Director Jiang Wen Wears A Raymond Weil Watch To Attend The First Media Meeting Of The Film ‘one Step Away’

On September 1, 2014, Jiang Wen’s IMAX3D movie ‘One Step Away’ was held at the Four Seasons Hotel Beijing after a 100-day countdown to the media. As the Swiss high-end watch brand Raymond Wei (李瑞蒙威) image ambassador for the Greater China region and a leading figure in the Chinese film industry, director Jiang Wen’s new film ‘One Step Away’, which he directed and starred again after 4 years, is the most anticipated in 2014 One of the videos. Feeling that Director Jiang Wen’s enthusiasm and focus in film creation coincided with the brand spirit-‘Precision is my inspiration’, Raymond Weil specially launched the classic master special edition rose gold chronograph Watch, we invite you to look forward to the release of ‘One Step Away’ at the end of the year.

  As a highly artistic representative of the fine watchmaking industry, Raymond Weil has always regarded music as the core spirit since its inception: not only are all watches inspired by music, but also through participation in global music events or for young people The discovery of musicians supports close communication and interaction with the music industry. In addition to music, Raymond Weil and film art also have a long history. This can be traced back to 1983. The brand cooperated with the Oscar-winning film ‘Mozart’ to launch the watch series Amadeus of the same name, creating a Swiss watch industry with film. It has a history of profound significance. After entering the new millennium, Raymond Wey emphasized the brand value of music as the core, but did not give up to continue the close relationship with the film art-except in 2005, we invited Charlize Theron as the brand lady In addition to the global spokesperson for the watch series, in 2011, director Jiang Wen, a well-known film master, was successfully invited to act as the brand ambassador for the Greater China region, causing widespread concern.

The conference scene follows the era of Shanghai in the 1930s, and the layout is quite gorgeous.

  It is reported that all the starring roles of ‘One Step Away’ will be present today, so the press conference has not yet begun, and various entertainment reporters in Beijing have already set up long guns and short cannons, waiting for them.

   In fact, since the debut of his first film, Sunny Days, Director Jiang Wen has attracted attention for his distinctive personal style. Whether it’s the magical realist-style ‘The Sun Rises Still’ or ‘Let the Bullets Fly’ full of black humor, Director Jiang Wen has his passion for film art, a source of inspiration and a unique video vocabulary on the screen. Outlined the intriguing aspects of life, and made one classic after another. In the years of working with Raymond Weil, Director Jiang Wen’s meticulous rigorous attitude in the creation of the new film ‘One Step Away’ not only impressed the brand, but also the brand spirit promoted and promoted by Raymond Weil since 2011. ‘Precision is my inspiration’ shows amazing consistency.

  At the start of the conference, the host Huang Jianxiang walked onto the stage wearing a cute headrest that we often use when we travel. This is because now every passenger who landed on Runway 1 of Capital Airport will see the grass on the side of the runway in the air. ‘One Step Away’ December 18.

As one of the eight major producers of the film, Mr. Yang Shoucheng, chairman of Emperor Group, said that the film is more exciting than ‘Transformers 4.’

  The six main actors of the movie were supposed to be present, but one of the main actors, Wang Zhiwen, was unable to attend the Tianjin plane due to the Beijing weather. It is a bit regrettable that we have seen that the article is in good condition today.

The two actresses in the film Shu Qi and Zhou Yun came to us.

Our favorite uncle Ge followed closely behind.

The final appearance was naturally the director and starring of this film, Mr. Jiang Wen, who is also the ambassador of Raymond Weil.

   According to Raymond Weil, it is precisely the control of precision in the production that makes it possible to present a gorgeous movement on the wrist: the designer turns inspiration into lines, outlines a harmonious outline for the watch, and looks forward to watchmaking The designer turned these ideas into reality; while the watchmaker relied on precision to meticulously stitch each part, marveling at the designer’s unlimited creativity. In the eyes of Director Jiang Wen, only by insisting on the insistence on accuracy in shooting, can the complete inspirational spark that has flashed in his mind on the big screen and the definition of ‘Jiang Wen produced’ lies: ‘Usually on the big screen The production of a film needs to be accurate to 1/24 second per frame, every expression of the actor, every detail of the scene, every frame of the face, and every dialogue in the later stage are all the same. ‘

  We noticed that it was the Raymond Weil Classic Master Chronograph that Jiang Dao wore today. Feeling Director Jiang Wen’s dedication and rigor in the process of artistic creation, Raymond Weil, who also loves film art, is particularly inspired by his new work “One Step Away” and specially launched the classic master limited edition rose gold chronograph. To pay tribute to Director Jiang Wen as a film master.

  The Classic Master Chronograph was first introduced in 2011. This limited edition is a new chapter in chronograph with a more modern digital design. On the silver dial, the concise Arabic numeral hour markers surround the exquisite solar radial pattern in the center. The two auxiliary dials are placed horizontally at 3 and 9 o’clock. The hands are plated with rose gold to reflect the traditional style of the classic master series, with the same color numerals and 41mm diameter dial. The elegant brown crocodile-embossed leather strap and rose gold-plated pin buckle reflect the extraordinary and tough style of this timepiece. It is worth mentioning that before this limited edition officially came out, Raymond Weil specially sent the first watch of this series to the shooting site of ‘One Step Away’, so that Director Jiang Wen was the first to wear it. The timepieces produced can accompany Director Jiang Wen to witness the completion of this much-anticipated new film. The unique and sophisticated production not only gives this chronograph a prominent place in the classic master series, but also the charm of director Jiang Wen and his film works.

Uncle Ge’s expression is always so cute.

  The article said in an interview with the media that his work is now on track and everyone will be confused. I hope everyone can continue to support him!

  At the end of the press conference, the film’s starring actors and the eight major producers of the film stepped onto the stage together and look forward to the premiere of ‘One Step Away’ on December 18.

Uncle Ge intimately reminded everyone not to be crowded when taking pictures, try not to block the media in the back.

   Just as Zhou Yun lifted her left hand to organize her hair, I noticed that she was wearing the Raymond Weil Classic Master Series Automatic Moon Phase Watch.

  This watch’s bezel is set with 68 diamonds, and the hidden adjustment buttons at 4 and 8 o’clock are extremely fine. At the same time, the blue strap also fully reflects the feminine femininity.

  Producer Mr. Ma Ke once commented on the upcoming new film: ‘One Step Away’ has the most fantastic dance design, the most gorgeous costumes, the most beautiful exteriors, the most moving performance and the best film technology. . ‘And these persistences hidden behind the film only seek to present the most perfect texture in the theater, and also demonstrates Jiang Wen’s style as a director who pursues precision and challenges extremes. Finally, we also wish the movie box office a big sale!