9 Exquisite Cartier Zhenpin

For thousands of years, sapphire has been treated with mysterious supernatural colors by ancient people because of its beautiful crystal clear color. It is regarded as auspicious things, and it has always enjoyed a respectable status, and it is also quite rare. Precious gem. Top: Pasha de Cartier 42mm skeleton watch with cheetah pattern, dial set with diamonds, sapphire crystal
Bottom: Cartier Mille et une heures series high-end jewelry watch, the body is set with tourmaline, sapphire, diamond and other gems
灵感 Inspiration from all things, Cartier’s exquisite craftsmanship of fine jewellery has given jewellery and watches a fresh and dynamic life. Only the rare and rare natural treasures have the honor to receive the favor of Cartier’s jewelry masters, clear and transparent aquamarine, noble and deep emerald, mysterious and beautiful onyx, intriguing ruby, and the round and sensual natural pearl … The rare materials in the world are matched with the perfect form of diamonds, which embodies the queen-like nobility.
Sapphire: Precious Ocean Heart
For thousands of years, sapphire has been treated with mysterious supernatural colors by ancient people for its crystal clear and beautiful color, and is regarded as auspicious. It has always enjoyed a respected status and is also a rare precious gem. In countless emperor supplies, we can also see many sapphires, and the best of many sapphires has become a symbol of eternity, and even has a legendary story. From cornflower blue to midnight blue, sapphire contains almost all colors, even yellow, pink, green, violet …
Top: Cartier High Jewellery Watch, body inlaid with rubies, diamonds, etc.
Bottom: Cartier Mille et une heures series high-end jewelry watch, the body is set with diamonds, rubies and other gems
Ruby: The fire of love that never goes out
In ancient India, ruby ​​was known as the ‘head of gems’, which shows that it has a very high status in people’s hearts. Ruby is praised as the most precious of all gems in the Bible. Its hot and eye-catching red makes people always associate it with the enthusiasm and precious love between the sexes, which is taken for granted as a ‘stone of love’ and always represents love Beauty, eternity and steadfastness.
Above: Cartier high jewelry watch, watch body inlaid with diamonds, emeralds, onyx and other gems
Middle: Cartier Cheetah High Jewellery Watch with Onyx, Emerald, Diamonds
Bottom: Cartier high jewelry watch, the watch body is set with diamonds, emeralds, onyx and other gems
Emerald: Mysterious Forest of Life
The emerald with a smooth texture like velvet is known as one of the ‘four most precious’ gems in the world. The deep and dim green color of the gem has deeply captured the hearts of countless people for more than three thousand years. As early as the beginning of the twentieth century, Cartier once produced a set of luxurious emerald jewelry for Indian monarchs, giving this expensive gem a more extraordinary charm.
Above: Cartier’s fine jewelry watch with pearls and diamonds
Bottom: Cartier Mille et une heures high jewelry watch with diamond inlaid on the body
Pearl: Tears of Artemis
Pearl is unique in that she is the only natural jewellery in the jewelry family that does not need to be carved. Born and rounded, delicate and smooth, noble, elegant and gentle. Because of its gentle and elegant luster, and its soft and natural texture, pearl has become an indispensable material for Cartier. The exquisite pearl decoration strap fits the feminine and noble temperament. Cartier cleverly combines pearls and diamonds, making the created products an infinite compliment to the 10,000 styles unintentionally revealed by women.
Diamond: Eternal Rainbow Mirror
The power of diamonds makes people intoxicated. The small volume gathers huge energy and can reflect thousands of dazzling lights. The more distinctive the natural color of the diamond, the more rare and extremely valuable it is. Diamond’s unique high hardness, high refractive index and high purity have created an unparalleled brilliance and innocent hard character. The fine cut of the diamonds shows the best beauty of each diamond, perfectly interpreting the noble qualities of Cartier jewelry watches, even in the most detailed places, you can feel the feminine beauty, natural harmony and unique atmosphere and elegant.