Month: September 2018

Merry Me? Men In This Era Are Better Than Fighting Money

What do women love most? Brand-name bags, irritating sports cars, expensive jewelry, or gorgeous bungalows … these are not the most appropriate answers. Women need a lifetime of companionship. Every woman, even if she works harder, has more success in her career. All need a man’s commitment and a warm home. The wedding is the happiest moment of my life. The simple sentence of ‘Willyoumarryme?’ Carries a deep affection. The ring represents the promise of a lifetime, eternal friendship, and the watch represents the willingness to spend every minute and every second of your life with you. These two items are the best gifts for men to express their feelings. The following gifts are carefully selected for you by Watch House. Learn more about the connotation of gifts and make you understand women’s hearts better.

  Cartier: a unique symbol

  Purchase unique diamonds and add brilliance to these diamonds with extraordinary and unique works-this is where Cartier became the core of jewelry history, with many fateful characters, participating in countless unique and extraordinary stories and writing The legend of the most beautiful diamond in the world. Cartier’s wedding work series symbolizes the happiness of the two-person world. It follows the most classic design style and is created by the brand’s jewellery masters. The 18K rose gold wedding ring has a simple design without additional textures. It is inlaid with a diamond on the side and engraved with the Cartier ‘Cartier’ logo, gathering all the essence. This ring is 3 mm wide, which is very suitable for women’s feminine fingers. It sets off the noble temperament and makes you the most kind bride.

  In the Cartier watchmaking world, the BallonBleudeCartier Cartier Blue Balloon Watch is known for its delicate style and elegant style. The BALLONBLEUDECARTIER Cartier Blue Balloon Watch is as light as a balloon and as blue as its guardian sapphire. The BallonBleude Cartier Cartier Blue Balloon Watch adds elegance to the cuffs and wrists of women. This Cartier watch model W6900256 uses 18K rose gold to create a round case that exudes a noble metal color. The precious metal arc protects the winding crown inlaid with a cabochon. It is delicate and compact. This design is also one of Cartier’s characteristics.

  Cartier’s women’s watches always reveal a queen fan, through the sapphire glass mirror, silver-plated pearl lacquered dial with black time scale, the Roman numeral time scale is off the track under the guidance of the crown, there is a kind of Retro charm. The convex curved case and sword-shaped blue steel hands rotate regularly on the silver dial, telling Cartier’s essence of watchmaking. The watch uses a crocodile leather strap with an 18K gold pin buckle, which is comfortable and beautiful to wear. The watch is equipped with Cartier 057 quartz movement, eliminating the need for women to wind up, 30 meters water resistance.

  WEMPE: Memorial of eternal happiness

  The WEMPE jewelry studio is located in Schwaben-Gmünd, the birthplace of the 17th-century goldsmith’s craftsmanship. There, the WEMPE goldsmith weaves a seamless golden silk legend Helioro. Goldsmiths have always insisted on the single-piece production of each Helioro ring, and they are secretive about the manufacturing process of this exclusive creative product. Helioro’s name combines the sun god ‘Helios’ in Greek with the gold ‘Oro’ in Italian. The strips of gold wire on the ring decoration are clear and discernible one by one, like a garland woven from sunlight, exuding irresistible perfection.

  The ring is a yearning for eternity, and each chain symbolizes the inextricable connection between the two, which is difficult to give up. The 18-karat rose gold used by DreamDancer requires more material during shaping and infusion than any other ring. The ring can also change shape as the fingers change, as you like. The perfect combination of craftsman skills and the latest computer-controlled model animation technology has created this simple and not simple delicate ring.

  Turning a ring into a jewelry watch? This is a bold idea! The Helioro ring has been regarded as a representative of modern and women since its birth in 2007, and now she has taken another step towards new ideas. In the WEMPE studio in Swabian Gmünd, the master goldsmith and the Glashütte star watchmaker worked together for two years to develop and design this Helioro high-end watch. A watch that can be customized with high-end clothing. The nine gold chains of the Helioro ring are intertwined and transformed into Helioro’s new jewellery watch, showing a new structural beauty. Helioro jewellery watches are carefully selected with materials and exquisite workmanship, showing the enthusiasm and nobility of power.

This series of watches are available in various styles

  Both the inside and outside of the sapphire glass are carefully polished. Each procedure is a skilled operation performed by the manual master between micrometers. The scales are designed using the typical WEMPE calligraphic shapes, or set in gold with diamonds. The mother-of-pearl dial and elegant slender rainbow toffee needles embody the extraordinary design of this watch. The clear lines of the gold chain resemble the perfect figure of a woman. They are integrated as if the light of the sun. At the same time, each gold chain retains its own clear lines. The top-secret craftsmanship of the goldsmith master can make the Women are fascinated by this, and the lines are further sublimated in the texture and material selection of the strap: the color-coordinated straps are made of high-quality alligator leather.
  Van Cleef & Arpels: testimony of precious moments
  In order to meet the needs of different people, I recommend a chic ring for everyone, the decoration and shape of this ring, for those who seek details, will feel unparalleled satisfaction. VanCleef & Arpels, known for attention to detail, each ring contains precious emotions and unique stories. Wedding rings and engagement rings record precious moments in a unique way through the quality of gemstones, the ultimate elegance, iconic style and the superb skills of jewellery artisans (the famous ‘GoldenHands’).

  Exquisite round beads have always been the representative feature of the Perlée series. The ball not only adds a lively and playful softness to the jewellery, but also a testament to VanCleef & Arpels’ century-old creative tradition and superb craftsmanship. VanCleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels created a ring tailored for the newcomer with a proud craft, condensing this precious moment into a timeless love, the inner ring of the ring has the same translucent gloss as the outside. Every piece of Van Cleef & Arpels’ work is perfect, every detail is meticulous, every piece is dedicated, precious and rare.

  Van Cleef & Arpels Charms Collection VCARM93500 Watch

  Time is the priceless gem of life, so VanCleef & Arpels presents the exquisite Charms watch series, so that every minute is full of elegance. The small ring at the end of the case is tied with a diamond lucky charm, which is naughty and graceful, adding a lively look to the gorgeous design. The lucky charm can be freely rotated around the dial, or it can stay at a specific position to mark the lucky moment or precious time. Both fun and meaning are emphasized, and everyone is reminded to cherish time and life. The VanCleef & Arpels logo engraved on the outside of the bezel, always reveals the family’s innovative spirit, and carefully points the delicate hand of the belt.

  Both in appearance and performance are worthy of female friends’ collection. This Van Cleef & Arpels Charms series VCARM93500 watch is unforgettable at first glance. The small rose gold watch is full of poetic and exquisite workmanship. The diameter of 32 mm is small and flexible. The three rings of diamonds on the bezel of rose gold. A dazzling shine. The silver-white dial of the watch uses simple time scales at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock, respectively. The middle of the dial has the Alhambra four-leaf clover pattern, and the white Alhambra radial pattern dial makes the time clear. Finally, the watch is equipped with Swiss quartz, matched with a removable satin strap, which is comfortable and beautiful and easy to clean, showing an endless luster on the wrist.

  Earl: A perfect interpretation of classics

  The inexplicable love for Piaget may be derived from Piaget’s sophistication in jewellery, or because of the brand’s years of accumulation to better appreciate the value of time, because Piaget’s rings, jewelry and watches are as always enjoy. Piaget’s designers continue to reinterpret the classic themes of Piaget. They create a variety of styles from Hollywood’s fashion glamour, magical gardens and festive sceneries. The theme of excellence tradition and the spirit of the times is the source of inspiration for their creation.

  Crafted from rose gold, this ring is engraved with delicate diamonds on a 4.8mm ring and is cut to the finest sheen. The shape of the ring is chic and double-ringed. The inner ring can be rotated arbitrarily and surrounded by each other to outline the eternal rhythm of life. The one-way beauty diamond paves the way of long-lasting true love. Bright and dazzling, the world of two people who promise to be more affectionate than Jin Jian will release their precious brilliance. Possession wedding rings are dedicated to the true love of men and women, and they promise to never die. This is the earl’s wish for lovers, respect for love, and instill his bit of heart into every detail of the ring.

  Piaget LimelightGala Collection G0A38160

  Many of Piaget’s women’s watches are exciting. Whether it’s ALTIPLANO, DANCER or extraordinary treasures, only Limelight moderately travels in classic time. Bright and moving, full of business, sexy and charming, these three adjectives perfectly fit the characteristics of Piaget’s new women’s watches. It releases time from the straight path we are accustomed to, and migrates into a curve curve that is completely feminine, giving LimelightGala watches a unique design style. Loyal to the Piaget brand heritage, all watchmakers are passionately dedicated to interpreting Piaget style, and personally testify to the Piaget LimelightGala jewelry watch’s original character.

  The watch is made of 18K white gold with a round case. The case is lined with 62 round diamonds (about 1.8 carats). Two elegantly extended lugs set out a 32mm round case. The bezel is inlaid with a small row of beautiful diamonds, which highlights the beauty of women. The simple, elegant dial shines with the ultimate charm of contemporary women, and the black Roman numerals on the dial echo the exquisite black satin silk strap. The watch uses a dense bottom design and the Piaget quartz movement is loaded inside. This watch has won the hearts of many ladies

  Piaget’s new creation of the LimelightGala series of jewellery watches has been developed and produced by Piaget’s high-end watchmaking workshops from concept sketching and design all the way to the mold opening and polishing of the case. A top watch brand specializing in all-round watchmaking is enough to fulfill the mission of front-line production. .
 (The above introductions are just a few brands and have no emotional tendencies. However, not everyone is a local tyrant in real life. Gifts only represent a heart. I believe that as long as they are carefully selected gifts and full of love Meaning, it always touches the heart of the lady.)

Summary: Feelings are the most perceptive side of human beings. They are as gorgeous as fireworks, mysterious and beautiful as stars, and as elegant as blue sky and white clouds, but love is like a cup of tea. After boiling, it will always return to calmness, and when it is strong, it will return to flatness. Simple and ordinary life is the real existence. Whether it is a ring or a watch, it is just a testimony of our happy moments. Even if the time goes by, it will not let those memories drift away. Instead, it will always leave those happy moments inscribed in our hearts. If you’ve met the person you love the most, pick a gift for her and head for the next happy moment perfectly. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)


The Embarrassing Design Flaw Of Nomos?

Some time ago, the author wrote an article about NOMOS (the ‘big’ brand that rises in the small environment of NOMOS). It mainly talked about the independent style of NOMOS and its self-produced movements. Table friends responded and compared There are many, but I also know that there is a problem that has always troubled everyone, that is, NOMOS watches are very similar, although we all know that each watch is different, but the difference is really small, the series features are not obvious, so it is difficult to identify, If there is a chance, I will sort it out for you. Today’s content is not about series, but the design of NOMOS. We found an embarrassing place.

    The design of NOMOS is familiar to everyone. The Bauhaus style and minimalism, so the dials are very simple and the lines are very strong. Even the Arabic numerals have a strong line element. However, NOMOS, which uses a large number of small seconds, has a blank space at 6 o’clock, which seems a bit lame in my opinion. Throughout all NOMOS small seconds watches, if the small seconds dial is at the 6 o’clock position, most of the 6 o’clock hour markers are vacant, which will create a ‘blank area’ when the hand sweeps over here , Always feel what the disadvantages. Of course, some models have a date window in this position, but more crappy things happen. The small size of the watch, such as 35 mm, the date window is too stingy, and the large size is like 40 mm. There is no gap next to the plate, it seems very compact. Looking at all the NOMOS watches, personally it seems that the square watches are more balanced in design, but the square watches are generally small in size (about 29 mm) and are not suitable for men. Here we choose three models, which I personally think are relatively good.

Watch series: TANGENTE series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: horse leather
Official offer: 2600 euros (about 18,000 yuan)
Watch details: 3001 self-winding movement, so it is recommended first, of course, the more important reason is that the design of this watch has reached a balance, the small seconds dial is a distance away from the central hand, and the secondary dial is slightly larger. But it does not overlap with the 5 o’clock and 7 o’clock time scales. Although the 6 o’clock is still blank, it is obvious that compared with other NOMOS models, this blank is compressed a lot, and it will hardly affect the visual and Aesthetic. Therefore, this is a watch that surpasses other NOMOS small seconds in design. Of course, the watch diameter is only 35 mm, which is slightly smaller. If purchased domestically, the price of 23,000 is estimated to be required.
NOMOS Ahoi 553 watch

Watch Series: Ahoi Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: horse leather
Official offer: 3280 Euros (about 23,000 RMB)
Watch details: LUDWIG series 205 watch

Watch series: LUDWIG series
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: horse leather
Official offer: ¥ 16500
Watch details: nomos / 1413 /
Watch comment: This is a NOMOS with Roman time scale, which is still very simple and has added a lot of elegant atmosphere. It has an alpha (Alpha) manual winding movement with a 35 mm diameter. The small seconds scale of this watch is still large enough, not so stingy. If the dial is moved down a bit like 171, the 6 o’clock Roman time scale can be cancelled, but this is not. This is why I chose it. It adds half a Roman time scale at 6 o’clock, so that it will not be so blank here. This watch is more balanced.
Summary: If you look at each NOMOS carefully, you will find a lot of subtle changes. The series of NOMOS is actually very different in three aspects: the style of the lugs, the style of the time stamps, and the functionality. . According to these three angles to classify, you can quickly grasp the secrets of each series of NOMOS. The blank of the 6 o’clock position of most NOMOS watches has not been noticed by the author before, and when viewing NOMOS at the counter, because the size is not large, this detail is often ignored, but it will feel a little less each time what. Maybe this is why I’m too picky. It’s not so obvious when I actually go to the counter to see it myself, but these three watches are personally perfect watches.