In 2016, the radar watch had a new idea. It invited the famous Weibo celebrity ‘Tango’ in China to make a design to make Qixi, a festival of love, in a fun way. Integrated into the watch. Recently, when I visited the Beijing Blue Island Building of the Hengli World Famous Watch Center, I saw that the specially-designed Crystalline watch is in stock and sells for 18,500 yuan.
Radar Crystal Extraction R30248902


    Radar watches are well-known in the country at the end of the last century for innovation in materials. Since then, radar watches have used high-tech ceramics as case materials to further enhance the wear resistance of the case, and the ceramics can be processed to show different colors. , Even approaching the bright luster of metal. Through Tango’s performing arts, this watch opens at 12 o’clock in the hollow, representing the moon at Qixi Festival. The curved design at 6 o’clock means that the bridge, cowherd and weaver are holding hands, which is very interesting. . The rest of the dial is made of mother-of-pearl material, scales are set with diamonds, full of femininity, and the spokesperson for the radar watch, the national goddess Tang Wei loves it.
Rado Star R32165152 watch


    In the entire counter of the radar table, I saw almost all the models, this one is the most eye-catching to me, I do not know why. This watch uses steel and ceramic materials, but it is not easy to distinguish from the appearance, the appearance is very beautiful, the color of the dark polishing shows a more technical sense than the metal itself. In fact, what attracts me is the dial, which is very simple and clear, and the time is very clear. The red fingertip pointer in the center is only 24 hours, so this watch is a dual time zone watch, just need to pass the crown. For adjustment, the 24-hour indicator and date indicator can use the same crown position. The weight of the watch is moderate, not light but not heavy, so I am personally impressed.

Summary: In recent years, because the ceramic material is not generally accepted as it was in the past, people also realize that ceramics are too brittle. So many models of radar watches have now been replaced with metal for external structure, and ceramics are placed on the bracelet. The middle link or bezel, crown, etc., to achieve the corresponding effect. During the visit, I also learned that there are many styles of radar watches in the store, but there are not many new watches coming to the store. After all, it has not yet been completely listed nationwide.
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