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Classic Replica Watch That Is Popular

Reproduction performance has now become one of the most active categories in watches. This year’s new products from major watch factories and the Geneva spring auction watch just dropped the hammer, the strong return of classical aesthetics is enough to prove this. a little. However, the ease of use also means that the competition is fierce, and it is not difficult to launch re-engraved styles. But now that re-engraving is blooming everywhere, it is not as easy as you think to want to stand out from Yishui’s re-engraved models.
Replica performance has now become one of the most active categories in watches
Forty years ago, the lead singer of the Rolling Stones, Mike Jagger, sang ‘Who likes yesterday’s clothes and who remembers yesterday’s girl’. For the past, people’s attitudes towards them were divided into two categories, either regarded as classics or left behind. However, for watches, people’s attitude towards it is obviously the former. Not to mention that watches do n’t have to constantly change patterns like new fashions in the second to third seasons of a year. Even if you launch your own products completely in the classic original form, and make and sell them in large quantities as your regular series, it is very easy Wins the hearts of people, applauds and applauds. Is there any business that can make more money than this?
Reproduction performance has now become one of the most active classifications of watches. This year’s new products from major watch factories and the Geneva spring auction watch just dropped the hammer, the strong return of classical aesthetics is enough to prove this. In fact, this replica watch is not difficult for the brand. First of all, the style and function of the replica will not be too complicated. Most of them are the first classic models in the history of the brand, or the best-selling models. In this style, the problem of the movement must not be difficult to solve. At the same time, since it is a re-engraved style, the design part is even more trouble-free. For the watch factory, it has a long history of hundreds of years, and younger ones have decades. Some are antique styles that can be borrowed or completely. Copying the design and relaunching it, even if it is a new brand, borrowing some design elements from antique watches to piece it together and relaunch it will not hurt. That’s why today’s replica watches are so popular.
If you change the design of the watch, you will find that the wind of replicating the watch began in the 1990s. After the beauty of craftsmanship with mechanical watches defeated the fashionable quartz watch, many long-established watch factories began to rejuvenate. The most impressive one is the Omega 1894 commemorative model introduced by Omega in 1994 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of its birth. This model is not only retro in style, but also most notably a stock of Cal.269 (30mm) movements. This 30mm (30T) movement can be said to be one of the most accurate movements in the history of watches, and has won the Observatory Award many times. Since then, watch factories have continued to introduce re-engraved styles, and nowadays, there has been a situation where various brands are racing to introduce re-engraved styles.
However, even the most original replicas, as long as they are manufactured in batches, no matter the output is hundreds or tens of thousands, the metal of the case, the glass on the surface, and the vital parts such as the vital movement are not important. May be exactly the same as antiques from decades ago. But the clock can completely wrap the new inside and outside materials and the special movement structure in a classic historical style, and launch it in the form of old bottles and new wine. This is obviously extremely lethal to the time-consuming Chinese watch market.
However, easy to use also means that competition is fierce, and it is not difficult to launch replica styles. But now that replicas are blooming all over the world, you want to stand out from Yishui’s replica models, relying on the brand to choose replica styles. Vision, faithfulness of reproduction, and the most fundamental price-performance ratio. I believe that in everyone’s mind, the standards for replica watches are different. However, the most perfect replica watches can always get everyone’s unanimous praise, just like in the new products of Basel 2012, the Zenith replica French flight watch ‘Montre d’Aeronef Type 20’ can be Called the perfect example of re-engraving: the oversized 57.5mm dial diameter, onion-shaped crown, Roman numerals, the shape of the hands, and the word ‘Special’ at 6 o’clock on the dial, all attach great importance to the original appearance. Its movement also caters to the engraving style, using the antique movement of the 1960s. But most unfortunately, there are too many monks, and this watch is limited to 250. This has to be said to be the biggest flaw in replica watches.
经典 Retro classic elements
Breguet Classique 5177
Classical aesthetics
For watches, the classic design element of Breguet itself is the best embodiment of retro feelings, it represents the good old days of hand-made watches. Breguet’s classic design elements, such as Breguet needles and Breguet characters, have appeared in countless branded timepieces. But when all these are combined in a Breguet watch, it is the best expression of the classic.
This Breguet Classique 5177 series watch contains almost all the classic elements of Breguet: a rose gold case with side coin decoration, welded lugs, exposed strap fixing screws, and hand-carved gold ear motif Silver-plated dial (or enamel dial fired in large flames), blue-steel Breguet-style pear-shaped hands, Breguet Arabic numeral hour markers. The ancient style of the hand-made watch era is coming.
Tank Louis Cartier
Roman letters
Speaking of Roman numerals, it is very easy to think of Cartier, and Cartier is very easy to think of its classic ‘Tank’ series. At SIHH this year, Cartier not only combed the history of the classic series ‘Tank’, but also brought new members to the ‘Tank’ family. This ultra-thin model launched this year is only 5.1 mm thick.
Girard Perregaux Vintage 1945
Small three stitches
Although there is still a small three-hand design in modern clocks, this form itself is a historical witness of the continuous development and evolution of clocks. Because the original clocks could not achieve the integrated structure of the central second hand, they could only shift the second hand to other position. As a design limitation conferred by an era, the small three-pin structure has long lost its technical value, but its historical significance has given it a unique and classicist temperament.
Vintage 1945 is a sub-series from Girard Perregaux Vintage series, and 1945 is the launch time of Vintage series. Vintage1945 is a square case + small three-pin design, the shape is very simple and elegant.
Montblanc Viller Collection 1858
Specification pointer
Regulator was originally born in the 18th century, and it was specially designed for watchmakers to check the time on other watches. The hour, minute, and second hands on the dial are each called the ‘three hands and one thread’. Although the three hands are separated, they all run on the same horizontal line. This can effectively avoid the vision caused by overlapping coaxial hands Error, therefore, the Regulator is also called a standard analog watch.
腕表 The dial setting of this watch seems complicated but very orderly. The central minute hand, an independent hour dial at 12 o’clock, and an independent small second dial at 9 o’clock. Its layout is a tribute to the traditional large standard time clock. At 2 o’clock, the hometown is displayed day and night. At 6 o’clock, the power reserve and the winding prompt are combined. At 3 o’clock, it is a 30-minute timer. At 12 o’clock, there are two local time hour circles. The hollow hour hand indicates the local time, and the other hour hand indicates the home time.
Vacheron constantin historiques aronde 1954
Art Deco style
Historiques series of Minjiang Shidanton has always been the backbone of the vintage watch market. Only one or two models are fixed every year, each of which is a serious vintage that can be tasted for a long time. This Aronde 1954, as the name suggests, is a replica of an antique watch launched by the brand in 1954. This ‘swan-wing’ case is the standard ‘Art Deco’ style of the 1950s and 1960s.
Vacheron Constantin Malta 100th Anniversary Watch
Wine barrel case
Compared with the most common round case in vintage watches, the barrel shape has a change of elegance, and this art deco style is actually the most typical feature of clock design in the last century. In order to defeat the traditional circular design of pocket watches, in 1912, Vacheron Constantin launched the first barrel-shaped watch, and this year is exactly the 100th anniversary. Equipped with a Vacheron Constantin 4400 manual winding movement, this brand’s self-developed movement has a power reserve of up to 65 hours. The movement vibrates at a frequency of 28,800 (4 Hz) per hour and consists of 106 parts. The movement has a diameter of 28.60 mm and is modern in style.


Aimee Challenges The 703-foot Free Diving World Record On The Blue Coast

Zurich, April 2012-The ‘French work’ provided by Le Méridien aims to form a team to challenge sea level with diver Débastien Murat With more than 703 feet of free diving world record, the event will be held in June for two weeks.
    The ‘French work’ provided by Le Méridien aims to form a team to follow diver Sébastien Murat to challenge the world record of free diving over 703 feet below sea level. Held in June for two weeks. The team will include four bloggers who will report on the event in English, German, Russian and Chinese, and a video blogger, a WordPress software expert, a personal assistant and a lifeguard. The job is to report Sebastian’s mission to the world. In addition to being able to visit the scene and admire the exciting diving world record of ‘The Sub’ Sebastian, the team will also enjoy a luxurious villa in Juan-Les-Pins on the French Riviera Experience French elegance. Conditions of application: over 20 years of age, regardless of gender, holding a valid passport and having corresponding qualifications. You can apply online as a member of the team via Facebook. Applicants with the most fan votes will be fortunate to be selected.

703 feet below sea level-a modern adventure story
   Sebastien Murat, the world’s top free diver from Neuchâtel, Switzerland, never stops at the limit. He used the air mammal diving skills of marine mammals and since then has changed free deep sea diving. In June 2012, Sebastian set a world record for a diving depth of 703 feet; this depth is unprecedented, and must be maintained for 8 minutes of anaerobic conditions. To achieve this amazing initiative, he studied the diving steps of whales, dolphins, and seals. His major discovery: When these marine mammals go deep into the sea, their lungs are empty, so as not to inadvertently cause the lungs to swell under insufficient pressure in the water, causing danger. After years of training, Sebastian is skilled in using this technique and adapts perfectly to deep sea environments. Sebastian is currently a graduate student in science at the University of Adelaide, Australia, and is also a professional scuba diving instructor, communicating his knowledge to interested students.


2012 Basel Seiko Lukia New Watch

SEIKO’s Lukia watch, a symbol of new fashion women, has been loved by Japanese professional women since its launch in 1995. Lucid (keen thinking), Unison (harmonious harmony), Keen (enthusiastic and sincere), Intellectual (smart and witty), Active (lively and active), this chic LUKIA name represents the temperament and personality of women.
In order to express the elegant life attitude of modern women and show their true style, in 2012 SEIKO continued to use Kuroki Meisa as the spokesperson for Lukia series watches. Kuroki is a popular Japanese actress and singer, and is a half-breed with a quarter of American origin. From Okinawa, she has a unique temperament and is the perfect embodiment of ‘confidence’ and ‘softness’. This unique gesture expresses the attractive charm of Lukia women’s watches.

Spokesperson for the Lukia watch: Akira Kuroki
The best endorsement of confidence and femininity LUKIA.
Demonstrating a touch of temperament and dazzling fashion.
Lukia’s new watch design is inspired by the bright sun, showing the beauty of agility and sparkle. It is the first time for the Asian market. Dial scales are mostly displayed with lively and playful Arabic numerals and radial flower marks. Special models are even embellished with diamonds. The dial is just right and concise and easy to read. The dial’s wavy lines mean soft, warm femininity. Designed specifically for women, the multi-faceted short-segment strap combines superb sanding technology to make the strap comfortable to wear and fit on the wrist. All models have a curved sapphire crystal and a high water resistance of 10 bar.

 7N82 movement 1N01 movement
 Retail Price: 3,650RMB Retail Price: 3,550RMB
 Case and strap rose gold plated Dial set with 4 diamonds
Kuroki Akira’s two endorsements are rose gold-plated and stainless steel. The feminine and elegant rose gold watch models show a firm and confident temperament. As the light refracts different brilliance, it sets off the elegant and intellectual taste of women. The stainless steel watch perfectly shows the four diamonds on the dial and the elegant dial of champagne pink, as if bathed in a warm and soft color.
Wang Leehom’s recommended models with special exclusive watch box
SEIKO’s brand spokesperson, international superstar Wang Leehom also participated in the launch of the LUKIA series of watches. For the first time, two Leehom limited models were launched, and they were equipped with a special exclusive watch box designed by Leehom to create a unique gift. . Leehom strongly recommends the message: ‘It’s a good watch for a long time. This watch is just for you. It will also win the long-term love of more women. The watch box has chosen my favorite red.

SEIKO (SEIKO) brand spokesperson Wang Leehom limited watch, with a specially designed exclusive box
Give ‘change’ to your favorite self, say goodbye to a single past, and start today.
The new LUKIA series has the magic of ‘change yourself’. Revitalize yourself. Dedicated to you who are confident and elegant.

7N82 movement 1N01 movement
Retail Price: 3,600RMB Price: 3,750RMB
Dial set with 5 diamonds Dial set with 4 diamonds
Leehom Limited Watch Leehom Limited Watch
In the warm spring, with the new Lukaa series watches, show elegant elegance. ‘Love changing, love new self’!
SXDE26J1- Advertising
● Movement: 7N82 quartz movement
● Table mirror: curved sapphire crystal
● Bezel case and strap: stainless steel plating rose gold
● Tri-fold button switch buckle
● Date display
● Suggested retail price in China: RMB 3,650
SXGP05J1- Advertising
● Movement: 1N01 quartz movement
● Table mirror: curved sapphire crystal
● Dial with 4 diamonds
● Bezel case and strap: stainless steel
● Tri-fold button switch buckle
● Suggested retail price in China: RMB 3,550
SXDE29J1- Leehom Limited
● Movement: 7N82 quartz movement
● Table mirror: curved sapphire crystal
● Dial with 5 diamonds
● Bezel: stainless steel; case and strap: stainless steel gold
● Tri-fold button switch buckle
● Date display
● Suggested retail price in China: RMB 3,600
SXGP09J1- Leehom Limited
● Movement: 1N01 quartz movement
● Table mirror: curved sapphire crystal
● Dial with 4 diamonds
● Bezel case: stainless steel; strap: stainless steel
● Tri-fold button switch buckle
● Suggested retail price in China: RMB 3,750


Visit M.A.D. Gallery Established By Mb & F In Geneva

MADGallery established by MB & F is an important visiting point in the center of Geneva. It is located on rue Verdaine Street in Geneva, only a few steps away from the company’s workshop in the center of the city: this is not one An ordinary, standardized, big-brand store-but a charmingly designed small universe with mechanical kinetic energy at its core. The gallery displays unique clocks and watches and other unique mechanical art installations.
As the name suggests, the brand does not want this to be just a boutique, but rather to open an art gallery-a creative platform that matches all the machines created by MB & F, as well as carefully crafted by the creators of the brand Mechanical art installations from far away all over the world. Many of these creators are not yet known …

M.A.D.Gallery is a true extension of the MB & F concept: the machines created by MB & F are used to tell the whole age, not to look at time. They are not only unique works in the history of mechanical watches, but also kinetic art in three dimensions. The creators of each collection in the gallery adhere to the same philosophy: craftsmanship has long been beyond practical value, and all works must reach the realm of art.
 Stunning collections include ‘Machine Lights’ lamps designed by Frank Buchwald in Berlin, Germany, sculptures by Chinese artist Xia Hang, and amusement produced by British brand Laikingland, a team of humorous designers Human-powered gadgets. MB & F prefers to call these works mechanical installations, and every gem in M.A.D.Gallery will make your heart beat faster. The gallery showcases a full range of MB & F watchmaking machines, including the newly launched Legacy Machine N ° 1 and limited edition HM4.

MB & F M.A.D. Gallery
Rue Verdaine 11
Geneva 1204