Everything You See Is Art Patek Philippe High Jewellery Watch

Patek Philippe’s new Ref. 4895R Calatrava High Jewellery Watch follows the classic elegant appearance of Calatrava and is set with brilliant diamonds, blooming a magnificent fire. Crafted by watchmakers and case craftsmen, this jewellery watch masterpiece combines the extraordinary creativity of Patek Philippe’s design department with the craftsmanship of jewellery manufacturers to present an unparalleled artistic beauty.

The artistic charm of high jewelry

 The new Ref. 4895R timepiece features an 18K rose gold case, following the classic round case design of the Calatrava watch first introduced by the brand in 1932, and turning it into a pavé diamond “garland” display stage. 162 baguette diamonds (approximately 5.62 carats) surround the dial, forming five rows at most, and the charming glow of fire extends to the strap. All baguette diamonds are embedded in the base using a setting technique, which brings the warm rose gold tone of the bezel to the white contrast of the diamonds. This setting method poses a great challenge to diamond selection: the diamond must first reach the level of internal flawless clarity, and it must have the excellent white luster of top Wesselton diamonds; it must also be perfect in size, shape and cut To ensure that 162 individual baguette diamonds match perfectly and elegantly. The task of selecting diamonds rests with the gem experts of Patek Philippe. They spend a lot of time holding a magnifying glass to carefully identify hundreds of diamonds, placing them side by side, constantly screening, rematching, and reassembling until they finally find an artistic sense of tassel Shaped 162 diamonds. The classic 18K rose gold pin buckle is also set with 20 baguette diamonds (approximately 0.72 carats). In contrast, the selection of these diamonds is relatively easy. The large square scale crocodile leather strap shines in black, matching the color of the dial.

 Before inserting a matched gem, the gemstone craftsman must refer to the accurate drawing to cut each elongated diamond into a shape that matches its location to ensure a perfect fit between adjacent diamonds. All this shows that the value of high-end jewelry watches is not only related to the price of gemstones, but also to the hard work of designers, gem experts, gem craftsmen and jewelry inlayers, who spend weeks creating the perfect watch. Make it shine on the wrists of extraordinary Patek Philippe users.

Superb craftsmanship of the dial craftsman

 The design of the dial is both understated and luxurious. Deep black contrasts brilliantly with the brilliant white of diamonds and the warmth of rose gold. This full black color is derived from the color formed by twelve consecutive varnish coatings, and each color must be absolutely flawless. If a layer of varnish is left with dust, even the slightest dust will destroy the effect of the entire dial, so it must be operated in a clean room environment. In addition, each varnish layer must be completely dry and checked to determine that there are no air holes before proceeding to the next layer. Subsequent key operations include drilling the pivots of the sword-shaped hour and minute hands, and drilling 24 miniature nail holes for 12 arrow-shaped hour markers to securely fix it to the dial from the back. The production of 18K gold hands and time scales also takes a lot of time. The two facets of the sword-shaped hour hand and the three facets of the hour mark are mirror-polished, and the extended ridges with a sharp outline in the middle make the geometric three-dimensional shape clearer. The slightest imperfection will not be tolerated throughout the production process. Once a flaw is found, there is only one way to deal with it: discard it. Patek Philippe does everything it can to make the bezel, hour markers, and hands into small, perfect pieces of art. Indeed, the time required to create the dial of the Calatrava Ref. 4895 fine jewellery watch is much longer than the entire time required for many watches.

The core technology of watchmaking

 In addition to the superb skills required to make the case, set the gems, and create the dial, Patek Philippe’s core technology cannot be ignored. This is the hand-wound mechanical movement Caliber 215 that drives the hands of the watch. This legendary movement has maintained a highly accurate timekeeping since its birth more than 40 years ago. With the transparent cover of the new Calatrava Ref. 4895R watch, we can see its gorgeous style. The elegant curved gear splint, spring splint, balance splint, and independent escapement splint are all decorated with Geneva stripes, and the mirror chamfer finishes dazzle the edges. Part of the motherboard can be seen from the gap between the splint and the gear, and its surface is decorated with swirling circular patterns composed of countless tiny overlapping, cloud-like stripes. The frequency of this movement is 28,800 half-oscillations (4 Hz) per hour. It is equipped with a Patek Philippe Gyromax® balance and the patented Silinvar® silicon Spiromax® hairspring. This innovative silicon material has unique physical properties and geometric structures, which guarantees the watch’s excellent travel time accuracy. Of course, the accuracy of the travel time is also overseen by Patek Philippe, the most stringent quality standard in the watchmaking industry. According to its requirements, the movement time of Caliber 215 movement is less than -3 to +2 seconds per day. The gold-plated ‘PP’ engraving on the escape wheel splint indicates that this timepiece meets this highest requirement.

Patek Philippe’s dial making tradition

 The dial is often regarded as the facade of a watch and has a very important impact on the overall impression of the watch. As a result, dial artisans have become highly sought after professionals in the watchmaking industry, especially at Patek Philippe, who have a very close relationship with watchmaking workshops. In the early 1930s, Patek Philippe’s founding family was preparing to sell the company due to a lack of heirs. Geneva watch maker Stern Frères (Stern brothers) was one of the buyers preparing to enter Patek Philippe. Stern Frères was the most professional and well-known dial expert in the Swiss watchmaking industry at that time, and Patek Philippe was also one of its customers. Stern Frères is also located in Geneva, and the owners of both companies know each other and trust each other. Eventually, in 1932, Patek Philippe’s founding family trusted the company into the hands of the Stern brothers. Since then, the Stern family has always maintained their focus on ‘watch facades’ and has introduced various masterpieces of dials created using filigree enamel, enamel micro-painting, carved patterns, gem inlays, and fine wood inlays. The current president, Mr. Terry Stern, is the fourth generation member of the Stern family in charge of Patek Philippe. This family heritage fully proves that the family’s dial tradition has not been replaced by the brand’s watchmaking tradition, but a perfect combination of the two. Therefore, Patek Philippe still operates the dial manufacturing business, launching many dial art masterpieces, just like the dial presented in the new Calatrava Ref. 4895R fine jewelry watch.

  The above is the 2014 Basel watch related information carefully prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports for everyone, please pay attention to it.

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Count Piaget Continues To Support Only Watch With A Technological Masterpiece

Every two years, OnlyWatch, the premier international watch charity event, brings together and displays unique masterpieces of timepieces. With funding from Prince Albert II of Monaco, OnlyWatch raises funds to support scientific and medical research on neuromuscular diseases and Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

   For the eighth OnlyWatch this year, Piaget is pleased to once again contribute to the research and continue to support it. The brand designs and donates a unique orphan watch for the charity auction to be held on November 9, 2019. Before the auction, the lot will start its tour at the Monaco Yacht Show on September 25, 2019, and then stop in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the United States.

   Piaget CEO ChabiNouri shared: ‘Count Piaget is pleased to be able to support scientific research again. OnlyWatch raises public awareness of neuromuscular diseases through a global tour. This year, the brand is proud to donate a unique masterpiece: A watch that pushes the limits of feasibility. ‘

   Piaget Piaget launched a unique Altiplano UltimateAutomatic rose gold watch (model: G0A44535), the watch is decorated with blue like never seen before, which is also the theme color of OnlyWatch this year.

   Piaget’s designers, developers, engineers and watchmakers have worked hand in hand for a full three years to develop, produce and tune carefully to bring life to this ultra-thin masterpiece-every technical choice brings aesthetics Influence and vice versa.

   The Altiplano UltimateAutomatic 910P movement and case form an inseparable whole. The thickness of some parts is only 0.15 mm, and the entire watch thickness is 4.30 mm, which makes it one of the thinnest mechanical watches in the world. Out of the same concern for space optimization, the blue PVD-coated 22K gold oscillating weight is placed on the outer edge of the movement to reduce the thickness and further contribute to the overall slim achievement.

   The hour and minute display is also integrated into the movement, and the unique blue dial color is both cherished by Piaget and part of the brand’s heritage.

   The case back is engraved with the words ‘OnlyWatchUniquePiece2019’ to highlight the uniqueness of the masterpiece of timepieces specially designed for charity events. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

The Only Time Zone Display With Both World Time Zone And Day Of The Week: Ball Watch Roadmaster Worldtime World Time Zone Watch

Among the various models in the horological world, it stands out from the crowd, does not make compromises in performance and design, does not follow the trend, it praises its unique design and watchmaking technology. The Roadmaster Worldtime series is both a trusted travel companion and a powerful diving watch. BALLWatch is the only mechanical watch brand that combines world time zone, day of the week and date performance.

Redefining unique personality

   The 24 different cities and time zones on the inner bezel display the time in different time zones with the movement of the movement, and the unidirectional rotation of the outer bezel records the diving time. The fully self-luminous miniature gas light allows you to read the time clearly even in the darkest environment, while the outer bezel uses SuperLumiNova technology, which can still calculate the diving time up to 60 minutes in the dark sea. With two observatories or non-observatories certified movements, the Worldtime series allows you to explore the world without boundaries. BALLWatch, the official U.S. railroad timepiece of the past, is accompanied by explorers around the world to explore without fear and be yourself.

BALLWatchRoadmasterWorldtime stainless steel case, unidirectional rotating aluminum alloy outer ring, diameter 42 mm, hours, minutes, seconds, day and date, world time zone display, 15 self-illuminating miniature gas lamps, BALLRR1501-C automatic winding Movement, certified by COSC Swiss Observatory, or BALLRR1501 self-winding movement, antimagnetic performance of 4,800A / m, water resistance of 300 meters, anti-glare sapphire crystal glass surface, stainless steel strap with butterfly buckle.

Innovative technology

   In a dim or dark environment, BALLWatch’s famous miniature gas light composes the hour scale, time, minute and second hands, providing unparalleled brightness, so you can still easily read the time in the dark environment. Miniature gas lamps are filled with radon. Although Switzerland’s top technology is expensive, it is highly safe. It does not require external light sources or any energy source, and can emit light for a long time. Even if you are diving deep into the dark sea environment or exploring the world under the night sky, it is no difficulty to read the time immediately and clearly.

The BALLWatchRoadmaster Worldtime watch is equipped with a screw-in crown that is water-resistant up to 300 meters; anti-magnetic performance is up to 4,800A / m; and the patented Amortiser® shock-resistant design can absorb impact forces to ensure the accuracy of the movement.

Lead the trend

   The world time zone, day of the week, and date display are very different, but each of them is a practical feature that allows explorers to stay in touch anytime, anywhere, every second. And when we combine these three properties, we have achieved the rare and complicated performance models in the watch industry, the ultimate traveler’s watch. BALLWatch is the only mechanical watch brand that combines world time zone, day of the week and date performance. For travelers who frequently travel between different time zones, these features allow them to grasp important information such as time, day and date at any time and place.

The Roadmaster Worldtime watch is equipped with 15 self-illuminating miniature gas lamps, which are placed on the surface, hours, minutes and seconds hands for easy time reading at night.

Three different outer rings are also streamlined

   The stainless steel case with black, red or blue aluminum alloy outer ring has a different style, but it can also allow divers or explorers to count up to 60 minutes. The streamlined design allows the black outer ring to fit on the 42mm case, which is perfectly natural, and is most suitable for low-key and elegant travellers. The aluminum alloy outer ring attracts everyone’s attention with eye-catching red or blue. The layered dial design, the outermost ring is printed with the names of 24 cities around the world, and the 24-hour time zone in the middle ring can display the world time, allowing you to grasp the moment of exploration at any time.

The diver’s totem is engraved on the back of the RoadmasterWorldtime watch.

Easily cope with the dangers of exploring the journey

   The stainless steel case features two Swiss-made movements, including Observatory-certified or non-Observatory-certified, to provide the strongest protection. The mechanical movement automatically winds as the wearer’s hand swings naturally. In view of the violent impact that will affect the operation of the oscillating weight, our patented Amortiser® shock-resistant design can absorb the impact force to ensure the accuracy of the movement. As a professional diving watch, the Roadmaster Worldtime series is equipped with water resistance up to 300 meters.

The RoadmasterWorldtime watch is equipped with three different outer rings, a black stainless steel outer ring, and a red or blue aluminum alloy outer ring. The same streamlined design and different styles can also allow divers or explorers to time up to 60 minutes. .

The Roadmaster Worldtime collection is equipped with a stainless steel strap with butterfly buckle.

   From now until October 16, 2019, you can book RoadmasterWorldtime series at a preferential price, and give priority to choosing the desired limited number and exclusive free signature service. The watch is limited to 1000 pieces and can only be ordered online (https://shop.ballwatch.ch/tw/rmworldtime). The scheduled arrival date of the watch is from March to April 2020, but it is based on the production progress and arrival in Switzerland. Date prevails.

Simplicity Recommended Three Big And Three Needle Mechanical Watches

Modern watches have more and more functions, more and more complicated, but they ca n’t avoid the basic hour, minute, second, and time display function. For the simplest time-keeping design, it’s not a junior hand. It is because the design of the junior hand is simple and clear. The three hands correspond to the hours, minutes, and seconds. You can see the specific time on the dial at a glance. It is simple and straightforward. Although the pointers, windows, small dials and even hollow out on the dial have more and more trends, there are always people who prefer the simplest and most classic dial design. Having said that, let’s take a look at several classic watches in the style of big and small hands today.
Omega Butterfly Flying ‘Bright Blue’ Watch

Product model: 431.
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case size: 41 mm
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch price: 53200 yuan
Watch details: IW327004
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Calfskin
Dial size: 40mm * 11mm
Water resistance: 60 meters
Watch price: 31500 yuan
Watch details: iwc / 43271 /
Watch review: This watch is decorated with the classic Little Blue dial of the Little Prince series and a brown calfskin strap with beige stitching. Elegant night blue and chic design make the watch more elegant and refined. The blue dial is simple in style, exquisite and deep, with radial patterns, Arabic numerals, and the 12 o’clock scale uses a combination of regular triangles and small dots. It has a unique style. The large white propeller hour and minute hands and the thin white seconds hand are in dark colors. The background can ensure fast reading time in all light conditions. The date display window at 3 o’clock is simple and clear. The stainless steel case is equipped with a soft iron inner case, which can effectively protect the movement from magnetic field effects. The surface of the case is carefully polished to give it a fine and beautiful texture, while the bezel is polished to give it a smooth and beautiful appearance. The bottom of the watch bears the image of a little prince wearing a coat and carrying a sword. Equipped with 30110 movement, water-resistant to 60 meters, power reserve is about 42 hours.
Summary: First of all, I have to admit that in order to facilitate the daily life of modern people, even the simplest three-pin design often adds some calendar display windows. Of course, these windows do not require much space, just like These first two watches will not only affect the simple dial atmosphere, but also bring a different visual effect. This third model, with a simple three-pin design, with well-designed dial hands and scales, is more meaningful than a complex-function watch.

Pk Time Group Represents Volna Watches-news Volna

PK Time Group LLC, distributor of Aquanautic, Clerc and Dubey and Schaldenbrand watches in North America, has recently announced that it has recently become the North American agent for Volna, a Russian-made traditional Russian watch.
Volna watches have deep historical roots with the Soviet Russian submarine fleet. In recent years, the brand has merged the essence of Swiss watchmaking. Each watch is made from 100% Swiss original accessories, high-quality, and refined, consistent, worthy of its ‘Swiss’ label.

Volna’s ‘Typhoon’ series 46mm watch, water resistant to 300 meters, with double insurance crown
Volna watches inherit their nautical traditions, and each style is inspired by nautical elements. All of Volna’s styles are named after Soviet-era submarines. The legendary ‘Typhoon’ is named after the world’s largest submarine so far, and it can be called the brand’s leader.
PK Time Group claims that Volna will produce 500 watches for worldwide distribution, with a US market quota of 150 watches and retail prices starting at $ 4,900.
‘We are very excited to represent such a well-known brand with unique and innovative spirit,’ said Ken Grazi, president of PK Time Group. ‘Volna watches strive for perfect craftsmanship. They are proud of their peers. They are extraordinary. I look forward to dedicating this brand of excellence to American consumers.’
Source: Nationajeweler.com

Hermès Launches Two New ‘dressage’ Chronographs

Since 2012, all Dressage models are equipped with Hermès’ own research and development movement, demonstrating the brand’s enthusiasm for the development of high-end watch technology, and reflecting Hermès’s persistent pursuit of perfection since its establishment in 1837, The brand has been pursuing excellence for more than 100 years and its persistence in technological innovation.

The new Dressage chronograph is elegant and has two models: a silvery white dial with a matte cigar alligator strap and a black dial with a matte black alligator strap. The simple dial design actually contains hidden subtle details: the central part is decorated with straight lines, and the three-dimensional hour markers reflect the glorious glory, and the inner bezel design makes the dial more layered.

These two new works are equipped with their own H1925 movement, in honor of the brand’s first chronograph introduced in 1925. Like other Hermes-made movements, the H1925’s modification process is very delicate. The pearl and spiral patterns of the plywood are polished by hand, and the rotor is decorated with the brand’s ‘H’ pattern.

The wine barrel-shaped case has simple and neat lines, but there are no shortage of features. The lugs are subtly integrated into the curvature of the case. The space between the lugs and the case is shaped like a stable, inspired by Hermes’ equestrian world.

The strap is made by Hermès Watch & Leather Workshop in Bill, Switzerland. It is carefully selected with high-quality leather. With great enthusiasm, it is sewn with the iconic saddle stitch method of Hermès, inheriting the essence of the brand’s technology.

Ruya’s Luxury Iwc Portugal Iw500114 Brief Comment

The excellence of the Portuguese watch is not only its design, but also its high-quality movement and practical functions. This Portuguese 7-day watch and ‘Wrist Watches Only for Men!’ The IWC500 IW500107 watch series is the same movement, but the dial design uses a younger and more fashionable blue pointer, and today this model uses a more mature and luxurious gold pointer. Next we See a brief review of this IWC500114 watch.

A brief review of the IWC Portugal series IW500114 watch movement:
 The movement of this watch also comes from IWC’s proud large-scale 50,000 movement. This series of movements are equipped with unprecedented excellence in automatic movements, including the very famous Pellaton winding system, Breguet springs Balance wheel, etc. to ensure its accuracy. Of course, another advantage of this movement is that it has a large space and a large dial to facilitate the time at any time.
A brief review of the appearance of the IWC Portugal series IW500114 watch:
 One is the young and stylish IW500107, and the other is the mature and luxurious IW500114. Both watches use the same style but with a slight difference in the color of the hands, the same 42.3 mm diameter, the same date display, power reserve display, and small second hand display. If I have to say that one is not good, I can only say that the blue pointer IW500107 is more suitable for young people, and the gold pointer IW500114 is more suitable for older people.
Picture appreciation of IWC Portugal series IW500114 watch:

 I think this picture is enough to illustrate the dominance of IWC 50,000 movements. The oversized dial looks really cool. The larger dial space does not add some tedious designs, but this simple design is more practical and beautiful, and has also won the favor of watch fans.

 The entire front of the dial is shown with a logo of IWC at 12 o’clock, a power reserve display at 3 o’clock, a date display at 6 o’clock, and a small seconds dial at 9 o’clock.

 The mirror is made of double-sided anti-reflection convex sapphire glass, but it looks like I haven’t wiped it. There are a few marks on the small seconds dial.

 The intimate small dial design with a power reserve that turns red in less than two days is not only practical but also adds a touch of color to the dial design.

 When I was shooting, this watch was about to face a situation of insufficient power and shutdown, but the 7-day chain claimed by IWC was able to walk for 8 days after being fully chained, but it was easy to leave on the last day.

The case thickness of 13.9 mm is considered thick in a watch. In addition, the black crocodile skin is also very thick and solid.

Another obvious feature of the Portuguese 7th chain is the use of a transparent back.

The black alligator strap with a very good texture and texture will look a bit stiff when it is just worn.

The folding buckle is smooth and smooth.

 The huge movement must have a strong body to support it. Take a look at this nearly 14 mm thick movement from the side. Although it is a bit thick, some netizens still like it. Of course, some netizens like thick watches. Case watch.

The outer ring of the case is engraved with a number and a groove for disassembly.

 Because the bottom of this watch was not particularly thorough at the time of shooting, it could not show the beauty of this movement. The balance of the beryllium bronze alloy, the whole movement is inlaid with 42 gems, which not only gives you Everything you crave also provides precise timing and durability.
In summary: The current price of this watch in China is as fast as 100,000 yuan, and it has repeatedly increased in the wave of collective watch price rises last year, which shows how much it is so attractive. The 44mm large watch diameter is equipped with a simple design style, a practical 7-day chain power reserve and a date display function, and a black crocodile leather strap all form an elegant and simple and luxurious style. Editors recommend it to be worn by elite men over 35 years old .
For details of the watch, see: iwc / 557 /

Acknowledgement: Siku provides product shooting

Li Bingbing Appeared In The ‘pretty House’ Wearing A Bucherer Plavi Diving Watch

Li Bingbing, who has always shown herself in the image of a goddess, recently unloaded his Chinese clothes and came to Tongling, Anhui with his father. After spending two days in the ‘Beautiful House’, he enjoyed a comfortable life and relaxed with his family Emotional communication between friends. Li Bingbing, chopping firewood, prickling scarecrows, practicing yoga, and returning to nature, while experiencing a slow life, also exposed us to her life.

Li Bingbing debuts ‘Pretty House’ wearing a Bucherer Plavich diving watch


   In the lens, Li Bingbing appeared with a pure white Bucherer Plavi diving watch, doing farm work, eating home-cooked meals, staying away from the bright and beautiful entertainment circle, realizing ordinary life in the quiet countryside and experiencing different lives. The pure white Bucherer Plavier diving watch on the wrist is fresh and natural, and it is particularly dazzling, showing her confident and casual temperament. Bingbing, which has outstanding performance in different fields, is like the Bucherer who does not follow the flow, and is innovative and brave enough to break through his own boundaries.

   The Bellevue Dive Watch is based on the unforgettable pure white, with a stylish design that suits all occasions. The watch design is enough to withstand the pressure of 200 meters of water depth, which proves that as a diving watch, it has both internal and external strength; its CFB1950 automatic winding movement is equipped to ensure accurate travel time regardless of the shore and underwater.

Technical specifications of the Plavi dive watch

Bucherer Plavier
Model: 00.10634.23.23.01
Movement: CFB 1950 self-winding movement, diameter 26.2 mm, thickness 4.6 or 4.8 mm, 25 or 26 stones, power reserve 38 hours
Function: date, hour, minute, second
Case: Stainless steel case, stainless steel / ceramic bezel, screw-in crown; double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal; water-resistant to 200 meters, diameter 36.5 mm, thickness 11.37 mm
Belt: rubber strap, adjustable stainless steel folding clasp
Other models: 00.10634.23.23.21, stainless steel chain belt, adjustable stainless steel folding buckle

Trendy Fashion Fully Automatic Classic Men’s Watch

From the original East German Nomos watch, located in Saxony Glashütte, which has a century of watch manufacturing history, the watchmakers of Glashütte have used ingenious craftsmanship to create hand-made mechanical watches with excellent quality and unique design. A clear design consciousness means that the performance and readability of each watch is clearly displayed
之 处 Where the Nomos factory is Glashütte, a century-old watchmaking town with a legend dating back to Ferdinand Adolph Lange (1815-1875) and his son, the founder of the Saxony watchmaking industry. In 1845 Lange established a factory for the manufacture of watches in Glashütte. He taught himself to his employees based on his unique ideas for quality, and helped many people set up their own studios. In just a few years, the mechanical devices and precision timepieces manufactured by Lange have become ‘highly accurate’ consent words and have even been appreciated by Swiss watch entrepreneurs.
In the nineteenth century, Glashütte was known for making the highest-quality ornate watches. At that time, people said, ‘Glashütte’s Lange watches were not made for mass production.’ In fact, Lange’s pocket watches are indeed very luxurious and rich, like a Only intricate and delicate works of art can only be bought by the rich.
Nomos’ Revival and Watchmaking Beliefs
With the reunification of Germany, the traditional watchmaking industry has been reborn, and Glashütte’s unique style and influence as a center of excellence in watchmaking have also been reborn. As the first watchmaker in the emerging watch manufacturing industry, Nomos has inherited Glashütte’s century-old history in the manufacture of watches and clocks. It has been able to manufacture high-quality mechanical watches and continue the reputation of Glashütte’s birthplace. It is for this reason that Nomos can become a German Watch as a national treasure.
Noland President Roland Schwertner believes that ‘design does not end with the appearance of the product, but continues in the design relationship between us and the people who wear Nomos watches.’ Therefore Schwertner insists that every owner of a Nomos watch gets an ownership right. Proof (with the watch with the serial number purchased), the purpose of such a thoughtful design is to ensure that when this watch needs repair, it can be handled as quickly as possible. Schwertner believes that this service is integrated into the design concept of Nomos watches. Due to Schwertner’s insistence, the watches produced by Nomos today have reached a perfect state. Even in the most difficult environments, Nomos can still not change its To create an amazing watch.
LashGlashütte, Saxony continues the tradition of making high-end watches, and in the nineteenth century was known for making the highest-quality ornate watches. However, in post-war Germany, Glashütte was gradually forgotten by the world. The reunification of Germany has promoted the rebirth of these watchmaking traditions. As the first leader in the emerging watch manufacturing industry, Nomos manufactures extremely high-quality mechanical watches, and once again enjoys Glashütte’s reputation as the birthplace of excellent watchmaking. .
Nomos watches are handmade mechanical watches with exceptional quality and unique design. Only very good materials will be used in the structure of Nomos, and watchmakers use the most excellent craftsmanship to give the most careful care and attention in every part and every step of the production process. Nomos’ design is particularly focused on the performance and readability of each watch.

Model: LLS614
Movement type: mechanical watch
Watch type: men’s watch
Dial shape: round
Display type: pointer
Launch time: 2011
Condition: New
Waterproof: 30 meters life waterproof
Special Features: Calendar
Clasp: Pin buckle
Bottom: Normal
Crown: Normal
Dial thickness: 11mm
Size: 40mm

To Celebrate The Golden Moment Omega Pays Tribute To The 50th Anniversary Of The First Human Landing On The Moon

On May 9, 2019, the famous Swiss watch brand Omega (OMEGA) held a grand commemorative event at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA, to pay tribute to the 50th anniversary of the first successful moon landing on the moon. The brand joined forces with renowned actor, Omega celebrity ambassador George Clooney, NASA retired astronaut Charlie Duke, and Thomas Stafford. Let’s celebrate this great moment in the history book.

(From left) Jean-Francis Griffin, Terry Fitz, Nicole Stott, Thomas Stafford, George Clooney, Charlie Duke, James Lagan, Ann Shiwen
 On the day of the event, guests and astronaut guests had extensive and in-depth exchanges on the topic of space exploration. Omega ‘Golden Hour’ Dinner at Saturn V (Saturn V)
Held under the launch vehicle cabin, the elaborately presented event scene was full of space-themed elements, which surprised the guests. Omega Celebrity Ambassador George Clooney and wife Amal Clooney
Clooney), and legendary astronauts Charlie Duke and Thomas Stafford also staged their congratulations.

George Clooney and Thomas Stafford share their experience of exploring space on stage
 Raynald Aeschlimann, the brand’s global president and chief executive officer, is deeply honored that the Omega Speedmaster participated in the first human mission to the moon and accompanied the astronauts to the moon. Speaking of Omega’s spirit of space exploration, he said: ‘It is a great feat to be able to ascend to another planet, which is undoubtedly worthy of celebration and tribute!’

 Although Omega Celebrity Ambassador George Clooney was a compelling guest on the evening of the event, he said that the great astronauts were the well-deserved protagonists. ‘I am very honored to be with the heroes who successfully implemented the Apollo Project. Together, I pay tribute to them. ‘

Omega ‘Golden Hour’ Dinner Held Under Saturn 5 Launch Vehicle Capsule

 Later, Thomas Stafford and Charlie Duke also appeared on the stage and shared with George Clooney their precious memories of their space exploration experience. Thomas Stafford has performed 4 NASA missions and served as commander of Apollo 10, completing the last lunar orbit mission before the first human landing on the moon. Charlie Duke was a flight cabin correspondent at the Apollo 11 Ground Control Center
 (CAPCOM) and Apollo 16 lunar module pilots, and successfully landed on the moon.

George Clooney and Charlie Duke share their experience of exploring space on stage

 An important participant in the Apollo Project, Charlie Duke recalled the pioneering spirit of that era. Speaking of that exciting time, he said that the success of the task is inseparable from the team’s hard work and persistence. ‘Our goal is directly to the moon, but we never think success is right. We have always been down-to-earth, and we have finally accomplished this feat.’

 Thomas Stafford, former commander of Apollo 10, shared the lunar surface that made him ‘unfamiliar but familiar’ with him and proudly said, ‘I am very honored to carry out Apollo 10 mission for For the first time, humans have successfully contributed to the moon. ‘

 The evening was also attended by many distinguished individuals who made extraordinary contributions to space exploration, including NASA retired astronaut and artist Nicole Stott, former International Space Station Commander Terry Virts), Jean-François Clervoy, retired astronaut of the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA, selects and tests James Ragan, a former NASA engineer who is responsible for selecting and testing the lunar watch.

 An Shiwen and George Clooney at the Omega ‘Golden Hour’ Dinner

 On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the first human landing on the moon, Omega released the 50th anniversary limited edition watch of the Speedmaster series ‘Apollo 11.’ Watch case diameter 42 mm with Moonshine
Made of 18K gold. Moonshine
18K gold is a new alloy material whose unique color is inspired by the moonlight in the deep night sky. Compared to traditional yellow 18K gold, Moonshine
18K gold has a more lasting color and luster, which is timeless. The new watch draws on the history of the moon landing as a design inspiration, combines modern and innovative materials, and is equipped with the new Omega 3861 manual winding to the Observatory movement, equipped with a coaxial escapement system, Si14 silicon balance spring, the main plate and other plates Moonshine
 18K gold-plated, with Burgundy red markings.