Month: March 2021

Glittering Diamond Jewelry Watch For Your Romantic And Luxurious New Experience

Nowadays more and more watches are designed with diamonds. Everyone loves beautiful diamonds. I don’t know who set the watch with diamonds. This design is definitely a symbol of top luxury. There is definitely a qualitative leap in the price after setting diamonds. Today I will recommend a few jewelry watches with diamonds.
Diamond jewellery watches use the sparkle of diamonds to give people a feeling of luxurious luxury. Women have never lacked their love for diamonds. In any age, a long-lasting vow of diamonds will never change. The light of diamonds attracts anyone who loves diamonds. Take a look at the four diamond jewelry watches Shocked!
Piaget Limelight Garden Party G0A36166

独特 This unique Limelight Garden Party watch is set with marquise-shaped emeralds, reminiscent of the lush foliage in a verdant garden in the bright sun. The gemstones on the case and the silk strap complement each other, while the diamonds are radiant and shining, like a dazzling garland appearing between the branches and leaves. This watch requires 60 hours of research and development time and 60 hours of setting time.

绿 Limelight Garden Party G0A36166, Piaget’s extraordinary treasure series inspired by green leaves, makes people yearn for nature. 10 translucent high-quality emeralds, just like the tender green leaves on the watch swaying in the wind. The line-shaped design gives the gems vitality and keeps them alive forever. It is equipped with Piaget 56P quartz movement, black silk strap, 18K white gold case set with 10 marquise emeralds (about 5 carats) and 35 round diamonds (about 2.1 carats). Extravagant craftsmanship, gorgeous and extraordinary.
Athens Women’s Watch Series 136-91AC / 06-02

Modern women have new and interesting ideas all the time. The latest ‘Imagination’ series launched by Athens is full of luxury diamonds, integrating art and aesthetics. The 18K rose gold case set with diamonds allows ladies who pay attention to the external beauty to make various matching decorations, which greatly meets the desire of modern women to pursue both internal and external, showing the beauty of modern women’s strong independence, rigid and soft outside.

天然 The natural shape of round gemstones surrounds the crown edge, which shows the noble and elegant design of the watch. The exquisite and streamlined design of the face plate has a choice of expensive diamond styles and simple diamond-free styles. The watch can be paired with a diamond-studded bracelet to set it apart.
Breguet High Jewellery Watch Series GJE15BB20.8924RB1

Feather with the most festive atmosphere, whether it is sewn on the bride’s wedding dress or embellished on personalized jewelry, it is full of magnificence and passion. But have you ever thought about setting light feathers on women’s watches? Yes, the Breguet Plume series has created this fantastic miracle! 18K white gold watches are inlaid with square rubies, and the red glow is auspicious. With joy in color.

The feather-like light jewels passed silently from the body, innocent and shy, which fixed the most charming moment of a woman. Feathers composed of sparkling diamonds and colorful gemstones contrast with each other, hugging the skin, making women playful and sexy! This jewellery watch is made of 18k white gold with diamonds, and the mirror material is sapphire crystal glass, which is elegant and noble.
宝 High Jewellery Watch Series GJE15BB20.8924RB1
Frank Muller 4 SAISONS 42 DM 4 SAI BAG CD watch

This Frank Muller watch is full of magnificent imagination. The dial is inspired by the roulette, which breaks the hands and often makes the reading time interesting. Dazzling colored gemstones surround the dial, forming a bright ring like a rainbow, immediately delighting the mood. The watch uses the FM 800 automatic mechanical movement, with a power reserve of 42 hours. The large 42mm dial makes the watch even more stylish. The sparkling beauty of the diamonds on the dial and case is surprisingly beautiful, but it does not affect the harmony and elegance of the Cintre Curvex lines, or the restraint and calmness of the round case.

Double Mystery is the first watch to have neither an hour hand nor a minute hand. The dial consists of two discs that rotate in different ways. On the one hand, it shows the pure beauty unique to this series of watches, on the other hand, it can still read the time accurately. Hidden behind this complication watch is the great genius device under the dial.


2014 Preview Of New Sihh Products Vacheron Constantin Malta Tourbillon Watch

Combining different art forms, Vacheron Constantin has achieved this, combining precision, preciousness and beauty, becoming a bridge between different arts and cultures, bringing together magical watchmaking techniques and mysterious gem setting. Achieving extraordinary treasures-Vacheron Constantin Malta Tourbillon High Jewellery Watch.

   This is a special and precious piece of art, entirely handmade, set with 418 diamonds (approximately 19.6 carats total). At present, there are only a few craftsmen who master this diamond setting method. The supporting track of the gemstone is completely hidden, and no trace can be seen at all. In this case, the gemstones bloom the most dazzling light. Vacheron Constantin applied this technology. Although the curved curve of the watch makes this task more difficult, it does not stump the skilled craftsmen, from design to gems, from watches to jewellery. Each has performed extraordinary abilities.

   The watch’s bezel, lugs, and dial are set with diamonds, which sparkle. It takes more than 100 hours for all diamonds to be set. The Vacheron Constantin Malta Tourbillon High Jewellery Watch also complies with the latest standard of the Geneva Seal. The Geneva Seal is only issued to clocks made in the Geneva area. The final test standard is in full compliance with the movement of the ’12 Rules of the Geneva Seal’. ‘Eagle and key’ badge logo.

   The watch is equipped with Calibre 2795 manual winding movement, composed of 169 parts, has a power reserve of about 2 days, and has a perfect internal structure. The tourbillon frame is inspired by the brand’s iconic Maltese cross, showing the perfect level of watchmaking. Each chamfer is finished by hand polishing. The tourbillon not only represents Vacheron Constantin’s technical level but also the brand’s quality requirements.
Vacheron Constantin Malta Tourbillon Fine Jewelry Watch Technical Parameters
Reference model: 30630 / 000G-9899
Movement: 2795 Manual winding Geneva Seal Certification
Case dimensions: 27.37 x 29.30 mm (12 ” ‘1/4 × 12’ ” 3/4)
Case thickness: 6.10 mm
Power reserve: 45 hours
Frequency: 2.5 Hz (18,000 times / hour)
Strap: Mississippi alligator strap with black alligator leather
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9 Exquisite Cartier Zhenpin

For thousands of years, sapphire has been treated with mysterious supernatural colors by ancient people because of its beautiful crystal clear color. It is regarded as auspicious things, and it has always enjoyed a respectable status, and it is also quite rare. Precious gem. Top: Pasha de Cartier 42mm skeleton watch with cheetah pattern, dial set with diamonds, sapphire crystal
Bottom: Cartier Mille et une heures series high-end jewelry watch, the body is set with tourmaline, sapphire, diamond and other gems
灵感 Inspiration from all things, Cartier’s exquisite craftsmanship of fine jewellery has given jewellery and watches a fresh and dynamic life. Only the rare and rare natural treasures have the honor to receive the favor of Cartier’s jewelry masters, clear and transparent aquamarine, noble and deep emerald, mysterious and beautiful onyx, intriguing ruby, and the round and sensual natural pearl … The rare materials in the world are matched with the perfect form of diamonds, which embodies the queen-like nobility.
Sapphire: Precious Ocean Heart
For thousands of years, sapphire has been treated with mysterious supernatural colors by ancient people for its crystal clear and beautiful color, and is regarded as auspicious. It has always enjoyed a respected status and is also a rare precious gem. In countless emperor supplies, we can also see many sapphires, and the best of many sapphires has become a symbol of eternity, and even has a legendary story. From cornflower blue to midnight blue, sapphire contains almost all colors, even yellow, pink, green, violet …
Top: Cartier High Jewellery Watch, body inlaid with rubies, diamonds, etc.
Bottom: Cartier Mille et une heures series high-end jewelry watch, the body is set with diamonds, rubies and other gems
Ruby: The fire of love that never goes out
In ancient India, ruby ​​was known as the ‘head of gems’, which shows that it has a very high status in people’s hearts. Ruby is praised as the most precious of all gems in the Bible. Its hot and eye-catching red makes people always associate it with the enthusiasm and precious love between the sexes, which is taken for granted as a ‘stone of love’ and always represents love Beauty, eternity and steadfastness.
Above: Cartier high jewelry watch, watch body inlaid with diamonds, emeralds, onyx and other gems
Middle: Cartier Cheetah High Jewellery Watch with Onyx, Emerald, Diamonds
Bottom: Cartier high jewelry watch, the watch body is set with diamonds, emeralds, onyx and other gems
Emerald: Mysterious Forest of Life
The emerald with a smooth texture like velvet is known as one of the ‘four most precious’ gems in the world. The deep and dim green color of the gem has deeply captured the hearts of countless people for more than three thousand years. As early as the beginning of the twentieth century, Cartier once produced a set of luxurious emerald jewelry for Indian monarchs, giving this expensive gem a more extraordinary charm.
Above: Cartier’s fine jewelry watch with pearls and diamonds
Bottom: Cartier Mille et une heures high jewelry watch with diamond inlaid on the body
Pearl: Tears of Artemis
Pearl is unique in that she is the only natural jewellery in the jewelry family that does not need to be carved. Born and rounded, delicate and smooth, noble, elegant and gentle. Because of its gentle and elegant luster, and its soft and natural texture, pearl has become an indispensable material for Cartier. The exquisite pearl decoration strap fits the feminine and noble temperament. Cartier cleverly combines pearls and diamonds, making the created products an infinite compliment to the 10,000 styles unintentionally revealed by women.
Diamond: Eternal Rainbow Mirror
The power of diamonds makes people intoxicated. The small volume gathers huge energy and can reflect thousands of dazzling lights. The more distinctive the natural color of the diamond, the more rare and extremely valuable it is. Diamond’s unique high hardness, high refractive index and high purity have created an unparalleled brilliance and innocent hard character. The fine cut of the diamonds shows the best beauty of each diamond, perfectly interpreting the noble qualities of Cartier jewelry watches, even in the most detailed places, you can feel the feminine beauty, natural harmony and unique atmosphere and elegant.