Pk Time Group Represents Volna Watches-news Volna

PK Time Group LLC, distributor of Aquanautic, Clerc and Dubey and Schaldenbrand watches in North America, has recently announced that it has recently become the North American agent for Volna, a Russian-made traditional Russian watch.
Volna watches have deep historical roots with the Soviet Russian submarine fleet. In recent years, the brand has merged the essence of Swiss watchmaking. Each watch is made from 100% Swiss original accessories, high-quality, and refined, consistent, worthy of its ‘Swiss’ label.

Volna’s ‘Typhoon’ series 46mm watch, water resistant to 300 meters, with double insurance crown
Volna watches inherit their nautical traditions, and each style is inspired by nautical elements. All of Volna’s styles are named after Soviet-era submarines. The legendary ‘Typhoon’ is named after the world’s largest submarine so far, and it can be called the brand’s leader.
PK Time Group claims that Volna will produce 500 watches for worldwide distribution, with a US market quota of 150 watches and retail prices starting at $ 4,900.
‘We are very excited to represent such a well-known brand with unique and innovative spirit,’ said Ken Grazi, president of PK Time Group. ‘Volna watches strive for perfect craftsmanship. They are proud of their peers. They are extraordinary. I look forward to dedicating this brand of excellence to American consumers.’