Month: June 2021

Vacheron Constantin Reaffirms Its Support For The European Arts And Crafts Open Day

From March 27th to March 29th, the 2015 European Artistic Crafts Days will be held in more than a dozen different countries including Switzerland. Vacheron Constantin, the famous Swiss watchmaking brand, has reaffirmed its support for this event for the fifth consecutive year. It aims to let the public understand the precious heritage of arts and crafts and ignite the enthusiasm for future professional development.
Vacheron Constantin respects the same values ​​as the European Arts and Crafts Open Day
   Founded in Geneva in 1755, Vacheron Constantin is one of the oldest watchmaking brands in the world. It has faithfully continued the Swiss tradition of excellence in craftsmanship and passion for watchmaking for 260 years without interruption. For Vacheron Constantin, promoting the arts and crafts industry is not only a promise, but also a responsibility.
   Since 2011, Vacheron Constantin and the French National institute of Artistic Crafts have strongly supported the ‘Mutations’ theme art exhibition held at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris. In Milan, Vacheron Constantin and the Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’ Arte co-founded the “Intrecci” exhibition at the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum to present traditional weaving art.
European arts and crafts open day event in western Switzerland attracted more than 60 trade representatives from three cantons
   Following Geneva in 2012 and Vaud in 2014, this year Jura has also participated in this event. Touring events across the three states will present the local public with colorful art treasures (many of which are forgotten and rare in the world) and unprecedented intimate interaction and communication experiences.
L’Ile de la Cité in Geneva presents historical heritage
   The Vacheron Constantin House in l’Ile de la Cité, Geneva is the foundation of the brand’s glorious history. As an important part of the 2015 celebration, Vacheron Constantin will host the first public open day here. At such a unique and important moment, Vacheron Constantin will invite gem inlayers, engravers and watchmakers to show their superb skills on the scene, presenting the charming charm of artistic craftsmanship spanning centuries to the public.
   The European Arts and Crafts Open Day aims to explain arts and crafts from a new modern perspective, increase its public visibility and protect historical heritage. By sponsoring this event, Vacheron Constantin has demonstrated an inseparable connection with ancient cultural heritage and a firm determination to protect, spread and promote its continuous development.


Early Autumn Anniversary Starts, Tissot Surprises Without Interruption

The hot sun is gradually mellow, the cool autumn wind blows, the slightly cool early autumn is refreshing. Just when the season is changing, it is also a good time for consumers to buy and the lively anniversary is running. In order to give consumers an uninterrupted surprise, they havetily rushed to Tissot’s famous stores across Taiwan to buy a suitable Watch to comfort yourself a hard year.
Tissot watches with good gold and silver prices
   Tissot watches with pure Swiss origin have the title of ‘Swiss National Watch’. Adhering to the outstanding creative spirit and traditional professional watchmaking craftsmanship since 162, it has truly demonstrated the brand spirit of ‘extraordinary creativity and originated from tradition’. It offers high CP value models with gold and silver prices, which always surprises watch fans. . This year’s anniversary, Tissot also specially selected several exquisite watches to share with watch fans.

Tissot Flamenco

Tissot Flamingo’s elegant flamingo descends
   Tissot Flamenco series, elegant and soft lines come from the design inspiration of flamingo. The exquisite design with mother-of-pearl faceplate and arc-shaped jewel crown that refracts moving light and shadows at different angles shines introverted light, like a flamingo’s flapping wings on the shore to stir up waves. The chain shell and lugs are integrated with unique and unique lines. With the slender chain, it extends up and down, just like the flaming crane’s slim legs. Exquisite workmanship creates visual effects similar to jewelry accessories. Elegant and charming shapes, whether in dress or casual dressing, can add to the overall style of women. No matter where they are, with one hand and one foot, Will be noticed and appreciated by everyone.

Tissot chronograph series

Tissot Lugano

Tissot watches and new Lugano models
   Inheriting the consistently simple design of the Tissot series of watches and the Tissot series of Lugano models, this time with a special Nato NATO military nylon strap, the casual style is still simple and stylish, and can be matched with different watches according to different moods The belt makes fashion simple. The lightweight aluminum bezel and sports-style hour markers 12 attract the attention of many young people who follow the trend.
   In order to highlight the sense of speed of motorsports, the Tissot series of watches adds a tachymeter scale to the bezel. When used with a chronograph, it can easily measure the driving speed per kilometer. The faceplate design is simple and elegant. The straight stick-shaped hands and wide three-dimensional time scales create a balanced sense of stability. The date window replaces the time scales at 4 o’clock, the Arabic numerals at 12 o’clock, the TISSOT brand logo and 1853. The year of founding the factory added many surprise details to the dish.
   The Tissot Lugano model is a new watch named after Lake Lugano in southern Switzerland. It draws inspiration from Lake Lugano and turns the popular sailing events on the lake into a leisure sports style every summer. The simple and bright dial, the hour markers and the stick-shaped hands are elegant and large. The Arabic numerals and brand logo at 12 o’clock bring a subtle surprise to the simple dial. The date display is set at 6 o’clock and the minutes are engraved. The exquisite aluminum bezel of the numbers makes the overall shape more open and clear.

Tissot Duluer Series Mechanical Power 80 Women
Tissot Duluer series mechanical power 80 women show feminine elegance
   Unique Tissot Duluer series mechanical power 80 women, elegant watch design with white leather strap, central radial hairline sanding, dial outer ring with Paris studs and 32 Top Welleston genuine Diamond, dazzling light reveals noble and elegant atmosphere. Round design and clear lug design, there is no trace of extra lines. The specially designed transparent watch back cover can admire the new-generation Powermatic 80-hour movement, which can store up to 80 hours of stable power. As long as it is continuously worn daily, it will swing with the wrist and automatically wind up the movement at any time. With formal wear revealing femininity and temperament; casual wear shows low-key luxury, is a classic watch essential for every woman.