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Rare World Famous Diamonds Indulge In French Aesthetics ‘dancing With Light And Bright Life’ Cartier Diamond Series Jewelry Show

On March 4, 2016, Cartier’s ‘Dancing with Light and Bright Life’ jewelry exhibition opened at the Shanghai International Finance Center. Mr. Renaud Litré, CEO of Cartier China, and Ms. Zhang Yuqi, a famous movie star, came to the scene to share the legendary story of Cartier’s diamond works with hundreds of distinguished guests and feel the brilliant light and shadow of Cartier’s diamond series.

Cartier China CEO Mr. Li Hanlong and famous movie star Ms. Zhang Yuqi unveiled the ‘Dancing with Light and Bright Life’ Cartier Diamond Series Jewellery Show

Famous movie star Miss Zhang Yuqi wears Cartier Pur Absolu diamond necklace, highlighting her elegant and noble charm

Pur Absolu Necklace: Platinum and diamonds, a DIF-bright cut pear-shaped diamond weighing 30.21 carats; a natural pearl weighing 17.41 grains; two kite-shaped step-cut diamonds weighing 7.26 carats; with seven Pear-shaped diamonds and multiple brilliant-cut diamonds. The center diamond can be removed and set on the ring.
   The main diamond weighs 30.21 carats and has been pictured in the Cartier micro-film ‘Diamond is a woman’s best friend.’ This diamond diamond necklace also debuted in China for the first time. This translucent and brilliant masterpiece was impressed by the wonderful interpretation of Miss Zhang Yuqi. Pur Absolu diamond necklace contains a 30.21 carat DIF brilliant-cut pear-shaped diamond, two kite-shaped step-cut diamonds weighing 7.26 carats, and a round natural pearl weighing 17.41 grains. The main stone with such a weight can reach lla-type clear and flawless, which is rare in the world. With the unique technology of Cartier jewelry master, it took 1,000 hours to make the whole necklace leave no trace of inlay, and only dazzling between square inches. The main stone of this rare gem can also be converted to a claw-set ring setting with the same geometric design, a timeless stone, two kinds of light and shadow appearance … perfectly showing the unique aesthetics and exquisite craftsmanship of Cartier’s high jewelry .

Mr. Hanlong Li, CEO of Cartier China, and Miss Zhang Yuqi, a famous movie star, visit the ‘Dancing with Light and Bright Life’ Cartier Diamond Series Jewellery Show

Mr. Hanlong Li, CEO of Cartier China, and Miss Zhang Yuqi, a famous movie star, visited Cartier Shanghai IFC Center boutiques

Jewelry private space on the second floor of Cartier Shanghai IFC Centre

   During the exhibition, Cartier created a private jewelry space on the second floor of the Shanghai IFC Center boutique. Pushing open the double doors of the staircase, surrounded by cherry pink, a lady’s living room filled with rich Parisian style awaits the arrival of VIPs. Glittering jewellery display, comfortable and elegant dressing space, unique window decoration and red elements embellished in it … Cartier is carefully arranged to share the endless creativity and exquisite craftsmanship of French palace-level jewellery brands with guests. In the evening of the opening event, Ms. Zhang Yuqi shared her unique insights on Cartier’s jewelry aesthetics with Cartier VIPs in a private space for jewelry.

Ms. Zhang Yuqi shares jewelry aesthetics with Cartier VIPs in the private jewelry space

   ‘For more than a century, the exquisite combination of exquisite craftsmanship and rare gemstones has perfectly demonstrated Cartier’s jewelry art concept again and again. Brilliant diamonds are an endless source of inspiration for the brand. In Cartier’s fairy tale kingdom, whether it is against the stars Still reflecting sunlight, Cartier’s diamond works have witnessed the most memorable shining moments in the lives of women. ‘Cartier China CEO Mr. Li Hanlong said:’ With this jewelry exhibition, we hope that Cartier’s diamond series works can make guests feel To Cartier’s unique aesthetic style, innovative design concepts and vivid brand personality. ‘

Cartier Diamond Jewellery Show

   ‘Dancing with Light and Bright Life’ Cartier Diamond Series Jewellery Show was exhibited in the atrium area of ​​the first floor of Shanghai IFC Center from March 4th to March 13th, 2016. This exhibition tells the story of diamonds from the legendary moments of numerous celebrities since Cartier was founded nearly 170 years ago, as well as a vivid introduction to the new diamond series and Cartier’s selection of diamond standards. The private jewelry space on the second floor of Cartier Shanghai IFC Center Boutique will also be open to specially invited VIPs during this period.


How About Tissot Eta2824-2 Movement? Recommended Models Of Tissot Carson Series

Tissot said that one of the many Swiss watches that has received widespread attention is one of the world’s top sellers. And Tissot Carson series watches will not be unfamiliar to many people. Next, the editor introduces Tissot Carson movement ETA2824-2 and two related watches.
 The Tissot Carson series uses materials and human symbols everywhere to vividly show the 155-year history of Tissot, the brand style that complements tradition and innovation, and the perfect quality, leading customers to appreciate the charm of time together … Tissot Carson series uses Movement ETA2824-2.

 ETA2824-2 is not only stable and accurate, but also has a bracelet function, so the price is higher than the Japanese movement. ETA2824-2 has been more than half a century since the prototype was published, and the types of movements derived from Eterna and ETA can be described as too diverse. There are slight differences in appearance, vibration frequency and balance wheel types, but the used ones Neither the transmission gear train nor the two-way winding system has been changed significantly.
 Relevant movement information: Tissot Carson series gold watches inherit the classic and dignified design concepts, simple and elegant design and solemn and elegant color choices, so that you can wear at any moment and occasion, exuding a low-key elegant graceful atmosphere. The combination of black, gold and white watches is natural, deep and gentle, with exquisite details and 18K gold polishing technology, just like mother’s care.

 Tissot-Carson T95.2.483.51 men’s mechanical watch equipped with automatic mechanical movement ETA2824-2, date display, three hands. Sapphire crystal glass, gold bracelet, elegant and noble, is the first choice for many businesses.
 Related watch information: Tissot-Carson T95.1.483.31 men’s mechanical watch with automatic mechanical movement ETA2824-2, calendar display function. The silver dial and the bar scale design are simple and classic. The stainless steel case strap is used to make the lines concise and flawless.
 Related watch information: tissot / 289 /


Don’t Like Watches On Weekends? Just Choose These Models

Because of work, many friends wear watches during work. After all, it’s not appropriate to have a meeting or see customers using their mobile phones to watch the time. However, on the weekends, they do n’t really like watches, and they often prefer free and comfortable leisure time , Wearing a watch feels more cumbersome. However, many watches are placed on the weekend for two days and then go to see it on Monday. Because of the lack of power, they stop and need to adjust the time and date. It is too much trouble. But don’t worry, these watches will make your weekends easy and enjoyable.
Mido Helmsman M005.431.36.031.00 watch

Watch number: M005.431.36.031.00
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: leather
Domestic public price: ¥ 9000
Watch details: 7550
Watch details: 6050
Watch details: Before the 80 movement came out, Changdong Power was exclusive to high-end watches, and the price was high, so the current watch friends are still happy, and they will be happier in the future.


Bronze Age Oris Grand Crown Family Welcomes New Bronze Member

Holstein, Switzerland-With the rebirth of the Oris Grand Crown series, the natural nostalgic material of bronze is also shown on the 36mm large crown analog date watch A different color.
   Oris and aviation have a long history. Oris was founded in 1904 at the beginning of the aviation industry. As early as the early 1910s, Oris began manufacturing a variety of aviation pocket watches. In 1917, Oris launched the brand’s first aviation watch, which has a unique timing insurance design. The time adjustment operation can be performed by pressing the button located at 2 o’clock on the case; in 1938, the iconic large crown The advent of the watch, its oversized crown makes it easy for pilots to operate the watch while wearing leather gloves. Today, Oris watches in the aerospace series continue the tradition and are full of creativity, and are popular with pilots worldwide.

The bronze case of the large crown analogue watch produces a unique oxidation effect over time

   The large crown analogue watch has always been Oris’ iconic product. Its practicality and innovation are the core values ​​of this Swiss independent watchmaking brand. In the early 1980s, the big crown watch witnessed a reversal of the brand of Oris, which specialized in mechanical watches, after the quartz crisis. The sleek, streamlined shape, the classic coin-shaped bezel, the impressive large crown, the simple dial design, and the unique pointer calendar display make it the most recognizable Oris timepiece at the time.
   Oris designers have retained these classic elements in the process of reshaping the big crown watch, and introduced modern watchmaking technology and aesthetic requirements. Take the table mirror as an example, the convex arc shows the retro charm of half a century ago, the performance and texture of sapphire, and it gives a new touch.

Sapphire ‘bubble mirror’ is the perfect combination of nostalgia and technology

   The use of bronze material further releases the nostalgia of the large crown watch. With the passage of time, the appearance of bronze will gradually form an oxide layer, and the color and texture of the oxidation are closely related to the humidity of the environment and the pH value of the wearer. In the end, every bronze watch will be as unique as its owner.
   Just as eye-catching as the 36mm bronze case of the watch is its special dial coloring, this patina-like light green comes from the architectural color set of modern master LeCorbusier. The combination of light green and bronze can complement each other. Adhering to Oris’s strategy of producing only mechanical watches, the large crown analogue bronze watch is equipped with a Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement that drives the rose gold-plated hour, minute, central seconds and unique calendar hands. To highlight the warm texture of the watch, the designer matched it with a light brown vegetable tanned leather strap. The large crown analogue bronze watch with hands, records the date change with the hands, let the bronze tell the story of time.
Oris Large Crown Analog Bronze Watch

Product number: 0175477493167, table diameter: 36.00mm
Oris754 self-winding mechanical movement with analog date function
Bronze case and screw-in crown, 50m water resistance
Screw-down stainless steel case back, mineral glass bottom
Double-sided arched sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating on the inside
Green dial, rose gold-plated hands, and love indexes coated with Super-LumiNova®
Light brown vegetable tanned leather strap with bronze pin buckle
Suggested retail price: RMB 12,500

For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:


It’s A Low-key Hublot Hublot Big Bang Jewelry Tourbillon

HUBLOT brings imaginative cross-border cooperation again! The brand and KARMALOOG jointly created a new concept-combining luxury watches, fashion trends, high-tech technology! KARMALOOG artistic director Bajadjan carefully designed a very stylish black alligator bomber jacket for this cooperation, at the same time, The Big Bang jewelry giant tourbillon watch also came into being!

Hublot and high-end clothing and accessories brand KARMALOOG create a luxury gift box that combines luxury watches and leather jackets, making diamond watches not only sparkling, but also a fashionable taste

This dazzling, full-diamond tourbillon watch is set with 380 square diamonds and scales are arranged on the case, dial and buckle. The size and shape of the diamond are carefully designed to be as delicate and layered as the texture of a crocodile skin. The faceplate is set with 102 square diamonds (4.3 carats in total). At 6 o’clock, there is a see-through window to enjoy the rhythmic movement of the HUB6016 tourbillon movement. The hand-wound movement is hidden in a 45 mm diameter case and has a 115-hour power reserve. The case is set with 234 square diamonds (7.6 carats total), and the buckle on the alligator strap is also set with 44 baguette diamonds (1.6 carats total).

The Big Bang jewelry giant tourbillon is set with a total of up to 380 diamonds. The diamond design on the faceplate is based on the texture of crocodile leather, echoing the crocodile leather strap and even the crocodile leather jacket

Launched in conjunction with the Hublot Big Bang jewellery giant tourbillon watch is the KARMALOOG black alligator bomber jacket. Racho Bajadjan and Nezir Yozgat created the high-end clothing and accessories brand KARMALOOG, a collection of outstanding craftsmen, carefully selected high-quality materials and using the cutting-edge cutting-edge concept to create a proud trend. KARMALOOG strictly complies with international animal protection laws, and leather is sourced from quality suppliers. This trendy bomber jacket is lined with a unique carbon-aramid blend. This woven fabric made of multi-layer carbon nanotube fabric can strengthen the protection without increasing the volume, so that the jacket can withstand and withstand the strong impact of some projectiles. At the same time, the jacket is lined with silkscreen silk with classic Hublot classic colors.

The watch is equipped with the HUB6016 movement. In addition to the basic time-division display, there is a tourbillon device at six o’clock to glimpse the essence of advanced watchmaking. The other is a power reserve display at nine o’clock, which represents the 115-hour power consumption of the watch. .

The jacket zipper is made of precious metal with jewellery, which is full of texture. The front main zipper is covered with precious diamonds (set with 39 diamonds and a total weight of 0.88 carats) in 18K white gold, with a platinum zipper. Two H-zips accent the side pockets. In order to increase the variety of zipper options, the above zippers can be replaced by KARMALOOG hand-crafted 18K white gold zippers. The concealed pocket on the inside of the jacket has four connections, and the Hublot with one-button quick-change strap system can be easily fitted over the jacket cuffs. With just one touch, the watch can be transferred from the jacket cuffs to the wrist, which is very practical and interesting.

This aviator jacket is made of black crocodile leather and lined with a unique carbon fiber aramid blend fabric-this meticulously woven fabric made of multiple layers of carbon nanotube fabric adds protection without adding bulk

The two brands have teamed up to create a small watch case with a strap, jacket zip and replacement buckle. The luxury is breathtaking

The Big Bang jewelry giant tourbillon watch and KARMALOOG black crocodile leather jacket combination will also be accompanied by a briefcase dedicated to the watch, convenient storage in the safe. The above luxury items are placed in a black leather sports bag with a small watch box. The first collector to win this set of millions of dollars respected gift box is the legendary boxer Freud who has maintained an unbeaten record of 50 games. Floyd Mayweather!

Big Bang jewelry giant tourbillon

18K white gold material / HUB6016 manual winding movement / hour and minute display / tourbillon device / watch with 380 diamonds / sapphire crystal / waterproof 30 meters / 45mm diameter —-


Breitling Jets Set Off On American Journey

After experiencing the magnificent 2013 ‘Dragon Asia’ journey, the world’s largest civil professional jet aerobatic flight performance team-the Breitling Jet Team, set off again for the first time American continent. This unprecedented journey not only covers the United States, but also sweeps across Canada. Breitling’s iconic colors indulge in the blue sky again!
   The Breitling Jets’ 2015 trip to the United States kicked off on Tuesday, April 21, at the Sun ‘n Fun Airshow in Lakeland, Florida.
   On this thrilling long journey, this aerobatic flight demonstration team consisting of 7 L-39C Albatros military trainers will perform amazing performances at many flying events, including Breitling. The famous Renault flight race as the main sponsor.
   In addition, in the coming months, the Breitling Jets will fly over many legendary landmarks across the United States, such as Cape Canaveral, known as the Aviation Coast, Miami, Florida, Statue of Liberty in New York, Mount Rushmore National Memorial Park, and Monument Valley.
  To celebrate this great journey, Breitling specially launched the brand’s flagship professional pilot Chronomat commemorative watch-the ultimate chronograph ‘Chronomat 44 Breitling Jet Team American Tour Limited Edition’ , 500 pieces sold worldwide.
   The watch is equipped with a dazzling cool black steel case, the case is engraved with the official logo of the trip to the United States, the black dial is decorated with the Breitling Jet team emblem, and the number on the black rotating bezel is set with yellow The eye-catching color of the rubber makes the eye shine, which complements the body painting of the Breitling Jets.
   This is a pure ‘professional wrist watch’, which combines performance, courage and precision, just like the Breitling Jet Team.