Athens Watch ‘sardin Offensive’ Tsar Egg Carving Limited Memorial Painting Set

Nautical timepieces from ancient times to today The endless exploration on land has made people more and more profoundly aware of this world, and the curiosity and exploration of the ocean also have this effect. The development of famous routes, the discovery of a new continent, the prosperity of maritime shipping, and the rise of ship craftsmanship … We gradually become familiar with this blue world. With the continuous deepening, understanding and development of people, the ocean is no longer a barrier that blocks the connection of each continent, but has increasingly become a link between them. During this period of exploration, a large number of navigators and classic sailing events also emerged, which also provided excellent creative materials for many watch brands.

 Speaking of famous Russian historical figures, ‘Peter the Great’ is probably the first name that appeared in people’s minds. This emperor at the same time as Emperor Kangxi of China made an indelible contribution on Russia’s road to becoming a world power. His eagerness to learn and the thirst for advanced technology in the West prompted Russia’s national strength to grow rapidly during his reign. Peter the Great was also visionary and understood the importance of having a strong navy for an empire, so he formed the Baltic fleet. This fleet helped Russia open a new channel of trade to the Baltic Sea, breaking Russia’s embarrassment as a landlocked country and giving it a window to the world. In 2010, Ulysse Nardin launched a limited-edition commemorative painted set of the Tsar Egg Carvings of the Saddam Offensive. On the dial, the enamel painting process was used to show the ‘Sadan Offensive’ cruiser ordered by Emperor Peter in 1703 The first cruiser of the Baltic Fleet). The exquisite reeling technique of the enamel painter showed the picture of the ship breaking through the waves.