Gentleman Feelings-shiba

To say that this year’s New Year’s film, in addition to the highly anticipated ‘Avatar’, is impressive, and it will be the ‘October Besieged City’ that has finally moved to the big screen after suffering. ‘. ‘The nine emperors and one queen’ on the poster have unlimited scenery, and there is another prop that runs through the beginning and end of the movie and becomes the uncrowned king. This is a pocket watch produced in 1900 in the Audemars Piguet Museum. Every appearance in the movie is zoomed in, which not only becomes a clue of time control in the movie, but also makes the fans and watch fans awesome and beautiful! When it comes to pocket watches, practical functions have become secondary. What is most imaginative is which age did it come from? What kind of person is its owner? Or, the retro gentleman temperament when you pulled it out of your pocket, as if you have it, you have the history and character you have never set foot on. Therefore, this time the pocket watch topic, with the Chinese characteristics of the Spring Festival and the warmth of the movie, take advantage of the opportunity to make you a feast for the eyes!
Nothing to discover & mdash; 1900’s unrepeatable antique charm
These pocket watches are absolutely antique-level collections, and they are characterized by the ‘breath of that era’. Whether it is inlaid with precious stones, various flower ornaments, or even the scratches and ‘not old-made’ touch of old, it makes you think about it. Who is its owner? What twists and turns has it gone through so far? Most of these pocket watches are housed in museums and receive admiration and ‘worship’ from watch fans from all over the world. They are top-notch products that combine technology and stories and cannot be copied.
1894 IWC Hunter Pocket Watch

This hunter’s pocket watch, produced in 1894, has a relief drawing of a Mississippi steamer carved on the spring cover, and the workmanship is very fine. The founder of IWC has written the headquarters of IWC in New York, not Schaffhausen.
8891889 Girard Perregaux La Esmeralda Tourbillon Pocket Watch

ELa Esmeralda Sanjinqiao Tourbillon is the most classic pocket watch. It can be called the masterpiece of Constant Girard. It was released in about 1889. The case is extremely delicately carved, including CG repeating patterns and enamel dials. The movement is equipped with the classic three-gold bridge splint, tourbillon and gold bottom plate. This watch was presented to the President of Mexico at the end of the 19th century.