It’s Almost 9012. Why Can’t Mobile Phones Replace Watches?

Recently changed phone and bought Huawei Mate 20 Pro. It’s not because I’m patriotic. I’m not that noble yet. Although I do love our country, I don’t want to live with my money. When I chose Mate 20 Pro, I mainly felt that it was done well enough, which made me have a strong desire to buy. In addition, the old mobile phone was too weak, and it often took 10 minutes to send a circle of friends, which really made me lose my temper. So simply advanced the plan for next year’s replacement, and decisively started with Huawei. This phone has a lot of ‘black technology’, 400,000 fast charge, super macro, 7 nanometer chips, etc., each of which is the industry-leading level, it is really cool to use, I believe those who have used it will feel the same. Of course, it doesn’t matter if you use it to watch time. In fact, some people have stopped wearing watches since the advent of mobile phones. In their opinion, mobile phones can watch time and have many functions. Why buy a watch? Isn’t this a waste of money? Some people, because they do not wear watches, have the illusion that no one will wear watches now. It seems that the watch industry has no value at all, and it is possible to withdraw from the historical stage at any time. This is a bit worrying. Clocks and watches have been around for hundreds of years and have experienced many ‘storms and storms’, but they still live well, which itself proves its value and significance. We can think about it carefully. Industries that existed hundreds of years ago and have not yet been eliminated. How many can you find? Today I do n’t want to talk more about wearing a watch, it’s more convenient, more time-conscious, suitable for specific occasions, and so on, but I want to discuss with you, what is the difference between a watch and a mobile phone in today’s era Core competitiveness to meet people’s needs. When the mobile phone came out, BP and Big Brother were out. The reason for being eliminated is also very simple. BP and Big Brother are the prototypes of mobile phones, but obviously the mobile phone is much more powerful, so it can completely replace the bulky and expensive Big Brother and BP machines that cannot make calls at all. So why haven’t we eliminated watches after the birth of mobile phones? Because in the final analysis, they are not in the same area, and the product attributes are not the same. If only from a functional perspective, the watch is worthless. Now any smart phone has rich functions. In addition to watching time, you can also make calls, send WeChat, listen to music, play games, take pictures, and install various software. Watches have so few features that they usually only display hours, minutes, and seconds, plus a calendar at most. Those so-called super-complicated watches only have dozens of functions, and these functions are basically related to time, astronomy and calendar. If you compare the function of a mobile phone to a knowledgeable doctor, the function of a watch is at best a primary school student. In fact, many watches, especially Swiss watches, still sell well today, mainly due to brand, craftsmanship and luxury attributes. After all, it is because of market demand. As far as brands are concerned, Swiss watches have inherent advantages, after all, Switzerland is known as the ‘Kingdom of Watches’. The most well-known watch brands in the Chinese market are almost all from Switzerland. Clocks and watches have long been an important industry in Switzerland. Many Swiss brands have a history of one or two hundred years. Think about it, if a brand can live a hundred or two hundred years and focus on one area for such a long time, will this area still be bad? The reason sounds simple, but unfortunately, despite its long history, China’s ‘hundred-year-old shop’ is rare. I personally think that the main reason is that many companies are too pursuing profits, which projects make money and which ones, like big and comprehensive business models, and have not delved into a certain field. The result is insufficient core competitiveness and ultimately difficult long-term sustainable development. The overall strength of Swiss watchmaking is very strong, so Swiss manufacturing has become a gold sign in the watch industry. People subconsciously equate Swiss watches with good watches. Regardless of the quality of watches in other countries, Swiss watches are the first choice for many people. Consensus. Although Seiko is a Japanese brand, its watchmaking strength is very strong. This idea is actually a bit dangerous because some Swiss watches are really cheating, while other countries also have good watches. For example, Seiko’s watchmaking strength is very strong. , No less than many Swiss brands, but relatively low-key . In addition, the idea of ​​Swiss watch value preservation is ‘ingrained’ in some people’s minds. Although Swiss watches usually only depreciate after they are bought, very few will really have appreciation space in the future, and almost none of these watches have much to do with new watches. In terms of craftsmanship, Switzerland is good at using good materials and high technology. High-tech refers to various advanced equipment and tools, including CNC machine tools. These devices and tools make extremely precise, uniformly sized parts. This is the most commonly used method of watchmaking by many watch brands and even some of the top watch brands. Wrong, what about hand-made watches? What about a good craftsman spirit? In fact, it is no longer possible to see the real manual watchmaking. The so-called manual, just assembled by hand. Or a certain process or process is performed by hand, such as polishing and polishing by hand, balance wheel plywood is carved by hand, micro-painting enamel is performed by hand, and so on. If all the tabulation processes are 100 points together, then the proportion of these manual parts will not exceed 10 points at most. The true sense of handmade watchmaking and craftsmanship nowadays basically only exists in a very small number of independent watchmaker brands. Real hand-made watches now basically exist only in independent watchmaker brands, so there is no need to worry about whether the Swiss watches purchased are handmade. For consumers, quality is more important; as a brand, you must guarantee a certain amount of output so that you can make money and solve the problems of survival and development. If every watch is hand-made, perhaps the movement is more personalized and polished more beautiful, but the output can not keep up with the accuracy, and the accuracy may not be satisfactory. In the end, the brand can only wait to fail. So, for those mass-produced brands, mechanized production is not only reasonable, but also necessary. But what needs to be emphasized here is that even though everyone is mechanized, it may have different raw material quality, different movement qualities, different equipment and tools, different watchmakers’ skills and attitudes, and every little difference will add up. Completely different product. At present, let’s say that our country can produce a movement that is comparable to Rolex 3235, Omega 8900, and Seiko 9S. Even plagiarizing ETA movements has not been copied in place. So even from the perspective of craftsmanship, our country still has a long way to go. Of course, this is not entirely a problem of watch brands, but also requires the country’s vigorous support. The development of watches to this day has long been more than just a tool for watching time. It also has the attributes of luxury goods and can show its own identity and taste. Although mobile phones can also watch time and are powerful, most mobile phones can only be considered as consumer goods, not luxury. Even if it is a top-fitting new fruit machine, there are more than 10,000. Judging from the installed force index, it is not at the same level as the watch. You know, ordinary Longines also needs more than 10,000, and the top brands start basically 100,000. In addition, the replacement of mobile phones is too fast. This year, selling thousands of high-end mobile phones, prices may drop by one third next year. The update cycle of the watch is much longer, and the public price of the new watch is relatively stable. The top watch with the attributes of luxury goods Because the watch has the attributes of luxury goods, it has become a powerful weapon. Now some people buy watches, they do n’t care (maybe they do n’t understand) what watchmaking craftsmanship, history and culture, maybe even the watch series they wear are unfavorable. The shot is the top watch. Their goals are clear. They hope that the brand is big enough and the price is high enough to show off their wealth. Watches already have their own core competitiveness, which can never be replaced by other products, including mobile phones. No matter how the mobile phone develops in the future, it will not shake the status of the watch. Of course, you can choose to watch time with your mobile phone forever, but when you have a beautifully crafted watch, time will become elegant, and your world will be more exciting.