotation of ‘Timewalker’ and is the spirit of Montblanc.