Introduction Of Seiko Spirit Smart Series Theme Watches

Includes SEIKO icar & eacute; 2 Green Plan commemorative table with the theme of green energy and environmental protection, SEIKO 130th anniversary carbon fiber face plate commemorative table, and ‘flowers, birds, wind, moon ‘Gentleman’s watch. The SEIKO Spirit Smart series is a popular watch designed for young office workers who love fashion. Each model is equipped with an environmentally-friendly solar movement and chronograph function. It can store up to 6 months of power when fully charged. Reduce battery replacement, take action to implement energy conservation and carbon reduction, and take care of the planet.

 The SEIKO icar & eacute; 2 green plan commemorative watch is a limited watch issued in response to the icar & eacute; 2 green solar flight plan sponsored by SEIKO for a long time in Europe. This plan attempts to realize the dream of mankind flying on the sky with solar energy. In recent years The icar & eacute; 2 solar hang glider continues to break its record of flight length, putting the ideal of green flying into practice step by step. The SEIKO icar & eacute; 2 Green Plan commemorative watch is designed with lightness and brightness, creating a bright dial like the sky. The lines extending from left to right are like the horizon you see when taking off. The blue lines of the sky symbolize the edge of the sky, bringing lightness and brightness. The pioneering atmosphere of Taiwan, limited to 150, is quite worthy of collection. Another SEIKO Spirit Smart 130th anniversary carbon fiber face plate commemorative watch, combining carbon fiber material and solar panel for the first time, with an all black plated stainless steel body with a carbon fiber face plate, minimalist low-key elegant aesthetics and high-tech texture, creating Metropolitan men’s essential fashion environmental classics, limited to 300 Taiwan. In addition, the heavyweight launched the SEIKO Spirit Smart “Flower, Bird, Wind, Moon” special planning theme watch, which is based on the beautiful scenery of Japanese nature. With different colors and moods, it interprets cherry blossoms, birds flying, and early summer. Breeze and bright Japanese moon and other classic elegant sceneries show unique cultural connotation.
Flying with the icar & eacute; 2
 SEIKO’s long-sponsored Icar & eacute; 2 plan is a green flying plan from 1966. Icar & eacute; 2 is currently the world’s most advanced gliding wing. It does not need to rely on any petrochemical fuel. The automatic solar power generation design on the fuselage allows it to take off without using a winch or other assistance. It reached 350 kilometers in 2003. Record of nonstop flight. In September 2010, Icar & eacute; 2 took off from the French Alps in the south of the country and flew more than 370 kilometers. This voyage broke two new records such as distance and altitude. Currently, his driver, Ohlmann, intends to greatly extend his flight in southern Europe on the basis of this flight, and also faces challenges such as flight time and severe flight altitude. SEIKO’s adherence to products and the environment has always been a pioneer in the global watch industry. As part of its support for sustainable environmental energy planning, SEIKO prides itself on its long-term sponsorship of the Icar & eacute; 2 plan.
 SEIKO icar & eacute; 2 Green plan commemorative watch, adhering to the spirit of green energy and environmental protection, using an environmentally friendly solar movement that does not require battery replacement, the watch can be charged when it is exposed to daily light, with a practical four-ring design, with date display , Stopwatch and alarm function. The pure white dial symbolizes the white clouds in the sky, and the metallic silver hour markers present a multi-level change. The left and right lines on the faceplate symbolize the horizon when taking off, and the sky blue lines represent the skyline seen by icar & eacute; 2 flying freely, bringing a light and bright pioneering atmosphere. Comes with a unique icar & eacute; 2 logo commemorative inscription and a special watch box. The whole Taiwan is limited to 150 pieces.

Product Model: SBPY031J / Recommended Price: NT $ 18,000
Product specifications: stainless steel, reinforced mirror, environmentally friendly solar energy (full charge up to six months of electricity), chronograph stopwatch (1/5 seconds to 60 minutes), alarm function, date display, daily waterproof 10 bar / full Taiwan Limited to 150
SEIKO Spirit Smart 130th Anniversary Limited-Carbon Fiber Faceplate New Fashion
 SEIKO 130th Anniversary Carbon Face Plate Commemorative Watch is a solar panel combined with a carbon face plate. It is decorated with an ultra-black face plate embellished with a four-dimensional purple-red four-eye design. The refined style is combined with the advanced technology of the solar face plate to condense minimalism. Aesthetic art, showing a rich sense of hierarchy. The all black stainless steel plated case strap shows a unique and elegant fashion taste. It is also equipped with an environmentally-friendly solar movement, which can be recharged in daily light and fully charged for 6 months. It is definitely an indispensable item for men who love fashion and have long been concerned about environmental issues.

Product Model: SBPY033J / Recommended Price: NT $ 19,000
Product specifications: stainless steel, reinforced mirror, environmentally friendly solar energy (full charge can reach six months of electricity), chronograph stopwatch (1/5 seconds to 60 minutes), alarm function, daily waterproof 10 bar, date display / all Limited to 300
‘Flowers, birds, wind, moon’ outlines the beautiful scenery of Japan
 SEIKO Spirit Smart ‘Flower, Bird, Wind, Moon’ special planning section is based on the ‘Flower, Bird, Wind and Moon’ symbolizing the nature of Japan as a proposition, and uses the delicate and beautiful scenery to make a poetic Render. The ‘flower’, which symbolizes the cherry blossom scene, uses an all-white face plate with a bright small second hand to interpret the beautiful and elegant scene when the cherry blossoms are flying; the ‘bird’ that interprets the flying birds, and the dark green face plate creates birds Feather’s sparkling luster, low-key and calm colors, interpreting the elegance and dignity of birds; it represents the ‘wind’ of the early summer breeze, with white as the base and blue lines embellished with a detailed shading, as if the summer breeze blows The ripples across the water surface bring a fresh coolness; the ‘Moon’, which symbolizes the bright and bright moon, is decorated with a black electroplated stainless steel body with a black dial, and the four rings are decorated with golden patterns, as if hanging on a round The moon in the night sky is bright, bright and elegant.

 The four watches of the SEIKO Spirit Smart ‘Flower, Bird, Wind, and Moon’ theme series are equipped with environmentally-friendly solar-powered movements, which can last for 6 months when fully charged, and have waterproof 10 bar pressure and chronograph functions in daily life. The small date display in the clock direction completes the watch’s functions. It not only interprets the natural scenery with meticulous craftsmanship design, but also takes into account the actual use functions, and completely displays the pure Japanese classics.