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The Most Sophisticated Watch Closest To You Longines Masterpiece Moon Phase Watch

There is a pinnacle in the world of famous watches-‘Grand Complication Wristwatch’, which makes all watch lovers crazy in the world, and it is also the main battlefield where collectors from all over the world are connected by hand. It is not difficult to find that all the watches that are called ‘watch kings’ today are advanced and complex watches. Of course, friends who like to watch are also clear in their hearts: the threshold of this club starts from the seven digits of RMB.
   This article does not talk about the empty seven-digit number. Even in a world with few five-digit numbers, there is still a masterpiece with a ‘high-level complex watch’ gene, which is the Longines famous watch series. ‘Famous Craftsman’ is a long-term high-end series of Longines brand. It has been selling well for more than ten years and has been loved by mid-to-high-end business people. It is even called ‘the first business watch’. I also own a Longines Master GMT watch, which is convenient for business trips across time zones.


   Our protagonist is called ‘Longines Master Series Moon Phase Watch’, but its function can not only display the moon phase profit and loss. The moon phase is just the most poetic of the many functions this watch has. The Longines Master Series Moon Phase Watch (Model: L2.673.4.78.3) is the most complex movement in the entire family of famous craftsmen, with the most parts and the most functions. It has come very close to or even initially reached the realm of advanced sophisticated watches. Let’s hear what other skills besides the hour, minute and second display that ordinary watches should have? ——Multi-function timer (with 30-minute accumulation and 12-hour accumulation) + 24 hours display + date, month, day of the week + moon phase display; In addition, as long as the watch owner is slightly more useful, it can also guest the GMT function to become a smooth travel worldwide 24 time zone travel business watches.

Blue Steel Crescent Hand

   I personally like the crescent hands on the calendar to make the face full of change. All hands of this model are deep and charming blue steel hands. The secret of blue steel is that at a certain high temperature, polished stainless steel will turn blue, and this blue color is very elegant. Hundreds of years ago, watchmakers in Switzerland discovered this characteristic of stainless steel and made it a watchmaking tradition that continues to this day.
   You observe carefully that the dial of the Longines Master Series Moon Phase Watch and the dial of the entire Master Series have exquisite and fine patterns, showing a classic beauty. Under different light, this pattern will also show subtle changes in light and shadow, beautiful! The dial is like a human face. The dial is beautiful. This watch is beautiful. As the watch’s owner, you will gaze at this watch for many, many years, and even pass it on to your descendants. The beauty of the dial is the most important when tasting a watch.


Difficult To Have A Discount 6 Rolex Hottest Watch Introduction

Rolex is often not a beautiful woman at first glance, but it is the type that looks good. It is faithful and reliable, and it is well known in the watch industry. In addition, everyone has a high awareness of Rolex. Although it once left some bad impressions because of the image of the film, those who love watches know the true Rolex. Now in the past two years, the price of Rolex has gone up, the prices in Hong Kong and Japan are no longer so cute, and the discounts are shrinking. Some popular models do not offer discounts at all, or a watch is hard to find. If you are fond of these models introduced below, you may need to make more preparations first.
Yacht Master II
Yacht Masterpiece II is one of the protagonists of this year’s Rolex, a watch designed for sailing competitions, stylish, sporty and expensive. The dial is equipped with a striking red countdown minute and second hands, and the dial and the outer ring scale are convenient and easy to read. This one with the blue bezel and the gold bracelet is the most popular.

Yacht-Master II
Water ghost (green, black)
Laoshui Ghost, Rolex Submariner series, represents the model 116610, green dial, commonly known as green ghost; another representative model 116600, black dial, commonly known as nigger. These two “ghosts” are outstanding examples in diving watches. Since its birth in 1953, the submariner has relied on the perfect performance to conquer every heart full of desire for the deep sea world. It also reflects the role of Rolex in the field of watch waterproofing. achievement.

Green water ghost

Black water ghost
GMT Master II
The heaven and the sky are indispensable. The water ghost is a watch for exploring the ocean, while the GMT is a watch for conquering the sky. The Greenwich II is a choice for frequent flyers and professional flightists. Although the red and blue bezel GMT is not new, but the color is dazzling, has always been a popular Rolex.

Green glass (MILGAUSS)
绿色 A Rolex watch with a green gemstone mirror, belonging to the MILGAUSS series, we are used to calling it green glass. In general, green glass is younger and more distinctive as a wearer. Most Rolex models are slightly older, and green glass is a good choice for young people.

Green glass
The Daytona is a Rolex chronograph watch series. The white Daytona is the most simple and low-key, and the most perfect. The diameter of Daytona reaches 40mm, the stainless steel case, the bottom cover is screwed tight, and the water resistance is 100m. Daytona uses Rolex’s triple lock handles to ensure water resistance.


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