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Remarkable “Core” Parmigiani’s 20th Anniversary Movement Retrospective Exhibition

On May 24, 2016, Parmigiani held its 20th anniversary retrospective exhibition at the Beijing Yaolai Center, showing on-site 25 brand-developed calibres independently developed by Parmigiani in the past 20 years. It is also the first public display in mainland China. Parmigiani was born in the Tawe Valley, known as the cradle of watchmaking art, creating countless classics of timepieces and giving the brand a watchmaking concept of excellence.

   The exhibition is on the second floor of Block A of Yaolai Center, the specific address is the first and second floors of Block A, No. 40 Xingfu Second Village, Chaoyang District, Beijing. This exhibition not only showcases Parmigiani’s classic self-produced movements in recent years, but also displays the TONDA CHRONOR ANNIVERSAIRE double-tracking chronograph specially created by Parmigiani to commemorate the brand’s 20th anniversary. Swiss traditional fine watchmaking ‘core’ height.

   The brand has launched a number of series of products since its establishment 20 years ago, all of which reflect the extraordinary watchmaking standards and the talents of the brand founder. Since 1996, Parmigiani has created at least 33 independently developed movements.

   At the SIHH watch exhibition in January 2016, this TONDA double chronograph watch launched by Parmigiani was the first integrated dual chronograph chronograph by Parmigiani. It showed the world It is the pinnacle of technology and outstanding achievements of the Parmigiani brand for 20 years.

PF110 manual winding movement

   The PF110 manual winding movement is a historic movement launched by Parmigiani in 1999 with a power reserve of up to 8 days. It is the first movement fully developed and manufactured locally in Fleurier. Reliable and become a generation core.

Parmigiani PF370 manual winding movement

   The watch on this movement is called ‘Bugatti 370’, and it is equipped with this huge tubular movement, like an engine unit that can display the time on the wrist. Various different templates such as the adjustment device of the movement, the transmission gear train, the power reserve and the double barrel are mounted on the cross section of at least five main plates, neatly arranged.

Parmigiani PF334 automatic winding movement

Parmigiani PF337 automatic movement

   The new Parmigiani PF337 automatic winding movement responds to the brand’s outstanding technical requirements. The complex design contained in it can only be born through the complete and comprehensive management and control inside the watch factory. The characteristic of this movement is that it can adjust the independent minutes of the second time zone independently, which is extremely convenient.

Parmigiani PF332 automatic winding movement

   This PF332 self-winding movement, launched in 2008, is mainly used in Kalparisma models in the Kalpa series. With exquisite details, a pentagram rotates with the second hand on the dial, so that The watch has a unique texture.

Parmigiani PF701 automatic winding movement

   PF701 is a new self-winding movement launched by Parmigiani in 2012. The movement interprets the aesthetics in many aspects. The movement is equipped with a platinum 950 miniature eccentric automatic oscillating weight, which can work continuously for 42 hours.

Parmigiani PF111 manual winding movement

   The Parmigiani PF111 manual winding movement was upgraded by Parmigiani in 2014 based on the PF110. The PF111 caliber combines the retractor on the manual winding movement with an 8-day power reserve, that is, the watch hands Scalable.

   Summary: In addition to the classic movements of Parmigiani in the past 20 years, the exhibition site also displays some classic watches in recent years. Parmigioni is now committed to continuously creating new masterpieces of timepieces. From recent years we It can also be seen that every year’s SIHH is a time of its great shine, large and complex watches are not emerging, but it has not forgotten the past, and the repair of watches is still part of the Parmigiani brand.


Material Is Very Important

For some people, choosing a watch is a particularly simple matter, and it only takes love at first sight; but for most people, choosing a watch is a very tangled matter, not just a brand , Functions, styles, movements, and many other things that may not be expected before buying a watch, discounts, hands-on effects, availability, etc. For men, at least two watches are indeed needed, a formal watch and a sports and leisure watch. For summer wearing experience, comfort is the first priority. The following watch homes will bring you several comfortable wearing watches, with different prices to meet your different needs.

  Omega Moonwatch Series 311.

Watch comments: Omega, its simple logo has always been in my memory, it seems that every mature man will choose an Omega to commemorate his year of standing. There are many styles to choose from under the brand, the constellation is more elegant, the hippocampus is more gentleman, and the superpower is more sporty. This watch brings us a new timing experience, not only with ceramic materials, but also with extremely durable nylon fabric straps, which will give you full power and enthusiasm this summer. From the perspective of the appearance, the chronograph style of the Omega ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ ceramic watch is self-evident. The 44.25 mm frosted polished ceramic body with a polished ceramic bezel. The unique black zirconia ceramic dial is decorated with eye-catching 18k white gold ‘lunar watch’ style hands, two small ceramic dials at 3 and 9 o’clock, 12 hours and small seconds respectively.

  In terms of power, Omega’s coaxial movement 9300 will not be disappointed. It is equipped with an innovative vertical wheel device and Si14 silicon spring. It is also the first brand-made movement with a timing function. The two barrels are connected to each other. The two-way automatic winding can help save winding time and has a 60-hour power reserve. The dazzling black design and superior performance are really irresistible to its charm.

Basic Information
Number: 311.
Brand: Omega
Series: Speedmaster
Movement type: automatic machinery
Price: ¥ 88,700
For more watch details, please click: IWC AUTOMATIC2000 automatic watch series IW356802 watch


Comment on the watch: In the hot summer, the seaside is a place that many people yearn for. It’s so comfortable to feel this cool sea breeze, experience the refreshing sea water, and exciting draft beer. At this moment, any equipment and accessories are superfluous, and the watch can not only accompany you in the water, but also enhance your aura. Why not? IWC’s marine chronographs have always been classic. This watch has a large diameter of 44 mm, the case is tough and domineering, and the bezel has a quarter yellow mark, which is more beautiful and stylish. The black dial also has a yellow time scale that surrounds the outside of the bar scale, and the calendar display window is at three o’clock. The minute hand also uses a yellow design, which ensures that the watch can be read more clearly and conveniently under the water.

  Viewed from the side, the size of the crown is also relatively large, and the classic logo of IWC is engraved on it. The brand’s characteristics are everywhere. The black rubber strap with the traditional pin buckle is very sporty, and the rubber strap is really durable and more comfortable than a metal bracelet. The 200-meter water resistance allows you to swim under the sea and enjoy the freshness of summer freely. The dense bottom of the watch is equipped with Cal.30110 movement inside. This movement is widely used in IWC and has excellent performance.

Basic Information
Number: IW356802
Brand: IWC
Series: Marine Timepiece
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Price: ¥ 35,000
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Comment on the watch: Radar has always been an advocate of new materials, and the innovation of the watch has never stopped. The hard-wearing Haoxing series has already become a classic of the brand. This watch, number R32109152, has a distinctive design, smooth lines, and a strong sense of modernity and innovation. The biggest highlight of this watch is that you can experience the combination of dual materials. The case is made of high-tech ceramics and stainless steel, and the gloss of the two materials complement each other. The black high-tech ceramic exudes a mysterious background. Through the sapphire crystal glass, the watch has a diameter of 38 mm. The black dial is dotted with simple digital scales. The two steel-colored hands are filled with black materials The front end is filled with fluorescent material to ensure that the watch can read clearly in the dark environment. In addition, a date display window is mounted at 3 o’clock. The simple black and white design is easy to read, which meets the wearer’s daily control of time.

  From the perspective of wearing, the watch is equipped with stainless steel chain links and high-tech ceramic links. The folding clasp is decorated with the word ‘RADO’. The back of the case is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement, water-resistant to about 50 meters, which is another highlight of the watch.

Basic Information
Number: R32109152
Brand: Radar
Series: Hao Xing
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Price: ¥ 16,100
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Summary: Fashion and beauty are certainly one of the elements of buying a watch, but whether it is comfortable and appropriate after getting started is the most important point. After all, the watch is accompanied by the wearer day and night, and the comfortable wearing experience can achieve the perfect fit between the watch and the person. The three models recommended above belong to different price ranges. Of course, many models can be included in the selection range. For more models, you can view the related brand product introduction. From the perspective of materials, there are metal materials, ceramic materials, but also nylon and rubber straps, each material has its own significant advantages, friends who like it may wish to experience it for themselves. Only a survey can have a say. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)