Interview With Ms. Laurence Nicolas, President Of Dior’s Fine Jewelry And Watch Division (2)

How was Dior created?
   All the work comes from our studio on Montaigne Avenue. Later, Dior Watch Studio began to study the technical feasibility of an artistic concept. They set out to develop and assemble watches. They have found the most professional partners, not only competent for the manufacture of related parts, but also transferring original designs to dials, movements, cases or straps.
What do Dior have in common with partners?
   We choose the best Swiss partners. Not only do they have deep expertise and set the highest quality standards, but they also like to accept challenges.
Can you tell us about Dior VIII?
   The birth of Dior VIII is based on our dream to create a watch series to fully display the charm of the Dior brand instead of just showing one aspect of it. It comes from a sentence by Christian Dior: ‘I dream of becoming an architect; as a fashion designer, I must respect the basic principles of architecture.’ The pyramid structure of its bracelet is inspired by a tunic (narrow shoulder, Waist, hips). As for this name, it comes from the lucky number that Mr. Dior believed in; it was on October 8, 1946, that he founded his own custom company in the 8th district of Paris, and his first series was named ‘en huit’ ( Eight series). Dior VIII, like women’s clothing, is available in ‘day dress’, ‘cocktail dress’ (precious long stepped gem) and ‘evening’ (‘Grand Bal’).
Can you tell us about the new Dior VIII model launched in 2013?
   In 2013, Dior VIII launched the ‘Japanese’, ‘Cocktail Dress’ and ‘Evening’ watches. The new dial of the ‘Daywear’ watch is made of diamonds and mother-of-pearl, highlighting the soft shape of the white ceramic dial. Both new 38mm watches are white with dials set with a circle of pink sapphires or paraiba tourmalines, shining in the sun. There is also a new 33mm white and black ceramic watch. The bezel, case back, crown and folding buckle are covered with a layer of rose gold.
   Two new ‘Baguette’ models were introduced to match the ‘cocktail dress’-white ceramic models with sapphire and black ceramic models with ruby ​​and pink sapphire. Both watches are decorated with delicate colored stones, reminiscent of Dior plissé. Mr. Dior once said, ‘In general, for the parts that cannot be seen or difficult to see, the beauty of the selected material must be no less than the other parts.’ The creative studio follows Mr. Dior’s claim to make the beauty unmistakable: the white mother-of-pearl oscillating weight shows a delicate ‘sun disk’ pattern on the bottom of the watch. Colors hand drawn.
   The ‘Grand Bal’ watch is equipped with the ‘Dior inversé’ movement, which places the practical rotor of the automatic movement on the dial. This watch is specially designed to match the ‘evening dress’, and continues to vividly perform the ball that Mr. Dior loves. The new ‘Dior Inversé 8¼’ movement was developed to meet the design requirements of the 33mm model. The rotor is set with a diamond grid, or decorated with light pink or purple feathers, and is set against white mother-of-pearl and diamonds. Another major new watch launched this year is an upgrade of the 2012 Dior VIII Grand Bal “Plume” 38mm watch, which is made of ceramic and pink gold and decorated with light brown feathers, while retaining the pink gold case. As a result, ceramics are no longer the exclusive material of the Dior VIII series.
   Finally, the dial and diameter of the Dior VIII Grand Bal Pièce Unique also changed to 33mm and 38mm. The 38mm dial is decorated with opal, agate, jade or sapphire; the 33mm dial is snow-inlaid with sapphire, yellow sapphire, orange-pink spinel, mayenite or purple sapphire. apply for patent. Both bezels are set with long stepped gemstones-sapphire, yellow sapphire, orange spinel, amethyst or ettringite. They are hollowed out and placed on the dial.
Can you tell us about the Dior Grand Soir collection and its new 2013 models?
   Since 2010, we have created a unique series of watches each year, the Dior Grand Soir series. The color of each watch, the folds of the strap, the craftsmanship of the dial (jewel setting or inlay) and the rotor are all closely linked to Dior’s brand tradition.
   In 2013, Dior Grand Soir launched a new watch with a case diameter of 28mm. Compared with the original 33mm model, it added a touch of femininity.
   The 28mm production version will use two new bezels: one is an asymmetric bezel set with sapphire, and the other is a corolla-like bezel on a timepiece set with pink sapphire; colored The gemstones present a delicate and luxurious ‘plissé’ (pleated) pattern in the fine tones, which is popular with the Dior family.
   Five unique 33mm watches are equipped with Zenith’s Elite automatic movement in a gold case. The difference from the 28mm watch is that the 33mm watch has a round bezel set with long stepped gemstones. The colors of these gemstones perfectly match each other (sapphire, pink sapphire, topaz, amethyst and diamond).
   All 2013 watches of the Dior Grand Soir series are presented with exquisite and intricate details: the meticulous dial is reminiscent of embroidery design, the hollow rotor and the dial and the three straps are harmoniously matched, the strap material Includes crocodile skin, pleated or glossy taffeta and satin.
Can you tell us about the Dior Christal collection and its new 2013?
   Dior Christal began shipping in 2005 and its name is derived from the collection’s distinctive feature-sapphire crystal. The sapphire crystals laid on the bezel and the pyramid-shaped links of the bracelet allow us to create colors not found in ceramics or metals. In 2012, the Dior Christal collection featured bright red (a color that Christian Dior regarded as ‘joyful and energetic’) and a deep purple he called the ‘Queen of the Color Kingdom’. In 2013, Dior Christal’s colors blended with blue (‘blue is the most beautiful color’). Each dial of the 33mm or 38mm models is framed by diamonds.
Can you tell us about the La D de Dior collection and its new 2013?
   La D de Dior increasingly pays attention to the ultimate charm of Dior’s fine jewelry. From April 2013, La D de Dior will launch the latest models: 19mm style (Vietnamese black mother-of-pearl dial, yellow, pink and orange fluorescent patent leather strap; 38mm new black personality style (steel or rose with onyx) Gold dial, black satin strap; three new 21mm La D de Dior “Précieuse” models (set with hard rock dials such as opal, jade, turquoise, satin strap, diamond-set bezel, middle case and watch crown).
   Finally, Dior will launch the new La D de Dior “Précieuse” watch with yellow or pink diamonds at Haute Couture Week in July.