Cartier was held at the Cathay Financial Building in Taipei on April 11th: L’Odyssée de Cartier top jewelry exhibition party, the evening of the event opened with a red carpet, and guests arrived by car. Artists present include: Tsai Yilin, Guan Ying, Sun Yunyun, Lin Junjie, Wu Jianhao, Lin Yichen, Chen Tingni, Xu Weining, Melody, Ding Chuncheng, Fang Siyu, Wang Baijie, Lin Baihong, Wang Siping.

 L’Odysse ́e de Cartier’s top jewellery show party red carpet.

 The party performance began with a vibrant African drum (Hong Kong’s African Drum and Dance Academy), representing the African continent on the journey of L’Odyssée de Cartier; followed by a performance of Chinese national music (Taipei National Orchestra), representing Chinese culture; The third performance is a traditional Indian dance performed by the teenage Pi movie heroine Sanath Shravath (Indian SND Dance Company). The background animation is beautiful.

 The top jewellery models show, with 15 models taking turns to show Cartier’s top jewellery with spectacular pictures. These include supermodels Reza, Lin Youli, Wang Xintian and Wu Pinxuan. The finale of the performance was Lin Junjie’s live singing, bringing 4 songs and 1 encore to the guests of the ‘City’ representative of the journey, bringing the event to a climax.

 Jolin Tsai attended the 2014 Cartier Top Jewellery Show Party.

 Lin Junjie attended the 2014 Cartier Top Jewellery Show Party as a guest speaker.

 Group photo of guests from Cartier (from left) Hu Xingpei, Managing Director of Cartier Taiwan, Nicolas Roux-Alezai, top jewelry business development director of Cartier headquarters, and Chen Xinhan, Cartier public relations manager.

 Group photo of guests from Cartier (from left) Lin Minglong, Cartier’s business director, Lin Miaoxiang, Cartier’s sales department manager, and Elie Kadouche, Cartier’s Taiwan area marketing planning manager.

 Jolin Tsai, Jianhao Wu, and Ning Xu attended the party of L’Odysse ́e de Cartier.

 Liu Xuanzhang attended the party of L’Odysse ́e de Cartier top jewelry exhibition.

 Chen Tingni, Lin Baihong and Lin Yichen attended the party of L’Odysse ́e de Cartier.

 The supermodel Rutha shows Cartier’s top jewelry, elegant and moving.