It’s Really Cool To Wear It On A Motorcycle!

On the wide asphalt road, the sound of the motor is roaring, wearing handsome leather clothes and boots, and riding aggressively on a motorcycle with a domineering watch, this scene must be some boys Dream, but how to choose a watch to go with it is also a key place. Today, Watch House will recommend three watches for you to ignite your passion together.
Tudor Swift Riding Black Shield Series M42000CN-0017

Product model: M42000CN-0017
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: ETA 7753
Case material: sandblasted matte black ceramic case
Water resistance: 150 meters
Watch details: Valjoux 7750
Case material: polished steel
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: Indian) entered into an exclusive partnership and jointly launched a limited edition of the Baume Munro Commemorative Crichton Club series, in praise of Burt Munro, the legendary hero of motorcycle racing. This watch features a new motorcycle dashboard design on the dial, the representative ’35’ Munro lucky number decoration on the small seconds dial, and the ‘Indian Red’ calfskin strap is classic and expressive, in memory Bert Munro’s extraordinary achievement. This watch then has a strong sense of motorcycle, fascinating countless men.

Zenith Pilot Series 11.2432.4069 / 21.C900

Product model: 11.2432.4069 / 21.C900
Domestic public price: 56200
Watch diameter: Dial diameter: 45 mm Dial diameter: 37.8 mm
Case thickness: 14.25 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: El Primero 4069
Case material: Aging stainless steel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: 20 TON-UP Royal Chronograph, the design is still a true pilot watch, atmospheric 45 mm distressed stainless steel case, large and comfortable, fits the wrist, in style and TYPE 20 other The models follow the same line, the wide crown guarantees accurate timekeeping even when wearing gloves. The old stainless steel case back of this watch is engraved with the heroic appearance of a modified motorcycle rider, which is unique and chic.

Summary: In the male world, handsomeness may be an innate characteristic. Even on a fast-moving motorcycle, it can still maintain its unique and overbearing charm and attract people’s attention. The watch worn on its wrist cannot be inferior. Friends who are interested in the above three watches may wish to pay more attention to it!