Imagination And Reconstruction: Swatch Cities Project Landed In Madrid For The First Time To Ignite The Creative Passion Of Young Rookies

Creativity comes from personal talent and the surrounding environment. Young rookies are the driving force for creativity. They represent multiculturalism and equality. Not only that, they are also fearless and like to challenge the brand, but Swatch is always happy to accept new challenges. The world-renowned Swiss watch brand Swatch launches the Swatch Cities project, which aims to build a creative platform for young creators, pave the way for their artistic pursuits, and also leave a permanent art trail for themselves to inspire endless endless Imagination and expression.

Imagination and reconstruction SWATCH CITIES project landed in Madrid for the first time, igniting the creative passion of young rookies

 Swatch Global Chief Operating Officer Mr. Gonzalo de cevallos and Swatch Global Creative Director Mr. Carlo

   The Swatch Cities project has officially kicked off in Madrid. Madrid is a global role model for urban transformation. Here, innovation, positive energy and new ideas are guiding the city’s social, commercial and retail reforms. In July this year, 15 young (18-30 years old) young talents were selected through layers and stood out from 113 applicants. They were successfully selected and added to this artist support project. Led by carefully selected creative mentors, these participants explored the latest ideas in contemporary urban art and music. From October 22nd to 27th, all participants set sail from Madrid, the first stop of the Spanish capital, to show their works of art to the world.

Media experience new Swatch X You custom series watch

Media experience new Swatch X You custom series watch

Media experience new Swatch X You custom series watch

   Drawing inspiration from the creative atmosphere of the Swatch Cities project, Swatch will also collaborate with local and Madrid celebrities and institutions such as jewelry designer Aristocrazy, urban art group Boa Mistura, and Thyssen- Bornemisza) National Museum, etc., to unveil the mystery of the special collection during the event.

Media appreciate art works

   The future of the Swatch Cities project is colorful: Madrid is just the first stop of Swatch’s new creative inspiration journey. Stay tuned for more exciting!