Breitling Jets Set Off On American Journey

After experiencing the magnificent 2013 ‘Dragon Asia’ journey, the world’s largest civil professional jet aerobatic flight performance team-the Breitling Jet Team, set off again for the first time American continent. This unprecedented journey not only covers the United States, but also sweeps across Canada. Breitling’s iconic colors indulge in the blue sky again!
   The Breitling Jets’ 2015 trip to the United States kicked off on Tuesday, April 21, at the Sun ‘n Fun Airshow in Lakeland, Florida.
   On this thrilling long journey, this aerobatic flight demonstration team consisting of 7 L-39C Albatros military trainers will perform amazing performances at many flying events, including Breitling. The famous Renault flight race as the main sponsor.
   In addition, in the coming months, the Breitling Jets will fly over many legendary landmarks across the United States, such as Cape Canaveral, known as the Aviation Coast, Miami, Florida, Statue of Liberty in New York, Mount Rushmore National Memorial Park, and Monument Valley.
  To celebrate this great journey, Breitling specially launched the brand’s flagship professional pilot Chronomat commemorative watch-the ultimate chronograph ‘Chronomat 44 Breitling Jet Team American Tour Limited Edition’ , 500 pieces sold worldwide.
   The watch is equipped with a dazzling cool black steel case, the case is engraved with the official logo of the trip to the United States, the black dial is decorated with the Breitling Jet team emblem, and the number on the black rotating bezel is set with yellow The eye-catching color of the rubber makes the eye shine, which complements the body painting of the Breitling Jets.
   This is a pure ‘professional wrist watch’, which combines performance, courage and precision, just like the Breitling Jet Team.