Love Has No Warranty Period, But Ta Can Still Guarantee It?

First of all, I wish everyone 520 happy! Last week, there was heavy news in the watch industry that caused a lot of attention and discussion. That is, Jaeger-LeCoultre proposed a ‘customer peace of mind service plan.’ Air Clock, registered through, can extend the warranty period to 8 years. Registration will officially start on May 15. The Jaeger-LeCoultre ‘Customer Relief Service Plan’ was launched on May 15th The 8-year warranty period is really long, because most watches have a warranty period of two years, which has been fully turned over 4 times. But there are a few prerequisites, that is, you must buy a genuine product, have a warranty card, and have a Jaeger-LeCoultre store or an authorized dealer fill out, date, stamp and sign when the watch or air clock is sold. Warranty card. The second is to register on a dedicated online platform. Here is a detail to note. This exclusive online platform will be open for registration on May 15th, which means that if the watch was purchased before May 15, 2017, this service will not be available (Air The clock is one year longer than the original warranty of the watch, which is three years). So if you own a Jaeger-LeCoultre watch, and the warranty period is about to expire, you must hurry up to register online, so that you can increase the warranty period by 6 years. Jaeger’s ultra-thin Master Series tourbillon enamel watch launched this year In fact, the extended warranty period for watch brands started as early as 2011, when Omega fired the first shot, the brand was equipped with coaxial The warranty period for the escapement movement watch was extended to 4 years, which was also a sensation in that year. The ability to upgrade the warranty period from two years to four years means that the brand is fully confident in its exclusive technology. The coaxial escapement is a patent of Omega, and is also the invention of watchmaker George Daniel. This new type of escapement system, which is different from the traditional one, solves the problems of friction, wear and lubrication between parts of the traditional escapement system well. Omega has also improved it, equipped with a screw adjustment balance and a non-clamp balance spring (that is, the adjustment does not rely on adjusting the balance spring length, but by adjusting the balance screw weight), so that the coaxial escapement movement can Easily obtain the Swiss Official Observatory Certification (COSC). Omega coaxial escapement movement 8500 The warranty of a watch is not the same as maintenance. Warranty refers to a certain period of time after the watch is sold, if a ‘defect caused by a manufacturing defect occurs’ Parts can be repaired or replaced free of charge after strict identification. ‘In addition, in many cases the brand is not guaranteed, for example due to accidents, man-made improper operation, incorrect use or abuse (such as impact, knock, pressure damage, High temperature or strong magnetic field), damage caused by the use of non-brand-approved batteries, unauthorized modification or repair, and normal wear and tear on watches, straps and surface glass, etc … are not covered by the warranty Within range. That is to say, basically the watch can only be free of warranty if it has been installed with unqualified parts or has been neglected during installation, causing serious inaccuracy or stopping of the watch. But now some of the better watch factories have very strict quality control. Whether it is the process of making parts, assembling the movement, or inserting the watch case, it will be repeatedly tested, and the probability of error is not high. Moreover, the brand emphasizes that ‘artificial improper operation, incorrect use or abuse’ is also the brand’s answer. Consumers do not have the right to speak because the process of removing the cover is in the hands of the brand. There was a reaction from cousin friends. A watch stopped during the warranty period and sent to a brand repair center for testing. A week later, the report came out, saying that the consumer had used it improperly, causing a gear to deform, so he could not repair it for free. Why? Pay for repairs, or take away the stopped watch. This makes the table friends who have always taken care of love watches unable to argue, and ultimately can only spend money to eliminate disasters. The green seal of Rolex Super Observatory’s precision timepiece certification But no matter what it is, the longer warranty period still gives consumers some psychological comfort and is willing to pay for it. Rolex announced on July 1, 2015 that all new Rolex watches purchased from July 1, 2015 will have a 5-year warranty. Rolex has always been very confident in its own quality. Its sturdy, durable, accurate and reliable products have always made the brand proud. Especially in addition to the official Swiss Observatory certification, before leaving the factory, a more stringent Superlative Chronometer certification (Superlative Chronometer) is required. The tests include a chronograph accuracy test of the movement already installed in the case, as well as testing the watch’s water resistance, automatic winding and power reserve performance. Passed watches come with a green seal and a 5-year warranty. Free warranty within 5 years, a thunderous sound on the ground, many brands can’t sit still. Athens (Ulysse Nardin) announced that from January 1, 2017, new models purchased can enjoy a 5-year warranty. However, it must be noted that the buyer must register his watch on the official website of Athens Watch within 1 year of the purchase of the watch, before receiving the official extended warranty card and enjoying the 5-year warranty. In addition, Athens also announced that if the purchased Athens watch is equipped with a silicon movement, the warranty period of the watch will be extended to 10 years, which shows the brand’s confidence in its pioneering role in silicon. The Freak X watch in Athens has a silicon balance wheel. Next, Audemars Piguet also joined the battle, approaching Athens. That is, the warranty period of the watch is two years, but if you register on the official website before the original warranty period expires, you can enjoy an additional 3 years warranty, which can be extended to 5 years. In addition, if you buy Audemars Piguet watches from Beijing SKP, Beijing Wangfujing, and Shanghai Nanjing West Road stores, you can also get an additional ‘VIP Exclusive Service’ to extend the warranty service to 8 years. The world’s only welfare in mainland China! Beijing Wangfu Zhonghuan boutique, is Audemars Piguet Shanghai West Nanjing Road boutique, Beijing SKP boutique, The third boutique opened in mainland China The practice of Breitling is that the watch equipped with a homemade movement can enjoy a 5-year warranty, but if it is equipped with a non-homemade movement, the warranty period remains at two years. The “Breitling Electronics International Warranty Card” must be presented during the warranty, which means that consumers still have to register online and activate the warranty card. Breitling International Warranty Card Breitling Pilot 8 B01 Chronograph 43 Curtis Warhawk Special Edition It is equipped with its own B01 movement See Here you will find that there seems to be a fundamental step to getting extended warranty service, which is to register your watch and personal information online. This step will allow the brand side to directly grasp the relevant consumer data and provide new product information and other services in the future. It is important that the list of customers with purchasing power is no longer just in the hands of the agency dealers, but that the brand can directly Resources under your control. Then Omega launched its efforts again. At the beginning of November last year, Omega released the official information again. Since November 2, 2018, the warranty service for the full range of Omega watches has been increased by another year and extended to 5 years. Stance. Because, like Rolex, after the watch was certified by the Swiss Official Observatory, Omega also launched a more stringent new certification with the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS). The certified movement is called the Zenith Observatory movement, which is equipped with this The watch of this movement is called the chronometer. METAS certificate The movement must be certified by the Swiss official observatory before it can be sent to METAS. The movement is tested for diamagnetic resistance, and the movement that meets the standard accuracy can be returned to the factory for assembly. After the movement is loaded into the case, it is returned to the testing center for another 7 tests. The certification stipulates that the accuracy error must not exceed 0 to +5 seconds per day, and it must be able to withstand strong magnetic interference of 15,000 Gauss. In 2015, the Constellation Globemaster Zunba calendar became the first chronometer. After that, each year, Omega continued to launch METAS certified chronometer. It is expected that by 2020, the brand will be able to achieve most mechanical watches. Obtaining METAS certification has also become the basis for the brand’s extended warranty. The first Chronometer: Constellation Globemaster Zumba Calendar But honestly, no matter whether the warranty period is 2 years, 5 years, 8 years or 10 years, consumption There are not many opportunities for consumers, but it can still be used as a reference for buying watches. After all, brands dare to boast Haikou, and consumers seem to be able to gain some confidence from it. Finally, to clarify a concept, warranty is not maintenance, it is only for damage to parts or faults caused by improper assembly at the factory. As for our watches that have been worn for several years, we need to clean the movement, lubricate, replace the waterproof gasket, or replace the worn bracelet, polished scratched case, these are maintenance, and maintenance is charged . This article contains a large number of original pictures, some of which are from the brand or the Internet. Anyone may not use them without permission. Please contact us for permission to reprint.