How About Tissot Eta2824-2 Movement? Recommended Models Of Tissot Carson Series

Tissot said that one of the many Swiss watches that has received widespread attention is one of the world’s top sellers. And Tissot Carson series watches will not be unfamiliar to many people. Next, the editor introduces Tissot Carson movement ETA2824-2 and two related watches.
 The Tissot Carson series uses materials and human symbols everywhere to vividly show the 155-year history of Tissot, the brand style that complements tradition and innovation, and the perfect quality, leading customers to appreciate the charm of time together … Tissot Carson series uses Movement ETA2824-2.

 ETA2824-2 is not only stable and accurate, but also has a bracelet function, so the price is higher than the Japanese movement. ETA2824-2 has been more than half a century since the prototype was published, and the types of movements derived from Eterna and ETA can be described as too diverse. There are slight differences in appearance, vibration frequency and balance wheel types, but the used ones Neither the transmission gear train nor the two-way winding system has been changed significantly.
 Relevant movement information: Tissot Carson series gold watches inherit the classic and dignified design concepts, simple and elegant design and solemn and elegant color choices, so that you can wear at any moment and occasion, exuding a low-key elegant graceful atmosphere. The combination of black, gold and white watches is natural, deep and gentle, with exquisite details and 18K gold polishing technology, just like mother’s care.

 Tissot-Carson T95.2.483.51 men’s mechanical watch equipped with automatic mechanical movement ETA2824-2, date display, three hands. Sapphire crystal glass, gold bracelet, elegant and noble, is the first choice for many businesses.
 Related watch information: Tissot-Carson T95.1.483.31 men’s mechanical watch with automatic mechanical movement ETA2824-2, calendar display function. The silver dial and the bar scale design are simple and classic. The stainless steel case strap is used to make the lines concise and flawless.
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