Month: April 2019

Swiss Mido’s ‘inspired By Architecture’ Global 12-city Tour – Lucerne: The Most Literary City

Swiss Mido’s inspirational journey of 12 cities around the world, ‘Inspired by architecture’, came to Lucerne, the ‘most literary’ city this week.

Lucerne Railway Station

Burbaki Panorama
 Lucerne, central Switzerland, has been an important commercial town across the Alps since the 13th century. Late summer and early autumn is one of the ideal seasons to visit Lucerne. The annual Lucerne Music Festival is not to be missed; and the best way to experience Lucerne in depth is from the Lucerne Culture and Art Center. This French architect Jean Nouvel Starting with a representative building full of futurism. Then enter the old town from the oldest wooden structure bridge in Europe, the Kapel Covered Bridge, walk along the shore of Lake Lucerne to Seebad Pier, taste Swiss cuisine at the lakeside restaurant, and admire the beautiful and hydrophilic scenery of this ancient city . In order to experience the artistic atmosphere of Lucerne, the Swiss Mido specially invited Franziska Bründler, the founder of ‘Design Schenken’, to lead us to experience the fusion of Lucerne from her unique perspective on art and design. Beautiful city with trendy art and nostalgic traditions. (For details, please visit the activity page of the official website of Mido and click to view).

Lucerne Nine Towers

Capel Covered Bridge

Lucerne Cultural Arts Center
 Swiss Mido’s ‘Inspired by Architecture’ Global Tour of Lucerne Station, 5 most classic and most iconic landmarks have been unveiled. They are: Lucerne Train Station, Bulbachi Panorama Museum, Lucerne Nine Towers , Capel Covered Bridge and Lucerne Culture and Arts Center. Netizens can log in to the official Sina Weibo @ 美 度 表 of Switzerland to like and comment on these 5 buildings. At the same time, participate in the Weibo event topic # 灵感 源 从 建筑 #, upload stories and inspiration photos related to the building (unlimited countries and regions), and @ 美 度 表 手表, you will have a chance to win Swiss Mido watches once a week One, the final winning netizen will be announced every Thursday on the official Sina Weibo of Swiss Mido Watch.


September Hamilton Helps You Start A New Moment In Your Life

The beginning of the school season is coming. While enjoying the relaxing summer vacation, and the harvest season is about to come, students are returning to campus and continue to invest in a stressful and fulfilling study life. At the same time, some students are coming soon. College students who are new to the workplace and coming out of campus are facing a change in social identity. Are you ready to add some luck equipment? What kind of items are useful and meaningful? Let Xiaobian recommend several watches for you to record the good times on campus!

Khaki field calendar-you control the time

Fashionable, personalized and cost-effective watches are always the first requirement for students to choose an entry watch. Choosing a watch that allows you to learn to better use and plan your time, let Hamilton help you and accompany you. You start a new beginning in life.

Watch parameters
Size: 42MM
Movement: H30 self-service movement, more than 3 days power reserve
Display: hour / minute / small second / calendar / date
Material: Stainless steel
Face: black, retro black
Mirror: anti-glare coated sapphire, transparent back cover
Waterproof: 50M
Accessories: Black or green leather strap with genuine buckle, steel strap
Price: 6600RMB-7100RMB
Time to market: June 2014, simultaneous global release

The Hamilton Khaki field dual calendar is equipped with a H30 self-maintaining movement, which combines accurate and reliable travel time with long-lasting and stable power. The new watch continues the practical army style route. The 42mm case has simple lines and tough shapes, highlighting masculinity. The bold digital scale and strong luminous coated hands of the metal material are clear and easy to read under the anti-reflective coating sapphire mirror. The large calendar at 6 o’clock and the previous week at 12 o’clock reflect the simplicity of the dial design. Motion and depth without affecting the simplicity and openness of the surface. The black dial and military green / black leather strap show a pure and simple traditional army style. It provides more choices for travelers who are looking for freedom and personality. Let Hamilton share the scenery along the way with you.

Khaki full cutout-a personality gentleman on the wrist

After passing through the years of green onions and faded the astringent temperament, you need a timepiece with a decent suit, with a decent suit suit, to give your image points between raising your hands and your workplace.

Size: 42MM
Movement: H20S self-service movement, fully skeletonized
Display: hour / minute / second
Material: stainless steel, black PVD
Face: Silver / Black
Mirror: anti-glare coated sapphire, transparent back cover
Waterproof: 50M
Accessories: Black or brown leather strap with buckle
Price: 8950RMB-9700RMB
Time to market: September 2014, simultaneous global release

Hamilton Khaki’s full-hollowing inherits the deep aviation tradition of the Hamilton brand. The center of the dial is equipped with a brushed X-shaped bridge like a propeller structure, which truly creates the effect of the roaring rotation of the propeller. The layered dial surface, protruding inlaid scales, honeycomb inner ring design, two-color hands and a full-hollow skeleton movement at a glance create the domineering and personality of this dynamic watch. In addition to the eye-catching design of the dial, the watch’s movement is brushed, decorated with an H pattern engraving and equipped with a hollow automatic rotor, showing the mechanical texture. Khaki has two contrasting styles that make it stand out from many watches. One of them uses a smoky gray and silver dial, showing a new look with a sense of technology; the other black PVD model uses beige scales and hands, and a beige leather strap, a stylish, bright city on the wrist Style.